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Banana Bay Condo Association

  • Beautiful Banana Bay Condos

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The Banana Bay Condominium Association is in the heart of Cocoa Beach, behind Publix. In fact, residents have their own personal gate to get from the property into the Banana River Square Shopping Center.

Banana Bay consists of 2 high rise buildings on the Banana River, and twenty-two (22) townhome buildings housing four 2-story units in each building. Townhome residents have covered parking, and condo units have enclosed single-car garages.

There are two pools within the community and a functional and well-used clubhouse.
The monthly fees are $470.00 per unit, which cover water, sewer, trash, cable, landscaping, pool service and partially-funded reserves.

Residents are encouraged to start their own vegetable gardens on a portion of the common grounds, and the property has a beautiful kayak storage area with an inlet to easily enter the water and paddle around the beautiful islands.

FHA Approved Reverse Mortgages

Banana Bay has been approved for the reduced interest rate of the FHA Approved Reverse Mortgages. The criteria were fairly rigorous and Banana Bayís financial status has passed their scrutiny. If you are interested, a good person to call would be Barbara McIntyre as she recently did the background work to get an owner approved and Banana Bay certified for two years:

Barbara McIntyre
HECM Loan Specialist Serving Florida
11 2nd Ave. NE, Ste 500
St. Petersburg, Florida 33701
(321) 259-7880 Office

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