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MINUTES of the Board Meeting of the
Banana Bay Condominium Association, Inc.
Thursday, April 21, 2016

1. Call to Order: The meeting started at 6:30 pm in the Banana Bay Clubhouse. Notices were posted on all bulletin boards 48 hours in advance. Board members present: President Barbara Peterson, VP Clyde Hoover, Secretary Carol Langmesser, Treasurer April Scott and Director Jim Miller. Michelle Davis & Ted Manna from Reconcilable Differences were in attendance and one owner, Janet Weese attended as well.

2. Minutes of the last meetings: Clyde made a motion to approve the minutes of Feb 18, 2016, Feb 26, 2016 and the Annual Meeting Organizational minutes from March 3, 2016 as distributed. Carol seconded, all in favor.

3. Financial Report: Michelle stated that complete financials are not yet ready, because we have not received all bank and investment statements yet, and the budget numbers still need to be refined. Overview is that the Association has approximately $25K in operating accounts and $655,946 in Reserve Accounts. As we are sorting out the management transition from SCPM to RDI, with our financials the association looks to be $20K over budget. New management is working diligently on this with Barb and April’s help.

4. New Business  

  • Alliance Debt Collection vs. AFS Contract: Two units have severely overdue balances. Account # 41899 has a balance of $37,175.38, and has been handed over to a new company, Alliance Debt. They have sent the required legal correspondence and will file the lien on May 5th. At the same time, the “intent to foreclose” letter will be mailed. If he does not pay, the Association can initiate foreclosure action 30 days after that.  One other unit, 1704, is also severely overdue and Barb is helping us obtain details of amounts owed, and then the same progress will start on this one. Both units are inhabited.  Clyde motioned to follow this plan of action, releasing AFS from liability and responsibility, and noted that a termination letter was sent in August of 2015 to AFS. Carole seconded, all in favor.
Water conservation 
  • Outside Hose Bibs: a number of these are leaking. Two quotes were obtained; $2,176 from Cocoa Beach Plumbing and $2,671 from Ken & Carrie’s. After discussion, Clyde motioned to use Ken & Carries to replace 32 hose bibs at the townhomes, soldering a ½’ to ¾” adapter and thread on. This choice was due to past great quality work. The motion included using Miscellaneous Reserves for the work. Carole seconded, all in favor.
  • Inside Inspections: Barb developed a letter to go to all residents, asking them to check for leaks, drips and other water-saving measures. All agreed it was well written and important. All agreed to have copies placed in each unit when we inspect for termites next week. Barb also obtained a free “water conservation kit” from the City of Cocoa water dept. She will try to obtain more for owners to pick up at the next pot luck dinner. She is also willing to track all water bills over the last 2 years to ensure we catch any leaks or problems.
 Lights at Kayak Area: Because we had at least two thefts at the kayak racks, Ted asked Beach Electric for a price to hook into the light at the Publix wall and trench in a new run. The new poles and light fixtures are included for $1,478. Clyde motioned to use Beach for lighting in kayak area and use Recreation Reserves to pay for it. April seconded, all in favor.  There was a recent issue with a homeless man bringing his bike, trailer and dog to the clubhouse pool. He stole a bike tire from a shed, then jumped the pool fence to take a bath in the pool; all of this was caught on video. Joe will install a motion sensor flood light, but we do have video of this incident and may ask police to get involved if this happens again.
Condominium Fire Sprinkler Requirements: Per changes in Florida Statute, condos have until Dec 31, 2016 to have fire sprinklers installed in all midrise units or legally “opt out”. While the ruling is ambiguous and uses “high rise” instead of condo, the Board believes it could be an expensive issue to do nothing. All agreed to obtain a legal opinion from Association attorney Frank Ruggieri, and if he believes this association would be affected, to have him write the voting proxy. 

Slab leak: A long standing leak was found to be an irrigation leak under the concrete slab at unit #1502. General Contractor Paul Dupre will be out to do sidewalk work next month. He will saw cut, allow the repair and add an expansion joint. Management was asked to write a letter to the owner to let them know what will be done, but the tenant is aware.  

Irrigation Sprinkler Contract: Management obtained a quote for monthly sprinkler maintenance when Joe wasn’t able to bend and do that work. Jodi at Automatic Rain bid $760 per month for 24/7 emergency service and monthly full zone checks and all repairs, with 10% upcharge on his parts prices as the only extra. Right now, Joe and Ricky are doing the work. Their hours will be tracked and costs for both options will be analyzed. This is tabled for now.

Sidewalk Repairs: Paul Dupre was chosen a few months ago to repair/replace some dangerous areas of concrete. It was just reiterated that his invoices will be paid from the paving and sidewalks reserve.

AC Rack Repositioning for 2400: Today, Tom Hoskins was brought in to move the large A/C compressors for units  #2402 and #2408 on the roof stands to make room for a new compressor for #2414. Tom charged $1,000 to disconnect, drain coolant, move the 2 units, reconnect and verify. Barbara motioned to pay for this work from operating funds. Clyde seconded, all in favor.

Approve site for construction dumpster for 2419 remodeling after closing: The current owner has moved out with closing next week. The new owner is going to do major work on the unit and asked to place a construction dumpster in a single parking space at the west end of the building. He expects it to be there only one week. Barb noted that noise abatement requirements have been given to the buyer, and he knows that a subfloor is required.

Aluminum Railing at #2419: Buyer’s home inspector found a problem with rot and rust on the aluminum balcony railings enclosure. This was originally installed in 1999. Joe went to replace bolts and found that the bottom piece is so corroded, it has to be replaced. Ted obtained 3 quotes: Anchor Aluminum bid $3,059, because he would use a lift. Housman’s bid $1,773, but cannot start the work for three weeks, and Brevard Aluminum bid $1,850 and can start next week. $200 of this bid will be for screening, and the realtor/seller will be billed for this cost. Ted mentioned that now the screening will be done on the inside, so that replacement is much easier in the future. Barb motioned to use Brevard Aluminum for this replacement, using “Railing and Enclosure Reserves”. Clyde seconded, all in favor. They need $450 upon acceptance, so this will be done tomorrow.

Quote for painting 2400 Walkways:   Anchor Painting bid $1,490 (or $1,075 if done in conjunction with work at 2300 building), to scrape damaged areas and repaint the ground floor walkway that has bubbled up and is flaking off. Richard’s Paint and Anchor are not willing to warranty this work again. A contract was signed for 2300, but with this lack of warranty, and a new part time maintenance man who does a tremendous job with painting, the Board agreed that Rick Martin could scrape and sand the bad areas and handle this paint job “in house”.

5. Announcements and Owner Comments:
The owner of Dryer Fire Prevention retired, so we need to find a new company to clean out the dryer vents. 

6. Adjournment
There being no more business, Carole motioned to adjourn the meeting at 7:50 pm. Clyde seconded, all in favor.

Respectfully Submitted,
Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, LCAM #17226
Community Association Manager
Reconcilable Differences, Inc.