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MINUTES of the Board Meeting of the
Banana Bay Condominium Association, Inc.
MONDAY, August 8, 2016

Call to Order: The meeting started at 6:00 pm in the Banana Bay Clubhouse. Notices were posted on all bulletin boards 48 hours in advance. 

Board members present: President Barbara Peterson, Secretary Carol Langmesser, Treasurer April Scott and Director Jim Miller. VP Clyde Hoover was unable to attend. Michelle Davis & Ted Manna from Reconcilable Differences were in attendance.

Minutes of the last meeting: Carol made a motion to approve the minutes of April 21, 2016 as written and posted on the website. April seconded, all in favor.  

Vice President’s Message: Clyde Hoover had wanted to let everyone know that homes in Banana Bay are selling for increased prices. This should make everyone happy. 

New Business:

  • New Maintenance Employee - Kevin Dunne started working at Banana Bay last month and has been doing a great job. He has extensive carpentry skills and good overall experience based on owning his own business in South Carolina and working for hotels locally. He is learning that you cannot plan a full day. Something new happens every day.
  • Revised Quote for Painting midrise walkways and both pool decks: Anchor Painting was approved to paint the 2300 and 2400 walkways, but then we put them on hold, hoping Ricky could paint them. Rick has moved on and the work needs to be completed. The price is $1,350 per building, including all materials. Anchor has also recently bid repainting the pool deck. That cost is $4,650 for both pools, $2325 per pool deck. This includes pressure washing, caulking all cracks, making repairs at the tile’s edge, painting two coats, and cleaning the overspray from past painting jobs. Carol motioned to accept this contract and use pool reserves to pay for it. Barb seconded it, all in favor.
  • Sidewalk & walkway leveling: Mike’s Masonry ground down many trip hazards, re-poured two sidewalks, installed a grilling pad behind the clubhouse, added a wheelchair walkway near the 300 building and poured a new townhome patio. He also leveled many areas in the 2300 and 2400 building so water doesn’t sit like it did before. The total cost for this work was $5,900.00.  Carol motioned to use Paving Reserves to cover the cost. April seconded, all in favor. 
  • Pool Furniture: Barb ordered 3 new umbrellas for the clubhouse pool, and a table, chairs and 2 umbrellas for the river pool, from Palm Casual. Barb motioned to use pool reserves to cover this cost. Carol seconded, all in favor.
  • Flood Insurance Change / Savings: Agent Steve Murrell attended a meeting last week with the board to discuss a new option for flood insurance. Currently, Wright Insurance is used, at a total cost of over $80,000 per year for flood insurance. Steve recommended using Lloyd’s of London, which is unrated, but the townhomes and clubhouse could be covered with a $14,000 savings per year. The midrises would still have to stay with Wright, since they are closer to the water. Carol motioned to approve this change, Barb seconded, all in favor. Barb will sign the finance agreement for these policies to start the end of August. Steve did say that some mortgage companies might have a problem with this unrated company, but Murrell has assured the board that he will take care of any extra paperwork a mortgager needs.
  • Asphalt Repairs versus Pavers: Jack Marx and Barb have interviewed paver companies and hope to receive costs soon. Management obtained a bid of $179,000 to mill and re-pave all asphalt areas 1.5 inches thick, or $149K for a 1-inch-thick surface. Barb would like to see if alternative options that would be more environmentally sensitive could be used. There is currently a little over $200,000 in Paving Reserves. Everyone agreed that the asphalt base was never the correct thickness and needs a lot of repair and drainage help due to all the flooding that occurs with any rain. More information will come but it might take up to two years to find the right option. Pavers would require an owner vote.
  • Publix Center Repairs: Years ago, Magic Cleaners used toxic chemicals that got into the ground and contaminated it between 15 and 30 feet deep. The DEP researched and believes they have the correct parameters to remove the toxins, by vacuuming the soil and removing the toxins by using an oil with microbes that will eat the chemicals. It was confirmed that no toxins made it to the lagoon, and this repair work should begin in early 2017.  A letter did go out to all units that could possibly be affected by this work.
  • Vegetable Growing Area – Rules & Maintenance: A new growing season starts soon. Some of the growing areas are not being maintained and the weeds are unsightly, but there were never any written rules for maintaining. For the future, gardeners will have guidelines to maintain their plots. The Bermuda grasses need to be removed and then wood chips or mulch will be added around the sides of the boxes to keep the Bermuda out and have areas to step on while gardening. We hope to have all beds weeded this week, before re-mineralizing the soil and adding compost. A class on “seed tapes” might be an activity that Barb will start soon. She would also like to get a picnic table in that area for potting and taking a break. 
  • New Plantings: The landscapers will trim next week and especially at the Section 4 entrance. Some of the plants removed in the thinning out process may be able to start new plantings elsewhere. There are some hedges that need to be replaced, and some owners would like to see shrubs planted at the wall to hide it and keep from having to paint it often.
  • Additional Lighting between Publix Wall and Section 4 units: Barb found some solar lights that might work for the dark areas between the Publix wall and the nearby buildings. The lollipop lights were never added there. There is no electrical run out there, so we sent letters to those affected, but no one really wanted to use their own electricity, so these motion sensor solar flood lights might work very well. Carol motioned to purchase two to place on one building to see how it works. If it works out well, then four more will be purchased for the 2 other areas. Barb seconded, all in favor.
  • Sprinkler Contract (Blue H2O): Barbara has used this company in the past and they have now bid $150 per week to give 5 hours per week to the property to check, repair and keep things running smoothly. Barb motioned to approve this contract, Carol seconded, all in favor.
Old Business:
  • Water Conservation Update: Some people completed the two-page form that Barbara left in the units during the termite inspections. April & Barb will start checking water costs in September and check against past years’ use.
  • Kayak Area Lighting: The new light seems to be working out well, and no more homeless people have been seen in the area.
  • Irrigation Leak Under Foundation: Unit # 1502 had an irrigation pipe break under the courtyard foundation, so Mike’s Masonry broke up the pad, found and capped the pipe and re-poured the slab. That cost was $800.00 and was included in the total approved to be paid from paving/sidewalks reserves below.
  • Discussion & approval to mail ballot to owners re: “Opt-Out of Fire Sprinkler Retro-fit”:  Due to Florida Statute requirements, Banana Bay must have an owner vote to not have to add fire sprinklers to the units, stairwells, clubhouse and common areas of the association. The attorney wrote up the ballot, and the cover letter will note that it could be up to a $6,000 special assessment per unit to pay for the retro-fit, if less than a majority of owners vote yes to opt out. We need at least a month to get enough votes back. If the Board meets in October, we can make it a budget discussion and voting meeting, so the board agreed to October 7th, at 6 pm as the final date to have the votes in, but owners will be asked to return their ballots as quickly as possible.
Manager’s Report:
  • Financial Report: Michelle stated that as of July 30, 2016, the Association has $693,461.55 in Reserves, using various bank CD’s and savings accounts to keep them safe and earning a little interest. There is $19,443 in the operating account, but we have $16,044 in prepaid owner fees, so in reality, there is only $3,400 in the operating account. Year to date, the Association is $20,045 over budget, but there have been a number of repairs done that should be able to use reserve funds, so that will be discussed next.
  • Collection Report: Receivables are at $67,677, but the majority of that, $35,995, is owed by one unit that has finally agreed to make payments of $1,000 per month minimum until the debt is paid off. Another unit owes $27,592 and has stopped making their agreed payments to the attorney, so foreclosure has been started. Most of the other small amounts are being handled and paid as soon as we show the owner where their payment was missed.
  • Approval to move Reserve Funds to Operating for Detailed Repairs to be Discussed: Along with those issues that were approved above tonight, carpentry/balcony funds of $9,719.63 were used, fire system repairs cost $1,928.38, pool repairs and supplies totaled $3,299.27, door replacements cost $628.35, lighting costs were $1,978.49, painting costs were $578.83, drywall repairs totaled $1,101.12, and roof repairs cost $4,205.00.  These total $23,439.07. Carol motioned to use Reserves for the various needs. Barb seconded, all in favor.
  • Ratify New A/C unit in Clubhouse: The air conditioner in the clubhouse quit working in June. Tom Hoskins replaced it at a cost of $4,200. April motioned to ratify the use of clubhouse reserve funds to cover the cost. Carol seconded, all in favor. 
  • Hose Bibb Project: Ken & Carrie’s Plumbing did this work. Total cost was $6,102.35. Use of Misc Reserves was already approved at the last meeting.
  • Vote to Move Funds from Sunrise to FL Community Bank re: FDIC maximums: A large savings account in an out of state bank was closed at turnover, and needs to find a new home now, since only $250,000 can be kept in one bank under one federal ID number. Florida Community Bank right now has a 1.03% money market rate, but Banana Bay already has some funds there, so we will add all allowed up to the maximum, and then look for another bank with decent interest for the balance. April motioned to move funds from Sunrise Bank to the other two banks, so that we do not have more than $250K in any one bank. Carol seconded, all in favor.
  • Owner Comments
The wind caught and broke the people door in the garage of building 2314, so Ted will go over and help Barb move it safely away and then will have Dave or Kevin replace it.

All agreed that our weekly meetings between management and board members help to cover issues and have answers before the meetings at which items can be voted on. They are held on Wednesdays at 10 am.

The clubhouse has a leak from the roof, down the walls into the office and also into the main room. It seems to not be a roof issue, but a flange connection. The area will be opened up and the plumber will be on site for other work tomorrow, so he will check it out.

  • Adjournment
There being no more business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 7:19 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, LCAM #17226
Community Association Manager
Reconcilable Differences, Inc.  (8/29/16)