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MINUTES of the Board Meeting of the
Banana Bay Condominium Association, Inc.

Call to Order: The meeting started at 10:06 am in the Banana Bay Clubhouse. Notices were posted on all bulletin boards 48 hours in advance. Seven owners were present.

Board members present: President Barbara Peterson, VP Clyde Hoover and Treasurer April Scott. Secretary Carol Langmesser and Director Jim Miller were unable to attend. Michelle Davis from Reconcilable Differences was also in attendance.

Minutes of the last meeting: Clyde motioned to approve the minutes of September 21, 2016 as written and posted on the website. Barb seconded, all in favor.  

New Business:

  • Elevator Consultant Contract: The elevator, especially in the 2400 building, needs some repairs that Kone cannot do. The concrete is spalling and that has shifted the door so it sticks. You currently have to go up to the 2nd floor to get on the elevator, since it is out of kilter on the first floor. There was also a vibration issue that required oil to be added. The technician does come and adjust it each time we call, but we need to fix the problem. Malcolm Daigle, who consulted on the modernization of those elevators in 2002, seems to be the only elevator consultant that other condos are currently using. We have asked for a bid to evaluate, write specifications for the repairs, obtain bids, oversee the chosen contractor and then help us finally obtain our permits for 2017. More will be discussed when the bid is received.
  • Setting Rules for Contractors working on-site for Individual owners and Residents:Due to some owner contractors not following noise rules and being unprofessional, the need for clarification was needed. Barb obtained a form from another condo that went into the following details:
  • Building Permit from City of Cocoa Beach is Required
  • Contractor License and business information must be received
  • Clean up and repayment for repair of damages to common areas (landscaping, sidewalks, exterior of buildings, etc.)
  • Time of day for work
  • Days of week that work is allowed.
  • Placement of construction dumpsters
  • Parking of vehicles
After discussion and agreement that details are needed for contractors, April motioned to approve and start using this form, with the ability to revise it as needed. Clyde seconded, all in favor.

Old Business:

  • Gutter Contract for Townhomes as an Association Cost: Barb confirmed the details with Gutter King. Adding one gutter over the 2nd floor sliding glass door, with 2 downspouts on either side.  For an additional $488, the downspouts will be brought out to the common areas and pour into the common area and away from the buildings, to keep all water away from the buildings. He will also add concrete splash guards. The cost is $20,120 for 6 inch commercial gutters on all 88 units. All will be replaced if not up to these standards. Clyde motioned to approve this contract “as written”, with the stipulation that the color match the building. Barb seconded, all in favor. Gutters will be added to the reserves for future savings.
  • Painting Contract:  Joseph Stevens gave a very fair price to make all the ceiling repairs and then paint the ceiling, walls and all doors of the clubhouse. They also gave a price to paint all walkway floors of the midrises. While the Board approved all contracts at the last meeting, we thought they would start with the midrises. Due to rain, they have completed 90% of the clubhouse work. They even moved all the bookcases, painted behind them, and put the bookcases back. They should start the midrise walkway floors as soon as the rain stops. We do not have their cost on pool decks yet, but we probably need specifications, similar to the bid from Anchor Painting.
  • Opt-Out Vote Update: To date, we have received 94 yes votes. Therefore, the vote is already approved, but we will continue to accept votes until the budget meeting.
Owner Comments: Ruth Fell said her fence is looking gray and needs to be cleaned. She also needs sod. Barb noted that sod has been ordered and should hopefully be installed soon. She also said that maybe we can hire some part time maintenance men to do the pressure washing.

Hurricane Matthew is expected to hit tonight, so pool furniture is being move in, propane is being stocked, and owners were promised that if any damage happens to roofs, Barbara will get a roofer out as soon as possible.

A resident felt that allowing people to dry their laundry on the 2nd floor balcony is an eyesore, but there was discussion and everyone felt that allowing drying on a separate drying should be allowed, since being “green” is important. It was reiterated that NOTHING is allowed to be hung over the railings.

There being no more business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 10:55 am.

Respectfully Submitted,
Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, LCAM #17226
Community Association Manager
Reconcilable Differences, Inc.  (10/23/16)