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Minutes of the Board Meeting held
April 10, 2018

Call to order: The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm. Over 30 owners attended.

Board Members Present: President Steve Brodie, VP Steve Winn, Treasurer Ed O’Brien, and Director Clyde Hoover. Secretary April Scott could not attend.

Approve Minutes of March 14, 2018 Board Meeting: Clyde motioned to approve the minutes as written and posted on the website. Steve W. seconded, all in favor.

Budget Review/Financial Report: It is too soon for March financials, so Steve reiterated the February information: There is $23K in the operating fund, but with over $10K in pre-paid owner accounts, there is only $13K to pay bills with. We are awaiting insurance proceeds from the 2016 Hurricane Matthew damage. They sent the wrong form and we are waiting on a new one. There is $682K in the various reserve funds and year to date we show $16K over budget, with $148K in expenses year to date. We are $6K over budget in landscaping right now. There are $59K in accounts receivable with $45K of that being unit #104. The bank will initiate foreclosure in the next year, but the Association will get a summary judgement and hold title soon, so can rent the unit out if repairs aren’t prohibitive. There is a $150K mortgage on the unit, so it may make more fiscal sense to wait on the bank to foreclose. The unit should be in the Association’s name by late June.

Review/vote of Window Replacement Unit 1803: Owners wanted to replace all their sliders and windows with high impact glass. Steve Brodie motioned to approve the request submitted by Fountain Windows. Ed seconded, all in favor. This work is paid for by the owner of the unit.

Carport Repair Project Update: Concrete Restorations, Inc was supposed to start the work this week. No one has appeared. They were here last week for the 2400 elevator door frame issues, but have not come back for the carports. The Building Committee met last week and are looking for another contractor for this work. That type of contractor pool is not deep. They identified new vendors and are building relationships with those people.

Building Committee Reporting: They have met twice already. Gregory Scott and Steve Brodie spent 5 full days inspecting all the townhomes for T111 siding and deck damages. They brought in all the work orders and produced a priority list. Resident communication plans are in place. Their analysis showed the following, not in priority order:

Siding, T-111: 2101, 1902, 1502, 1504, 1603, 1702, 1103, 1104, 902, 904, 802, 804, 1004.

Deck Repairs: 803, 2001, 601, 102, 104, 1801, 2102.

Dave Westner, Intext, helped with emergency repairs, but a new contractor will handle the T-111 repairs. Dave will work on decks. He is well known and well respected and will work at Banana Bay for 30 days to get as much as possible completed. The estimate for the new company is $75 per hour for a crew of 2. The estimate for all the needed townhome repairs is $80K, and we hope to accomplish this within 2 months. There are also vents on top of the town home roofs that will be repaired. We will also be shampooing all the townhome roofs and fences, at a bid of $11K for all. He was asked to also pressure wash the underside of all carports so we can repaint the steel support beams. With the salt build up in the air, it rusted these beams. The new vendor said he would add that into his $11K bid. They use environmentally-friendly and non-toxic chemicals. US Commercial Cleaning, our janitorial group, bid $30 per hour to pressure wash the sidewalks and fences, but it took 8 hours just for one unit, so would cost $1000 per quad.

Clyde motioned to approve $85K to start the townhome projects, allowing the building committee to choose contractors. Ed seconded, all in favor. This is a time and material quote. Decks take 5 days, siding usually takes 4 days.

Clyde motioned to approve $11K to hire Beacon Roof Cleaning to shampoo all townhome roofs, fences and pressure wash all carports. Craig at Rock Roofing said the townhome roofs are the type of tile that can be cleaned. The manufacturer was also called, gave their ok, and now Banana Bay is also under warranty with the manufacturer. Clyde asked that a copy of that warranty be received and retained, plus he asked that the clubhouse and the mail box hut roofs also be cleaned at the same time. Steve Brodie seconded. Questions were asked about this work. Steve said that mold and algae on tile roofs will eat through the material and void the warranty if we do NOT clean them. The Algaecide that Beacon uses has a chemical that stays in the wood to slow mold growth. Vote: All in favor. Steve said that over the next 8 weeks, above all, he wants the board and committees to building relationships with these new vendors.

Steve said some owners have requested side door dumpsters. Drake Foreman, a Banana Bay owner, is willing to deal with Waste Management to discuss the issues and represent the Association. Steve motioned to allow him to do this. He has no authority to spend money. Ed seconded, all in favor.

Landscape Committee Report: This committee met, discussed their budget, how they managed in the past, and an action plan with vendors for the future. Currently, Tropic Greenery charges $40,500 per year; $3,375per month. Fertilization with Tropic Greenery is currently $6700 per year; $565 per month. Palm Trimming is budgeted at $3,800 per year, mulch at $10,100, replacement plants and sod $6,000 per year, Irrigation at $600 per month plus parts. A recent parts invoice was $1,600 for 53 sprinkler heads at $33 each. Year to date, Banana Bay has spent $25,947, with the two-month budget being $11,880. Residents stated that sprinklers have not worked in a very long time, especially near the 800/900 buildings, and there is a lot of dead grass and shrubs throughout the property, especially at entry areas. Banana trees have not been trimmed. With this large budget, many feel it should look better. Sixty-day notice has been sent to Tropic Greenery telling them we are not happy with their work, and the board is soliciting bids from others. The committee’s next meeting will be April 12th at 10 am in the clubhouse. Barbara Peterson will be the point of contact with Blue H20. Irrigation time zones have been requested in writing. There are four sections in this community, with a committee member from each area, but there must be one single point of contact. The committee also has no budget authority. Any funds spent must be approved by the full board in a board meeting. The committee will oversee violations in courtyards. They will also re-write the landscape rules and what will be allowed. Starting a plant nursery is being planned. Orphan plants will be allowed along the Publix side of the property. Residents can take one if they want it.

Social Committee Report: Megan Mitas stated that the next event will be Friday, May 4th for a Cinco de Mayo party. Appetizers and beverages will be served. A $3 donation will be requested at the door, but they ask for RSVP’s, so they know how much food to make. The committee would love suggestions for future events. They want to have an event every month. Their next meeting will be on April 17th at 7pm.

Change in date for South Pool Resurfacing: Sutton Pools had originally planned to begin the clubhouse pool resurfacing in early June. A few people felt this was the most-used time of year for the pool and asked that the work be done in fall or winter. The health department is involved in the permitting process for this type of work, but they and Sutton Pools agreed to the postponement, and this work will start October 29th, 2018.

New Business: Steve asked for resident participation in anything they have a talent in: Steve is looking at another website for residents. Work orders, the ability to add personal views and input, have the committee updates posted, etc. RDI has the required-by-law information on their website, but Steve would like to see if any residents are computer savvy, photographers, have newsletter talent, etc. He stated that all the committees are very open to any who want to join.

Owner Forum: A resident asked if pressure washing the sidewalks will be done soon. Steve said sidewalks are not scheduled to be cleaned right now.

Set Next Board Meeting Date & Time: Steve stated that the board meetings are set up now for every month, on the second Tuesday, at 7:00 pm.

Adjournment: There being no further business, Ed motioned to adjourn, Clyde seconded, all in favor at 8:01 pm.

Michelle Davis, manager
Reconcilable Differences