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AUGUST 2, 2018

Call To Order: The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM. Over 20 owner/residents attended

Board Members Present: President Steve Brodie, VP Steve Winn, Treasurer Ed O’Brian, and Secretary Marcia Christ.

Open Board Seat: Derek Demuth, owner Unit 401 was appointed to Board. The motion to appoint was made by Steve Brodie, second by Steve Winn, unanimous vote in favor. Derek accepted the appointment and took the seat on the Board.

Website: Board discussion on interests in having a website that would enhance communication and build a stronger sense of community at Banana Bay. The Board has been exploring adding another website focused on community building and let the Reconcilable Differences Website exist to meet the State legal requirements. Derek Demuth presented 3 options from Condo Website packages. His recommendation was to move forward with a company called HOA Sites. There was unanimous support from owners/residents in attendance. Derek Demuth made a motion to approve subscribing to HOA Sites for one year, at a cost of not to exceed $800, to include Domain registration. Motion was seconded by Ed O’Brian; motion passed unanimously.

Roof Shampoo and Fence Cleaning: Details of the Roof/Fence Cleaning Project scheduled to begin August 6, 2018, were discussed outlining the schedule and owner/resident responsibilities. A detailed 5 day schedule was presented for each building. The following info was presented to owners/residents:

  • The contractor will not be entering the courtyards.
  • Residents will need to cover or take patio furniture in, and cover all plants inside the fences.
  • The contractor will clean and cover everything on the outside of the fences but will not be able to tarp anything inside the fences or on patios.
  • It is suggested that once the cleaning is finished on your building and fences, that plants be sprayed down with water.
  • During the project, parking spaces will be blocked off for the trucks and crew to have access to the townhomes

New Business: No new business

Adjournment: There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM


Steve Brodie, board president