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JULY 19, 2018

Call to order: The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM. More than 30 owners attended.

Board members present: President Steve Brodie, VP Steve Winn, and Secretary Marcia Christ. Treasurer Ed O’Brien and Director Clyde Hoover did not attend.

Approval of Minutes: Steve B. made a motion to approve the minutes of the July 6th Board Meeting. Steve W. seconded, all were in favor.

Financial Review: Steve B. provided the financial report in Ed’s absence. Steve reported that one unit is still behind $47,000; Michelle confirmed that we are still awaiting a judge’s foreclosure hearing date. Another unit is behind $3,155; they were on a repayment plan that should have ended at the end of September but have missed a payment. Another unit is behind $1,100 and will be sent back to collections if last month’s bounced payment is not repaid. Another unit is refusing to pay their final $1000 special assessment payment that was due in December. This account is with the collection company, but they do pay their monthly fee on time.

Through June, the Association has $290,575 in the Operating account and $731,333 in Reserves; over $1.022 million currently in the bank. Year to Date the financials show the Association $73,064 under budget. The landscaping budget alone is still $10,000 over-budget. The Accounts Receivable show $52,982.

New Maintenance Personnel: Steve B. reported that Billy was released two weeks ago. Brian McDonel has worked at Banana Bay before, and more than 30 residents asked Steve to bring him back. Brian started July 9th. In his very first week here, he saved the Association more than $4,000 in finding and correcting the electrical issues plaguing the townhomes. He took the initiative of changing his schedule once a week to start working at 6am so that he will be able to easily spot any lights that are out on the property. The entire irrigation system will also be turned over to Brian’s supervision.

Social Committee Update: Ann reported that the Fourth of July party was a success and thanked everyone who attended. Ann stated that she has ordered the supplies for bingo and is expecting them to arrive in the next week. The Social Committee currently plans to have Bingo Night at least once a month.

Feedback/Input on Sprinkler Issues – How to report problem areas. Steve B. explained that the brown areas behind the mid-rises were due to water line breaks. Brian fixed one of the issues, and Blue H20 is supposed to visit and fix the second spot. Brian is working to stay on top of the rest of the property and correct any existing issues. Steve asked that if anyone sees an issue, they should submit a work order request on the Reconcilable Differences website,

Hurricane Plan- Feedback and Approval Vote: The Board presented a Hurricane Plan at last month’s meeting that was mailed and emailed to all residents for review. The Board received feedback from some snowbirds that the fines seemed unfair to put in place after they had already left for the year. Steve stated that the kayaks and other small items would be handled on a case-by-case basis for the first year. The Board wants to have a plan in place so that rules can be enforced in the future. One resident mentioned the large table and chairs in the 2300 courtyard. It can be donated or thrown away, but the residents who donated the table are not interested in being responsible for moving the table before storms. Steve will pass that decision to the Social Committee to donate or throw out the large table. The Board explained that the fees are being enforced as encouragement for each resident to take responsibility for their own possessions, instead of Maintenance and Management being forced to handle everything at the last minute. Steve B. made a motion to approve the Hurricane Plan as published, with three additional comments regarding definitions. 1) The “impact” date of the storm shall be determined by the National Weather Service. 2) “Evacuation” shall be determined by the county, not by the state. 3) Day 1 “after the storm” will begin the day the bridges are opened. Marcia seconded, all were in favor.

Clubhouse HVAC: Steve B. reported that there are two-4-ton compressors in the clubhouse, and one went out in March. During periods of high summer heat, the A/C is struggling to get the temperature below 80 degrees. Per resident request, the Board researched the possibility of purchasing one large compressor versus two 4-ton units. It would cost approximately $15,000 to rework the air ducts to function on one compressor, as it is currently designed for two compressors. Two bids have been received for a single 4-ton unit for $4,500 and $4,300. Steve B. made a motion to replace the broken compressor for $4,300. Steve W. seconded, all were in favor.

Updated Entrance Signage: The Board has been researching new signage for the entrances. The Board found an attractive and durable sign for $250. When the asphalt and roofs are complete, Steve B. made a motion to approve up to $1,500 for new signage at all entrances. Steve W. seconded, all were in favor.

Elevator Ceiling Panels: Steve B. explained that the elevators in the 2300 and 2400 Buildings flooded during Hurricane Irma. USA Cleaning took the ceiling panels out and cleaned them, but they still show significant discoloration. The panels must be custom built according to code, and the cost to have the panels replaced in both elevators before the upcoming inspection is $700. Steve B. made a motion to approve $700 to replace both elevator ceiling panels so that the elevators are up to code. Marcia seconded, all were in favor.

Midrise Compressor Tie Downs: In a named hurricane, the condominium is responsible for any damaged or destroyed compressors on the roofs. The condominium policy covers them, but with a high deductible, and the Association has to prove that they were maintained prior to the storm. There is a new requirement in the Hurricane Plan that photos will be taken of all midrise compressors tied down before the storm. Steve obtained quotes of $45 to $75 per compressor to add the tie downs. Steve believes it will be an administrative nightmare to coordinate and bill all the residents for their tie-downs, so requested that the Board approve a waiver for the tie-down requirement in the Hurricane plan for the upcoming Hurricane season. The residents in attendance were not in support of delaying the tie-down installations. A member in the audience volunteered to put in the administrative time of collecting $45 from each unit, and Michelle stated she was willing to walk the roof with Brian to take photos. Steve asserted that the task of collecting $45 from each resident would be a major headache. Another resident suggested that it would be much simpler to have the Association pay the $2,250. Per the request of a resident in the audience, Steve B. made a motion to approve that the Association pay to have 47 compressors strapped to the mid-rise roofs. Marcia seconded, all were in favor.

A resident asked about loud noise all units on the top floors endure. Steve said this was because no rubber pads were placed under the units when they were installed. The vibration is loud, but it would cost thousands of dollars to “re-sit” the compressors with pads, so alternatives are being researched.

Golf Cart: The golf cart is accruing major expenditures to keep it running. The tires are bald and sometimes have to be filled with air twice a day, and the front end is falling off. The current repairs needed are between $3,200 and $3,500. Steve B. has been researching the purchase of a used golf cart between $2,300 and $3,300. The old golf cart will be traded in to offset the costs. The back-end storage piece will be kept to re-install on the next golf cart. Steve B. made a motion to approve up to $3,300 for the purchase of a golf cart. The Building Committee will be responsible for making the final decision. Steve W. seconded, all were in favor.

Contract with Blue H20: The company has not been communicating with Steve and has been disrespectful, so Steve B. made a motion to give the company 30-day notice. Brian is willingly taking over all irrigation, and has already found several breaks that Blue H20 has been unable to find or fix. Marcia seconded, all were in favor. A resident asked what the Association pays Blue H20. Michelle advised that they are paid $7,200 per year, at $600 per month, plus the cost of parts. Labor is supposed to be included in the $7,200 contract.

Owner/Resident Input on Completed Project Punch List: Steve B. requested comments on the work and what is still left to do.

Townhome Project: A resident pointed out that her unit was completely skipped in the Townhome Project. All other units approved for the “urgent” project have been completed.

Seawall Project: Coquina was installed, and sprinkler repairs will be next.

Carport Project: is complete except for a few missing tie-downs. Steve asks that all residents notify him if they ever notice anything from a project missing or incomplete.

Lighting: The entire complex has lighting issues. Light poles and mid-rise walkway and garage lighting are priorities with Brian. Straightening, cleaning, globe repairs, return of power and burnt out light replacement are underway. Sidewalk cleaning: Completed

Upcoming Projects:
The renovation of the clubhouse stucco failure, and the flat roof re-coating and T11 replacement; work approved at the last meeting, has started. The patio area at the clubhouse will have a “KoolSet” experiment done. It is a rubberized coating and is cool. It will be coated over the concrete pool decks and the first floor of the midrises if it works at the pool. Also, lights and a ceiling fan will be added over the table. This will cost $12K for all the work.

2400 Garage Door Replacement: This work will start July 29th and take 3 days. The effected homeowners will receive notices.

Roof Shampoo and Exterior Fence Cleaning: The vendor will begin August 6th. They say it is a 5-day project. They will cover plants, but owners are encouraged to bring in as much as possible. This will remove the mold/algae growth, which can actually eat away the metal coating.

2400 Courtyard/Garage Drainage Project: Steve B. stated that $5K was approved for an option offered by the contractor currently working on site, but there were no guarantees it would work. Michelle asked engineer Joe Meyer of Bussen-Meyer to inspect and give input on cost to write up specs for a guaranteed repair. Before he came out, Steve contacted Florida Foundations, and they spent many hours with Steve. They recommended an 8” French drain line with all downspout water being moved to the west swale. They would dig underneath the power boxes and the sidewalk and use 4” pipes. When the engineer came out, he looked at the detailed bid and said he would have recommended almost the same thing, but would have charged for it, so Steve B motioned to increase the $5K funding to $8,100 for FL Foundations to do the work. Marcia seconded, all in favor.

Asphalt Repaving of Entire Complex: All County Paving has been contracted for $185,000 to repave the entire complex. This will include 55 car stops and re-stenciling. At 2300 building, trash trucks cut across the grass and have ruined the sprinkler system and plumbing, so yellow bollards will be added there. Many areas will be re-graded so water drains out to the grass instead of into the center of the parking lots. Steve B met with 2 other contractors who refused to bid, because they felt the flooding in many areas could not be fixed. Publix’s property slopes towards Banana Bay. Their new wall should help, but Steve is still trying to get them to finish the work. The chain link fence and water flow to the river does impact Banana Bay. 2300 building has the worst problem. Steve envisions a new drain system to the swale by the kayaks, with every entrance raised. The french wells in Section 1 parking area have been cleaned out and there is no standing water now, but others need to be cleaned out and have new grates made. All this work will begin August 20th and should take 2 weeks. They will start in Section 1. There will be issues with where to park and we need volunteers to help with communicating the issues to the owners.

Drainage: Along the entrance to section 4, drainage is a problem and existing storm drains might be a part of the issue. Brian is using the pump that moves 11,000 gallons of water per hour, which was in the maintenance area and operational, over to the street storm drains. But almost every parking section has drainage problems. It was noted that swales will always have sitting water when it rains. The water on walkways and sidewalks are the issue we are trying to deal with.

Future Townhome Projects: Steve B. wants resident input on creating a plan for identifying needs, creating a budget and schedule. Dave from Intext will continue to be on property for quality carpentry work every 4 to 6 weeks for a week, as his schedule allows. Owners must be vigilant of their own unit’s maintenance and put concerns in writing. It costs $7,500 to $8K per townhouse 2nd floor deck replacement. Most of the problems are from poor caulking by past contractors, and new sliders improperly installed allowing water behind the flashing which rots out the main wood boards. Outside lighting fixture changes are also causing some of the problem. Make sure to caulk around all fixtures if you replace them.

Owner/Resident Comments:
A resident has asked if she can put a business advertisement sign in the rear window of her vehicle. The by-laws do not allow commercial vehicles parked on the property. Steve B. believes that if the magnet is removed when the car is parked on the property, it shouldn’t be a problem. No motion or decision was made.

Clyde Hoover has resigned his position on the Board, and there is now a vacancy. The residents will be notified regarding the appointment of a new Board member. Steve thanked Clyde for his 20 plus years serving on the board. He needs to put his energy into his health right now.

A resident asked if the two broken umbrellas at the pool between the high rises can be repaired. Steve B. stated that Brian has already made plans to replace them and is also re-strapping the pool chairs.

A resident commended the board and Steve for all the time that is being invested to get all this work completed.

Adjournment: There being no further business to transact, the meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Michelle Davis
Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, CAM #17226
Reconcilable Differences