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JULY 6, 2018

Call to order: The meeting was called to order at 1:00 PM. Two owners attended.

Board members present: President Steve Brodie, VP Steve Winn, Secretary Marcia Christ, and Director Clyde Hoover. Treasurer Ed O’Brien could not attend.

Approval of Minutes: Clyde made a motion to approve the minutes of the June 12th Board Meeting. Marcia seconded, all were in favor.

Replacement of HVAC - Clubhouse: One of the two compressors hasn’t been working since the hurricane. It didn’t affect the cooling in winter, but with the current high temperatures, it is hard to keep the clubhouse cool for parties. One bid from Dorado Air is $5500. Two more bids will be obtained before a decision is made.

Golf Cart: The cart seems to be at the end of its life. Currently, the repairs would cost over $3K. A used 1994 refurbished club car up the street is listed at $3,300. There are other cart companies in Cocoa and Melbourne with used carts also. Steve B. motioned to pay up to $3K for a used cart in excellent condition. Steve W seconded, all in favor.

Elevator Contract: The Association has been on a month to month contract with Kone for years. The company has been very slow with repairs, yet very expensive. We hired an elevator consultant from Lerch-Bates, and he found some issues that should have been repaired by Kone. Other elevator companies were asked for bids, and Premier Elevator was quick to respond and much less costly ($406/mo for Kone, $290/mo for Premier with 24/7 coverage), which we are told is because they are non-union. They are used at other RDI properties and the elevator consultant also likes them. This is a 24/7 contract, which will be saving even more, since most of Kone’s extra charges have been for overtime work. Premier also provided a cost of $18K for the required water-resistant digital door closer, all new exterior call button panels on all floors in both buildings, and cleaning of the rust on the closer tracks. Kone bid $22K just for the closer. Steve B motioned to approve the 5-year contract with Premier and the contract for all work described. Clyde seconded, all in favor.

Additional Repair Work Townhome area and Clubhouse: Steve stated that extra repairs were needed when boards were removed, and rotted joists were found because flashing failed. This work should last 10-15 years, but at an estimated $97K, this is 21% over the initial budget.

Carports with guttering: This job was estimated at $202K, but when the mansards were taken off, the gutter system was a part of those, so the options were to just fold them down, or take them off as planned and put up a new guttering system. Only 50% of carport painting was part of the contract. All of them had to be painted before the new carport roofs could be installed. This paint costs $60 per gallon, so with in-house labor, it would have cost $8K. Construct-It bid $7800, so we had them do it. In Sections 2 & 3, the carport poles seemed stable, but, again, once the work got underway, they were found to have rusted out. The concrete posts seemed to have worked well on other carports throughout the property, so this was done to those with rotted bases. They drilled down 6 inches, added rebar, and then formed concrete stands around the posts. This was an extra $8,400. The vendor agreed to only charge his cost, with no profit mark-up for the extra work. The new estimated total is $217K, a 7.5% increase.

Seawall: The coquina rocks are installed. Fill material will hold the rocks together, and then sod will be installed. This cost $29K and had no overruns. This cost was a part of the initial Hurricane Matthew special assessment.

Asphalt: This work was approved up to $220K. The low bidder is coming out at 3 pm on Monday with the supervisor who would be doing the work. Another company has also shown interest and the owner flew from Ohio and brought in surveyors this week. Their bid will include drainage issues and they have promised their bid by Monday.

Garage Doors: Nothing can be in a garage in order to replace the door and rails. One unit has said they do not want a new door if they must remove their items. Another is filled and the owner elderly, so we may need to help them, at their cost.

Midrise Drainage: Five thousand dollars for this work was approved at the last board meeting for an experimental option. Manager brought in a civil engineer, Joe Meyer of Bussen Meyer, to look at the options and give a recommendation. He came after Steve found Florida Foundations, a company that specializes in water removal. Steve spent 4 hours with that vendor and he submitted a full plan with details, all at no charge. So when Joe came, he looked at that bid and said it would work and he was not needed. The bid from FL Foundations recommends heavy duty, industrial 6-inch pipe, running past the transformers into the west swale. Their bid is $7K and comes with a warranty. Steve B motioned to increase the approval to $8K for the 2400 drainage project so we can use FL Foundations. Steve W seconded, all in favor.

Townhome Roof shampoo & fences: This work is still scheduled for the first week of August and will cost $11,000. This will include all tile roofs, all townhome fencing and the 4 dumpster area gates/fences also.

Pool: This work, which will cost about $20K, was approved by the past board, but was moved to the fall for completion, based on owner requests not to start it in June.

Steve B stated that all this work totals $589,600. There is $1.1 million in the bank now. Another $5500 will be needed for the clubhouse HVAC, $3K was approved for a new golf cart, and the elevator repairs are included in this total and are approved. Craig Reisman is finishing up the townhome work next week. He pointed out that all the T-111 at the clubhouse is rotted, and the stucco rotted at ground level. We are also fighting off roof leaks at the edges of the clubhouse roof. The upper bands of the roof, at time and materials, should be $10K. The porch by the pool also has issues of ponding. After leveling the ponding area near the clubhouse door, Kool Seal should be put down. This paint is $90 per gallon, so just the porch will cost $2K. This patio also needs three can lights and a fan over the table. All of this work is estimated at $13,000 and includes totally painting the exterior. Clyde motioned to have Craig Reisman do all the above work and bring the area up to standard. If the deck paint looks good, it will also be used at the river pool. Steve W seconded, all in favor.

Lastly, the back side gutters at the midrises will be done. After all the work discussed above, there will be $472K remaining in reserves, plus, each month $11,700 goes in. After we close out all these projects, we should still be at half a million in reserves at the end of the year.

Townhomes are selling quickly now, and for more than in the past year, so we know this work is increasing the value of living ta Banana Bay.

Other Business: Billie was terminated today for insubordination. Brian McDonel will be starting work with Banana Bay on Monday, July 9th. Brian worked for the association years ago and knows the property, and is fluent in electrical, irrigation and carpentry.

Owner/Resident Comments & Questions: The police were supposedly called out to Unit 1202 for child danger. This was a unit with Air B&B tenants. There are complaints all over town about abuses and violence in Air B&B rented units. And this company is pushing the Florida legislators to consider these rentals “guest services” and not actual rentals so that the cities and the associations cannot stop one-night rentals. In order to protect the rules in the governing documents, we need to form a committee to re-write certain portions of the documents to ensure these short-term rentals cannot be allowed. Steve B recommended having the changes overseen by an attorney and having the owners vote on the changes at the next Annual Meeting. Steve asked that we discuss retaining an attorney for changing the documents at the next meeting.

Steve W asked that the board consider solar panels for power and heat at the pool clubhouse.

Set Next Meeting: In order to have the management company at the meetings, they will be moved to the third Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm. The next meeting will be held July 19th.

Adjournment: There being no further business to transact. Clyde motioned to adjourn at 2:24 pm. Steve W. seconded, all in favor.

Respectfully submitted,

Michelle Davis, manager Reconcilable Differences, Inc.