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JUNE 12, 2018

Call to order: The meeting was called to order at 7:04 PM. More than 40 owners attended.

Board members present: President Steve Brodie, VP Steve Winn, Treasurer Ed O’Brien, and Director Clyde Hoover.

Approval of Minutes: Steve B. made a motion to approve the minutes of the May 5th Board Meeting. Clyde seconded, all were in favor.

Budget Review / Financial Report: Ed reported that the insurance check for $616,280 was received May 15th and has cleared. The balance in the operating account is now 428,867. The Board will keep the money in the operating account through the summer because of all the work planned and being completed soon.
The Reserve Account balance is $718,646. Accounts Receivable are at $52,297, with $47K of that on unit #104 which is in foreclosure. A hearing is scheduled for the end of June on this issue. A second unit is refusing to pay their final Special Assessment payment and will be liened. A third unit that is past due is up to date in their repayment plan. Ed motioned to always lien any unit over 90 days overdue, and to pursue foreclosure if they do not pay. Steve W. seconded, all in favor.

SRP Assessment: After Hurricane Matthew, a private adjuster was hired to help the Association with the insurance claim. Through that PA, SRP was hired to come in and do several days of work that ended up totaling about $137,000. The Association expected SRP costs to be covered in the PA’s claim, but because the association hired a local company to actually do the repair work, it muddied the claim and the insurance company did not cover this cost. SRP filed a lien against Banana Bay in September 2017. All sales since that time have had to pay their 136th share of the lien to obtain clear title for the buyers. Through the attorneys, SRP agreed to accept $83K plus the funds already received through closings, for a total of about $95,000. The board has to sign a confidentiality agreement requiring all owners to not discuss this settlement in public and the board had to be unanimous in its approval. Steve B made the motion to accept the settlement offer. Steve W seconded, all were in favor.

Open Board Position: April resigned from the Board and management made all owners aware of the opening via email and bulletin board posts. Three unit owners, Benny Connor Unit 2101, Barbara Peterson Unit 2302, and Marcia Christ Unit 102 expressed interest in filling the position. Steve B. made a motion to appoint Marcia Christ to the Board since she lives in a townhome and would be taking the place of a board member who also lived there. Steve W. seconded. Steve B., Steve W., and Ed voted in favor of Marcia. Clyde voted no. The motion passed 3-1.

Hurricane Plan: Steve B. presented a Hurricane Plan. The plan involves a 3-month plan to prepare the property for incoming storms, outlines who is responsible for what property during named storms, and a schedule for expected preparations in the days before a storm. The plan also includes fines for residents who do not properly prepare their own property for the storm, and others are forced to do it for them. Steve B. made a motion to approve the plan as presented. Steve W. seconded, all were in favor. Steve B. explained that the proposed plan and fining schedule will be mailed to all residents, and at the next board meeting, after allowing owners to discuss it, the Board will motion to start enforcing all aspects of it, and will add it to the approved Rules & Regulations of the Association.

Garage Doors: Many garage doors on the south side of the 2400 Building were damaged badly when the roof came down in Hurricane Matthew. The Board has been waiting for the insurance settlement before completing the repairs. There are 8 damaged garage doors and 1 garage door in critical failure. Michelle stated that only the doors that have been reported broken by the owners are on the list to be repaired. The estimate received for 9 garage doors was for $6,075, a large discount. Steve B. made a motion to approve spending $6,075 to repair 9 garage doors, from door reserves if needed. Clyde seconded, all were in favor.

2400 Building Drainage: The 2400 Building floods with up to 4 inches of water every time a heavy rain comes through.  The Board is looking at hiring a civil engineer to see if the issue can be fixed. Estimates between $10-15,000 have been received verbally. A proposal by one of our General Contractors to install a system from the downspouts and a French drain have been recommended. Steve B made a motion for up to $5,000 to authorize the installation of a drain similar to what the General Contractor is recommending. Steve W. seconded, all were in favor.

Elevator: Steve and Michelle met with elevator consultant Rob Dobson from Lerch Bates last week to see what needs to be done short-term and long-term for the 2300 and 2400 elevators. Management was asked to obtain bids from other elevator companies since the association is on a month-to-month contract with Kone. In order for other companies to give bids for their service, the Association must provide proof that the current servicer was given notice. Steve B. made a motion to give KONE a 30-day notice of termination. Marcia seconded, all were in favor.

Asphalt Project: 2 bids have been received ranging between $180,000 - $220,000. A third bid is coming. The Board is reviewing references and projects previously completed by the companies. The Board plans for the asphalt project should begin the second week of August. Steve B. made a motion to approve the Building Committee to sign a contract up to $220,000 to complete the asphalt project, to include re-milling the entire complex, under all carports, all curbs, all striping, and all re-painting. The company also intends to double the asphalt thickness in front of the dumpsters. A resident asked if the amount due would be split into multiple payments based on work completed. Steve B. said a payment plan would absolutely be part of the negotiated plan. Steve W. seconded, all were in favor.

Publix Gate: The gate has been installed, but the lock was installed on the Publix side and the condo side is unlocked. Steve B. is working to make sure it gets fixed.

Social Committee: Fourth of July Party: Mrs. Mitas thanked everyone for attending the last social party and donating to the event. Steve B. explained that all money donated at social events are given back to the Association to help keep monthly amenity costs down for all residents. The next social event is the Fourth of July Party. There will be cornhole and other outdoor activities, and the pool will be open. Please RSVP by responding to the event email, or by letting a committee member know. Steve B. said that if anyone is not receiving emails regarding social events, it means that management does not have your email. Please send an email to with your preferred email address. There will be a committee meeting on Wednesday June 13th at 5pm. Mrs. Mitas stated that Bingo will soon be added to the event calendar and if anyone has other event ideas, please let them know.

Building Committee Report: The carport project was delayed by lack of parts from the manufacturer, but a shipment is expected, and work will continue. Approximately 50% of all contracted projects have been completed. Steve B. stated that he has negotiated with the cleaning company to adjust the contracted agreement. They removed the pressure washing of the midrise building, added a thousand dollars, and they instead pressure washed the sidewalks at the townhomes. A resident asked is anything would be done about the sidewalks outside of the 2300 and 2400 Buildings. Steve B. stated that he is currently looking at possible processes to repair these areas.

Landscape Committee Report: Barb explained that a plan costing $542 has been developed to fix up some of the plants that were destroyed by the storms. Steve B. made a motion to approve the Landscape Committee’s request for up to $560 to fix the landscaping around the townhomes. Ed seconded, all were in favor. A resident in the audience mentioned that the landscaping around the property looks amazing, and he is proud to be an owner. The audience applauded the efforts of the Landscape Committee. The Landscape Committee meets at 11am in the Clubhouse every first and third Wednesday of the month. New volunteers are welcome to join. Steve B. also made a motion to grant the Landscape Committee $500 to fix up the landscaping around the car wash garden. Clyde seconded, all were in favor.

Steve B. made a motion that any plant more than 2 feet wide and 2 feet tall needs Board permission prior to removal of installation. Marcia C seconded, all were in favor. Steve said that Blue H20 charges $600/month plus irrigation parts. Tropic Greenery would charge $450/month for the wet test, plus his parts costs are less expensive. Steve B made a motion to give Blue H20 30-day notice and to have discussions with Tropic Greenery regarding a potential service contract. Steve W. seconded, all were in favor. A resident asked if it is possible to have irrigation put into garden areas. Steve B. stated that the resident could speak to an irrigation company if they so desired, but that it would not be the Association’s responsibility to take care of.

Legal Pet Issue Unit 1904: There are 2 dogs of questionable weight and size living in Unit 1904. Several letters were sent to the owners. Attorneys have gotten involved. Michelle explained that if an animal is truly an emotional support animal, the animal must accompany the owner at all times. This is not the case at Unit 1904, and the animals are frequently left alone at the house. Steve made a motion to grant the Board and the Attorney legal authorization to continue enforcing the policy that only one pet per unit is allowed. This remains true of Unit 1904 and any other units that are not following the Fair Housing Rules for support animals. Clyde seconded, all were in favor.

Townhome Inspections for Water Leaks: A normal water bill for 4 units is about $200, but recently the bills at some quads have jumped to $800-900 per month. The Board is asking that the residents living in affected units attempt water leak tests with food coloring. The Board has extra food dye if owners need to borrow it for their test.

Board Meeting Schedule Change / Set Next Meeting: Steve B. made a motion to change the time of the monthly Board Meeting to 7pm on the third Thursday of every month. Clyde seconded, all were in favor.

Owner/Resident Comments & Questions: A resident asked if any landscaping was being done on this side of the Publix wall. Steve B. explained that we are working with the Publix team to come up with a fair and equitable plan.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Michelle Davis, manager Reconcilable Differences, Inc.