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Board of Director’s Meeting Minutes
Minutes of the Annual Members’ Meeting held
March 6, 2018

Call to order by the President: The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Barbara Peterson.

Proof of notice of the meeting or waiver of notice: Manager Michelle Davis confirmed that notice had been mailed out and posted onsite before February 20th. It had also been emailed almost 4 weeks in advance of the meeting to all owners with known email addresses.

Quorum of Members Attained: Manager reported that 30 proxies had been received and 30 unit owners attended in person, for a total of 60 units represented. Sixty-nine units were required for a quorum, so the meeting was continued for informational purposes only.

Reading of the Minutes of the 2017 Annual Meeting: The minutes from March 7, 2017 are on the RDI website, but there was not a quorum at that meeting or this one, so approval was waived.

Reports of officers: None

Reports of Committees: No committees

Results of Election Voting: Six owners offered to serve on the board. Therefore, there was an election to choose the top five to serve in 2018-2019. The results, in alphabetical order were: Steve Brodie, Clyde Hoover, Edmund O’Brien, April Scott and Steve Winn. Barbara Peterson thanked everyone for coming and said that she had learned a lot in her 28 years of service of the board, but will now have time to devote to new projects.

Open Forum: Residents thanked Barb for her many years of service. A resident said the kayak set-in area is full of debris and sand. Residents near the Publix renovation said the work begins at 6 am almost every day and is very noisy.

A new resident asked if meetings could be held later in the evening for those who work. Barb stated that it was tried in the past. Others asked if times could rotate – one month at night, one month during the day. The new board will make that decision.

A resident asked when carpentry work on her balcony would be completed. Dave from Intext is the Association’s carpenter and is usually on site one week per month.

A resident asked why the clubhouse is usually locked. Because of some vandals, the code was changed. Owners can ask board or management for the code.

A resident felt the landscaping crew was not doing a good job. April said she would work on that.

A resident asked if the pools could be locked so a key is required to enter. Non-residents are using the pool and leaving trash. This will be discussed by the new board.

Clyde stated that the duty of the board is to preserve and protect the property and adhere to Florida Statutes and the condominium documents, and he gave sincere thanks to Barb for all her years of service.

Unfinished business: None

New Business: None

Adjournment: There being no further business to transact, the meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm.


Minutes of the Organizational Meeting
Held Immediately following the Annual Meeting
March 6, 2018

Call to order: The meeting began at 8:15 pm.

Determination of Officers: Steve Brodie was willing to be President and no one else wanted the position, so all agreed to Steve’s appointment.

Steve motioned to appoint Edmund as treasurer. All agreed.

April was asked to stay on as treasurer and she agreed. Steve Winn was asked to be VP and he agreed. Clyde will be Director at Large.

Outstanding Issues: The insurance payout for Hurricane Matthew is still not resolved.

Management was asked to contact attorney Ruggieri to set up an executive meeting to get an update and his recommendations on how to move forward.

There is a bid from USA Cleaning to pressure wash the sidewalks. Steve will contact them to do a trial area.

A meeting with Apex billing was set up earlier, but Steve asked that it be cancelled because he has dealt with this utility-metering firm in Atlanta and their water costs to the individual owners was high.

There were 2 dog issues – only one is allowed per unit. Two residents have 2 pets each. The attorney sent notices to both and one has moved one dog out. Another is claiming both are service animals. FHA does require service and emotional support animals to always be with the owner. They cannot leave them at home alone.

Newsletter: Was just completed. It was emailed and posted in bulletin boards. The board would like to have quarterly newsletters.

The drainage issue at #203 will be given high priority. The board is hoping to meet with contractors soon.

Carports: CRI is supposed to start this work soon. A meeting will be set up with Paul Dupre to get a time commitment in writing.

Seawall/Coquina: This issue is still outstanding. Two bids were obtained, and this work was part of the 2017 Special Assessment after Hurricane Matthew.

Adjournment: There being no further business to transact, the meeting adjourned at 9:07 pm.

Michelle Davis, manager
Reconcilable Differences