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MAY 8, 2018

Board members present: President Steve Brodie, VP Steve Winn, Treasurer Ed O’Brien, and Secretary April Scott. Director Clyde Hoover could not attend.

Budget Review / Financial Report: As of April 30th, the Operating bank balance is $14,149, but with the prepaid HOA fees of $27,817, the Association has a negative balance of $13,668. February’s balance was -$10,340.36. The Reserve Funds have a balance of $694,136.45. Past due accounts are $53,731. Two of these past due units equal $50,561 of the total. All expense accounts are on budget except landscape. Year to date landscape expenses equal $31,392.71, and their budget year to date is $17,820, so landscape expenses are over budget by $13,572.71

The Hurricane Matthew Insurance Proceeds check of $616,000 has been received, but the bank is holding the funds until May 15. The Public Adjuster flew down from New Jersey to collect their payment of $61,000 last week. Settlement for the SRP Environmental lawsuit is still in negotiations with our lawyer. $125,000 of our insurance money will be transferred to the operating account to cover the negative balance and provide funds that are not restricted by reserve rules or laws.

Publix update: continues to be in progress for Memorial Day opening and most of the fence is completed as of today. Attendees said a gate has been installed. but our original key/lock set is not yet installed.

Building Committee: Progress is moving along. Carpenter Dave Westner of Intext is working on the townhome decks. The deck on unit #803 is complete. Unit #601 is started and in progress. Dave will be moving onto the most critical decks next.

The contractor hired to replace the T111 has not shown up yet. Steve Winn is in contact with them. We are still waiting on one permit to be signed by the city of Cocoa Beach, and the company doing the T1 11 work is having some issues with their equipment. They should be able to start next week.

Carports: May 9 was the start date and work is now in progress. They are starting with Section 1 and will move to Section 2 when finished.

Seawall: The building committee met with two companies to repair the seawall/coquina that was damaged in Hurricane Matthew. Premier Environmental and Santa Cruz were interviewed. The building committee recommended using Santa Cruz. President Steve Brodie said that Santa Cruz was monetarily comparable to the other company and both were environmentally sound. A motion was made by the president to hire Santa Cruz to repair the seawall, at a cost of $26,463. The motion was seconded by Ed O’Brien, all in favor. This work has already been budgeted in the assessment from Hurricane Matthew, so the insurance funds will be used for this.

Lighting/Electrical expenses: Between 1200 & 1300, the lighting work is now complete. Total cost was $7,102; $3,345 of this cost was for digging. There is discussion of running a new electrical line from Building 1700 to clubhouse to install a new sprinkler timer. Estimated expense will be $1,700 for mostly digging the trench. We are currently using battery operated timers. The dock near 2400 building: The estimated cost for digging a trench and fixing the electrical lines is $1500. Solar lighting is being considered.

Recommendation for an additional part-time employee: Steve asked for the board’s approval to add a part-time employee at $15.00 per hour. Motion was seconded by April, all in favor. Reconcilable Differences placed an ad and has 3 good options, so interviews will be held soon.

ATP contract for mid rise alarm system up for renewal: ATP has been the association’s alarm company for years, but they never had a contract in place. They have asked that the board sign a new contract, with no increase in the cost. Steve Brodie made the motion to approve and sign the contract. Steve Winn seconded, all in favor. Contract cost is $1690.32 per year.

Landscape committee update: Steve obtained bids from 3 companies and re-negotiated with Tropic Greenery, saving almost $9K, so they will remain as the landscaping company. If any owners have requests for work to be done in common areas, they are to be given to the landscape committee. Barb and April are the points of contact to speak with the contractor about additional work needing to be done. For example, we have been removing dead plants, trimming trees, cutting down dead trees, removing vines, and removing dead stumps that were on common ground. This committee meets on Thursdays at 10 AM. All owners are welcome to stop by if you have any concerns.

Court yard cleanups: The committee has walked the grounds and any courtyards that have dead trees or dead palm fronds are asked to trim. Courtyards with shrubs or vines growing on or through the fence or impairing the fence are asked to remove them. Nineteen letters have been written to townhome owners and thirteen have already complied or asked the committee to handle it and charge them. Four owners have asked for extensions, and 2 owners have not yet replied or complied. The committee walked the property monthly.

Irrigation is on the landscape committee’s agenda. As of April 26th, the irrigation company BlueH2O has fixed 4 valves. The weeks prior to that they fixed a few other timer issues and broken pipes in section 4 and in section 2 respectively. May 10 they will be working on getting the sprinklers to work in section 4 as there are still problems even after 4 valves were fixed. Hopefully adding a sprinkler between section 1 and two townhomes will also help. The president and vice president are unsatisfied with Blue H20. The president asked the landscape committee to find alternate irrigation companies, but then the landscaper brought in a contractor he is familiar with, who will check the irrigation system once a month and work with the lawn crew. At this time nothing will be done until the decision is made to give 30 days’ notice to the current contractor. Blue H20 was also asked for a bid to submit to Publix, to ensure Banana Bay’s irrigation system is working properly after the wall work was completed. Publix will be paying for past damages to our irrigation system, and will install sod also.

Social committee: Ann Mason reported that the Cinco de Mayo party went very well last Friday. A lot of people had fun and the turnout was great! The social committee wants to raise money for future events and asks that residents e-mail them at with any ideas. Bingo was requested to be an event, and possibly a potluck Fourth of President Steve Brodie said bingo could be played as we are a not-for-profit organization. He motioned to allow Bingo to be played at social committee events, as long as the proceeds are handle in conformance with Florida Statute 718. Motion was seconded by Steve Winn, all in favor.

New business: If you have an emergency, please do not call Billie, the property’s maintenance man, personally after hours. Instead please contact Reconcilable Differences, and they will call needed vendors for service. Billie usually leaves the property about 3pm. The Board also asks that owners not call him during the day unless it is a true emergency. Regular maintenance requests will be handled via written forms, and concerns will be handled in priority order. The Board appreciates everyone’s cooperation in this matter.

Set Next Meeting: The next Board meeting will be held the second Tuesday of the month, June 12, at 7pm.

Adjournment: There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

April Scott, Board Secretary