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Minutes of the Banana Bay Condominium Association
Board Meeting
WEDNESDAY, September 27, 2017

Call to Order: The meeting began at 1:00 pm in the clubhouse.

Establish Quorum: Board president Barbara Peterson, Secretary April Scott and Treasurer Craig Smith attended, and VP Clyde Hoover arrived soon after. Michelle Davis, CAM from Reconcilable Differences was in attendance, along with attorney Frank Ruggieri. Twenty-four-unit owners attended.

Approve Minutes of Last Board Meeting: April motioned to approve the minutes of the September 20, 2017 meeting as written. Craig seconded, all in favor. These minutes will be posted on the website.

Financial Report: As noted last week, through August, the Association has a net of $20,607 in the operating account, with reserve savings of $621,820. Ten owners have still not made their 2nd Special Assessment payments, and nine have only made partial payments, so they were given 10 days to pay, and if not received by then, they will be sent to collections. The Association is running close to budget, but with the hurricane, costs will increase to make the repairs.

New Business:
Elevator Repairs Updates:
Kone was out with the pumping company yesterday, to remove water in the pits. The waterproof motherboard and closer parts should be in soon. Rock Roofing will be out tomorrow to check on the parapet roof and flashing over the elevator shaft, to ensure as much water-proofing as possible over the elevators. There was discussion about turning off the elevators just before mandatory evacuations in the future, to ensure safety of elevator equipment and owners who might get stuck with no emergency help available. This issue will be discussed in more depth later. A complaint was lodged about soffit falling. Billie will be asked to repair this.

Gutters: The bid from Concrete Restorations Inc is $14,250 for the front of both buildings, with an additional $13,700 to put them across the back side of both buildings. These are 7-inch commercial grade gutters with 4” pvc downspouts. CRI has not yet called Craig with detail clarifications, so Clyde motioned to table this item again. April seconded, all in favor.

Pool Resurfacing: The county has written up the clubhouse pool and the resurfacing upgrades must be done. Management obtained 3 bids. Spreadsheets were handed to board members. Costs were $19,000 to $29,000, with options for re-tiling and other new requirements. April agreed to research what is required and contact all bidders to get more information before the board makes their decision. Barb motioned to table this until April has needed information. Clyde seconded, all in favor.

Pool Fencing: Both pool fences suffered damage in both hurricanes. Bids were received from three companies and a spreadsheet given to board with the details and costs. Bids ranged from $6400 to $6900 per pool area. Billie has purchased parts to repair the broken pickets for about $400, so the board agreed to have that done and table new fencing for now.

Carport Repair: CRI is waiting on parts, but will start the carport work as soon as parts are in. Two more carports in Section 4 lost the decorative mansards because they catch the wind. As legally approved last week, these new carports will have flat white roofs with gutters.

2300 Garage Roofs: Craig from Rock Roofing has made temporary repairs to the south west 2300 garage. we have discussed a reflective coating be put over the flat roofs. It will give it a ten-year warranty and should keep the garages and units cooler if we were to add it to the midrise units.

Seawall Repair: The seawall was another Hurricane Matthew damage repair that was part of the Special Assessment. Once we get through the new priorities, we will meet with those contractors and find clarification before moving forward.

Draft Budget of 2018 Budget: President, treasurer and manager will meet with the engineer this Friday to go over all reserve items, costs, life spans, so that a revised “pooled reserves” funding can be obtained. With that number, added to expected costs next year, the Proposed Budget will be mailed out to the owners at least 14 days before the budget meeting in November.

Appreciation for Billie Henry’s Efforts and Hurricane Clean-up: Barb noted that maintenance man Billie Henry has stepped up and is taking care of a lot of hurricane damage repairs, all by himself. He asks or just handles many items without oversight. She asked for a 50 cent per hour raise for him. Clyde motioned to approve a $1.00 increase. Barb seconded. There was discussion. Clyde withdrew his motion and amended it to give Billie a bonus of $500 for his hurricane help, and then discuss his raise in the new year. April seconded, all in favor.

Owner Requests: An owner asked about the drainage back up around 1200-1300 buildings. Barb noted that the same problem occurred around 200-300 buildings. Paul from CRI had met with Craig and Michelle and Paul had some ideas that might work. We will ask him to look at both areas and try his option.

Craig reported on the drainage issues with Publix. He contacted the city and army corps of engineers and they do not have a storm water plan yet. There is a need for swales.

Set Next Meeting Date: Notices will be posted when we set the next meeting.

Adjournment: There being no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 1:45 pm…

Respectfully Submitted,

Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, LCAM #17226
Community Association Manager
Reconcilable Differences, Inc.