Board meeting held Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Call to order: The meeting was called to order at 6 pm in the clubhouse

Board members present: President Craig Ponsonby, VP/Treasurer Bob Behling, Secretary Denny Dettro and Director John Roberts. Director Susie Carter did not attend. Michelle Davis and Ted Manna from RDI were also present. Seven owners also attended.

Proof of Posting: Craig certified that he posted the agenda on the bulletin boards more than 48 hours ago, and management emailed the agenda to those we have addresses for. 

Approval of Minutes: Denny motioned to approve the minutes of the December 14, 2016 meeting as written and posted on the website.  Bob seconded, all in favor.

Management Report: Twenty owners did not sign up to pay their association fees through PayLease, the new format that Sunrise Bank is using. Management and the bank are available to help, and emails will be sent to those who have not yet paid, with directions on what to do.

Ted discussed his two update reports over the last month: Street lights had to be repaired and are not quite finished.
Door closers and locks were repaired again. Call box/front gate issues – phone lines and electricity issues are being handled. Pool heater issues are being addressed, but still not completed. Fountains and pond issues are ongoing and Ted requested a committee or chairman to help with this, because even vendors do not agree on what is needed.

Carp will be put in the pond tomorrow! Craig asked for a copy of the state permit and photos of the screened inlets.
There were elevator issues on the weekend; expensive to repair on overtime, but it was agreed that we cannot wait more than overnight for repair; a difference from the past rules.

A townhome resident is asking the association to repair a gutter over her screen enclosure. It was agreed that these gutters were not developer installed and this issue is an owner responsibility. 

772 Rusty door: Board approved ordering fiberglass replacement, as has been done in the past.

770 Garage Header: Ongoing issue; still not sure that one $1750 bid will actually repair the problem. Awaiting other bids.   Garage light sensors should be in next week; for now, lights are on continually. Denny asked that we post Ted’s maintenance report on the website.

Treasurer’s Report: Bob Behling stated that through December 31, 2016, the Association is 1.1% over budget. There was a problem with Space Coast Credit Union paying 3 reserve checks in December, so we are working on making that right.
Lights and garland were purchased at under $400. Two units missed December payments, and 2 units were charged for towing costs at asphalt sealcoating time and have not paid. Bob said if they do not pay by 1/31/17, they should be sent to collections.
Craig stated that the approximately $13,000 in unexpected hurricane expenses were paid from operating funds, so the board did a good job ending the year only slightly over budget.

Paver Repair Cost: Additional costs came up when almost all townhome residents asked for extra grouting once the new driveway tiles were installed. The additional cost was $2,700. Bob motioned to approve this cost from Reserves. Denny seconded, all in favor.

Board Recommendations: Craig asked that the next newsletter make owners aware that smoke alarms should be replaced if eight years old or older. Also, when a unit owner replaces flooring, it is highly recommended that a half inch gap be kept around the perimeter of the floor to allow for expansion and to stop any uplift issues. Also, anyone doing repairs, either structural or on the outside of a building, needs to get permission from the board before starting.

Sean Burlingham attended to discuss the following:
High Rise Roof Replacement:  The work seems to be complete, but Horschel has not submitted payment request yet. The flat roof blisters still need to be repaired, and Sean is still waiting on Horschel’s bid for that to finalize all roof repairs. 
Wind Mitigation Forms: Sean presented a printed and computer version of the completed report. This will be added to the website so owners can obtain credits on their personal policy, and will be emailed to Brown & Brown Insurance for the commercial policy.

Soffit Repair & ‘A’ Building Damage: All agreed to wait for engineer Sean Burlingham to write specifications and oversee the work. The mock-up recently done will not pass code, in his estimation.

Flat roofs covering trash rooms: Water pools on these 3 roofs. Sean will look at this and see if something can be done to change the slope so water doesn’t sit too long and allow mosquito growth.

Drain cleaning project status: SOS did the work last week. They did make a new map of drains, and it was found that the north east townhomes all have French drains, and those are connected to a manhole on the SW corner of the property, which runs into Bayport’s pond. On the other end is a manhole that runs to our pond. Unit 814 manhole goes into another of our ponds. Bayport water does flow from their ponds to ours, and we have the overrun WEIR box, that will take water to the city storm drains if they overflow.

Bank relationships - SCCU Issues: The bank made a mistake in the checks they gave us to pay from Reserves. Management spent much time trying to get the problems rectified and SCCU is not really set up to help businesses. Bob motioned to move the funds to Florida Community Bank (FCB). Denny seconded, all in favor.

Late Payment Collections: New proposed rules state that fees are due on the 1st, and on the 10th a late fee is assessed. 30 days after non-payment, the account is supposed to go to collections and can be charged interest as well. Bob said if any owners have not paid by the annual meeting, they cannot vote.

Hi Rise Lobby Painting: Craig motioned to send out a vote to all owners to eliminate the murals and paint the lobbies the same color. A specialty painter to touch up the murals and re-paint where needed will be expensive. Denny seconded. All in favor.

Elevator Floors: Craig said the ceramic tile in the elevators are cracking and need to be replaced. Management will get prices and suggestions from Elevator Cab companies. 

Financial Review – Accountant Selection: Craig agreed to contact Matthew Burke, last year’s CPA, and ask if he could match the other CPA costs for a Review of 2016 records. He is double the cost of 3 competitors, but if he will lower that, the board all agreed that they would like to stay with the same CPA if possible.

Wireless Gate Entry Proposal: A very expensive proposal was received. This was tabled and repairs will be done to telephone and electrical lines to see if this fixes the problem. Thanks to Denny Dettro for removing the gates in the high winds.

Set plans for Annual Meeting & Board Seats:  The meeting will be held February 16th. There were two seats available for a two-year term, and John Roberts and Gail Burch have offered to serve with Craig, Denny & Bob. Craig will post the agendas, and second notices will be mailed out soon.

Pavement Sealing Debrief: All agreed that the job was good, but we needed more info further in advance so people knew where to park. We had to tow two vehicles. One was a renter who was on a cruise and their owner didn’t tell them. The other was a resident who forgot. Each was billed $125.00 of the $250 tow charge. Parking stickers were again discussed. Craig felt that if residents had accurately completed their profiles we would have known who to contact. 

Universal Lawsuit: Association attorney has sent proposal of settlement/offer of judgement. We offered $1500, they held firm at $4,000. There was no response, so we offered $1,000 and they have until January 28th to accept or reject. If they reject or do nothing, we have the option of deposing their insurance adjuster, and causing them more expenses, or just ignoring them until they respond again. They insure a lot of units at Bayside and the board did not want to just acquiesce and risk more of these frivolous lawsuits in the future.

Power Washing Driveways: A pressure washer was purchased, as agreed by the board in December. Ted will work with Billie to set a schedule of cleaning the 28 townhome driveways plus sidewalks, garage doors, trash rooms, etc. The high rise walkways are on a cleaning schedule with the janitorial company.

Garage Sale: Management does not handle garage sales, and board member did not write up the flyer as agreed, so Denny will ask his wife to write up the notice and handle the details. All agreed to change the date from Feb 4th to the 25th, so it can be adequately mentioned at the Annual Meeting.

Electrical Issues:  The pool heater has been repaired and then shuts off at night. ‘A’ garage sensors should be in this month. There is also a light at the flag that needs repair. Ted is still working on both issues

Fountain Repair: Because one company recommends new floats and another says new fountains are needed, Al Franks will be asked to oversee these issues with Ted.

Comments from Owners: Craig has a 42-inch TV to donate to the clubhouse / workout room. All appreciated and agreed, and he will work with Billie to get it mounted on the wall.

An owner said bike storage is becoming a problem. More residents are not following the rules. Storing right in front of your vehicle is allowed. Some have racks, but not everyone does, and the rules say “rack”. Others are parking on outside walls. One of those was grandfathered years ago, because they have a door in front of their car, but a reminder will be placed in the next newsletter.

Set Next Meeting:  The ANNUAL MEETING will be held at the Radisson on Thursday, February 16, 2017 at 6 pm. It was agreed that future meetings will be held on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 6pm.

Adjournment:  There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Michelle Davis, manager, Reconcilable Differences