MARCH 30, 2016

1. CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by President Craig Ponsonby.

2. ATTENDEES:  Other Board members present; Robert Behling, Dennis Dettro, and John Roberts.  Additionally, Michelle Davis, Ted Manna, and Ricky Martin with Reconcilable Differences were present, as well Engineer Sean Burlingham and 10 residents.

3. Board Member Absentee:  Susie Carter 

4. Notice of Meeting:  Certifying notices and required posting were verified.

5. Approval of Minutes:  The meeting minutes of March 9, 2016, were approved as submitted.

6. Old Business
a. Sean Burlingham, Engineer, provided updates on several projects. 
i. Insurance Inspection

1. The Board is seeking advice from the Engineer on the discrepancies noted from the insurance adjuster.

ii. Drain cleaning

1. This continues to be an ongoing issue.  The Engineer has agreed to walk through the issues with the respective Villa homeowners.

iii. Sleeving Process on High Rises

1. The Engineer updated the Board on the process.  Indications are that the project is nearing completion and potentially under budget.

iv. High-Rise Roofs

1. A lengthy and engaging dialogue ensued over the condition of the tiled portions of the roofs on the high-rises.  The Engineer pointed out the options and allowed the Board to make a decision. Craig pointed out that safety for our residents--concerns over falling tile and damage during the upcoming rainy season--should prompt us to move quickly.  The Board agreed, and a tentative agreement (pending review by attorney) was approved for Horshel Roofing to be contracted for the work;  estimated budget $142,000 to $165,000 for project completion. The Engineer will finalize the bid for Board approval.

7. New Business

a. Reconcilable Differences (Management Company)

i. Transition and contract ratified.

ii. Introduction of new MTC representative Ricky Martin.

iii. Commitment to build an e-mail database of all Bayside residents/owners.

iv. Agreed to post appropriate Board, Reconcilable Differences, and emergency contact numbers.

b. Election of Bob Behling to Vice President.

c. Property Key Inventory
i.  Bob Behling noted that we were unable to gain access to 7 units during the recent fire inspection.  Unit owners will be notified to provide a key or the Board will replace locks.

d. Vertex approved to replace water pumps in all the ponds; estimated cost--$5200.

e. Board approved legal action against Unit 405 for water damage.  Our attorney will initiate the process.

f. Fire Inspection

i. Several discrepancies were noted in the recent inspection. Reconcilable Differences will correct work within their scope.  Outside work will be contracted and coordinated through the Management Company.

8. Management Companies
a. President Ponsonby thanked Keys Management for their past performance and professionalism and officially welcomed Reconcilable Differences.

9. Resident Comments
a. The meeting was opened to Residents for comments.

10. Next Meeting - April 28, 2016, at 6:00 p.m.

11. Adjournment
a. The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, 
Dennis Dettro, Secretary
Bayside Condominium Association of Brevard