April 28, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 6:05 pm in the clubhouse. 

Board members present: President Craig Ponsonby, VP/Treasurer Bob Behring, Secretary Denny Dettro, and Directors John Roberts and Susie Carter. One resident was present and Michelle Davis, Ted Manna and Rick Martin from Reconcilable Differences were also in attendance.

Certifying Posting of Notice: Craig posted notice of this meeting over 48 hours in advance. It was decided that in the future, management or Denny will also email the agenda to all owners with valid email addresses.

Approval of Board Meeting Minutes: Craig noted that the March 30th minutes incorrectly noted unit 301 as having water damage and going to the attorney for collection. The correct unit is 405. With that change, Craig motioned to approve the minutes and post them on the website. Bob seconded, all in favor.

New Business:
Update from Engineer: Sean Burlingham was not able to attend. He will be asked for updates on the roof tile repairs and the RFP for drain cleaning, as well as updates on the high rise sleeving project, the loose railings and the insurance inspection.
Ted stated that the owner of 742, #404 asked him to inspect the unit, because even though the sleeving was completed, he felt there was a new stain on the ceiling. Ted said the area was dry, and felt this was old damage, but the only way to know for sure is to cut out the stained drywall and monitor for leaks. Craig will send an email to the owners, asking if this is acceptable. 
Ted said the owner also stated that the window in the master bedroom is leaking inside. Susie asked that we inspect to see if the window was installed backwards. This has happened in some cases, and if it is in backwards, then water flows through the weepholes into the unit.

Unit #206 has called to say she wants her closet back. She believes the sleeving in her unit worked well, but her closet is still covered. Sean will be asked about that.

Approve pond fountain repair: Craig stated that the southernmost fountain in the back of the buildings has a broken motor. He thought he had a $1700 proposal to repair and a $5200 bid to replace all five fountains. Unfortunately, the $5200 was only for aerators. They would help the quality of the water, but are not fountains. They said the Bayside ponds are too small for their large fountains. So the one proprietary pump motor replacement will cost $1700.00. Susie said the cleaning of the pumps has not been done on a regular basis, and going forward needs to be added to Rick’s maintenance list. We have a contract with Aquatic Systems for $337 quarterly to clean/maintain the fountains. They started last November. Moving a working fountain pump to the front was discussed, but there are logistical issues and costs involved in that as well.
Susie motioned to look into a new fountain cost. John seconded, all in favor. Ted was asked to find a contractor and obtain bids. 
As for the carp re-stocking, it has been many months, but the permit is with the state right now, awaiting approval. 

2015 Audit: The Board met with the CPA this afternoon. Michelle will send the corporate report in with all the new directors and changes. The CPA agreed that the inconsistencies with the reserve equities were just due to incorrect interfund transfers in 2015. In lieu of a special assessment, the CPA has adjusted the figures to balance with the bank accounts. There was no fraud, just a bookkeeping error in 2014 that sat on the books another year before being adjusted by the CPA. Denny made the motion to approve this balance entry from the CPA. Susie seconded, all in favor. Management was asked to post the audit on the website, and as required by statute, a free copy of the audit is available to any owner who requests it. 

Monthly Financial Report: Michelle stated that the March 31, 2016 report was received from Keys Property Management. It shows $52K in the Operating account, and $270,220 in the Reserve accounts. There are $20,187 in receivables, and year to date, the association is $7K over budget. Michelle stated that this figure does represent four months of cable billing, so the loss is actually about $4K, year to date. 

Management was asked to find an alternative to the $400 per month AT&T bill. RDI spoke with AT&T a number of times, clarified that the association has wireless fire alarms, so we are just trying to find out if all phone lines are truly required. There has to be a phone line for the entrance gate, the pool and at all three building entrances. We will have an update at the next meeting.

Reserve Analysis Study: Bob said the one we have is 9 years old, but he has been updating it annually. Bob felt we should have an update done. Reserve Advisors did the initial report, so they may have a fair update cost. Michelle will get bids, but estimated $4 to $5,000. Bob clarified that a reserve analysis is a physical appraisal of the condition of the assets; how long they will last and how much it will cost to replace them.

Wind Mitigation Forms- Michelle asked if they were available to place on the website. She was asked to contact Karen Sumner or Trevor at Brown and Brown to see if they have them. Board gave permission to put these forms on the website, once we receive them.

Request for Temporary 3rd Parking Space: Resident in unit 405A will have her daughter staying for several months. She gave us the make, model, and tag. Craig motioned to allow the 3rd vehicle for 6 months. Susie seconded, all in favor.

Michelle was asked to add this info into the database of owner information, to include all vehicles. She stated that very few profiles have been returned. It was noted that unit historical files are in the locked file cabinet. Michelle will be given a special key to open this. A newsletter will be started, and one reminder will be to complete this form because in case of hurricane evacuation, we need emergency numbers. 

Review status of conversion to Reconcilable Differences: Michelle stated that Greg from Keys Management has been very helpful and forwarded items requested if he had them. There are some questions, reports and forms that have not yet been found, but we are working on those.

The landscape contract was discussed. Management feels it is high. $315 per month is to turn on irrigation. Rick can do that and make most repairs. Also, fertilization cost is lumped into the monthly fee but is only treated four times per year. It looks like $1700 per month is their cost for mowing and edging. Denny motioned to re-bid the landscape contract, John seconded, all in favor. Management was asked specifically to obtain a quote from Valley Crest.

Ted presented US Lawn’s $4500 bid for mulch. Manager said it is a standard price per yard, but asked if all is needed at once. We could also buy it in bags and Rick could lay it. There was also discussion about blown-in mulch. This issues was tabled for now.

Craig said he wanted a partnership with management and RDI agreed that both sides need to be honest about what is working and not. Craig said compliments have been received by all who have interacted with RDI, and we all appreciate that.

Review status of new Bank Account Signers: All signers have gone to both banks to sign new signature cards. Michelle asked if it was acceptable to have statements mailed to the management office instead of to the onsite post box. All agreed.

Consider any changes to maintenance schedule: All agreed that Rick is working out very well. He has added a number of issues to his schedule. He has been carrying his own tools in a backpack. The condo only has a shop vac. The board has agreed to allow him to compile a list of needed tools for the condo to purchase and store. Because hurricane season is coming, a floor dryer was requested. Rick will bring back costs on used equipment he is familiar with.

Update on required repairs from the latest Fire Inspection: The re-inspection had some glitches. Some residents refused access, and the alarms went on and off more times than some felt necessary, so ATP was asked to stop the inspection. We are waiting on the report to see what will be done next with the interior inspections, but they did give us a cost to make the repairs in the garages to sprinkler lines, posts, straps, hangers, etc. Ted recommended budgeting $2500 for the repairs needed, because they did find more rust after the bid was received. Rick also noted that the inspection found at least 3 exterior horns not working, and these are $270 each. Craig motioned to approve up to $2500 to resolve the fire inspection issues. Denny seconded, all in favor.

As for the insurance discrepancy report, manager sent a letter to the agent stating that we would obtain prices to caulk and paint the cracking walls, and that we already have bids for the roof repairs. 
Ted obtained a price of $1500 from a local painter we use. He gave a $300 discount for being an RDI property, so will caulk and paint the walls in all 3 garages for $1200. Bob motioned to approve this work, Denny seconded, all in favor.

It was noted that the roof issues were on the flat urethane roof, with bubbles, cuts and holes. Management will obtain a price from a local flat roof specialist, but that work cannot be completed until the tile roof work is done. We are waiting on the engineer for that issue.
It was noted that as long as the insurance provider knows we are working on the issues, we should be given 6 months to complete.

Garage Doors: The large door at “A” building needed a new cable, and while repairing, it was noticed that the door is rusting. Warranty on these doors is not good; it only covers the panels if they have rusted through, and this does not cover labor. Rick said a townhome owner said garage doors are rusting as well. Rick and Ted will do more investigating, but garage doors are an association issue to repair or replace. 

Garage Door Openers: Management was told that owners could obtain a remote at Sear’s, but 
this was not found to be accurate. We called door companies, and one charged $50 plus delivery and programming and could come right out. We purchased 4 for the association, but will have to charge owners $85 per remote because of the $23 programming/delivery fee. Rick watched and can now program them himself, but we were being pushed to get a working remote, so this was the best we could find. Owners may be able to find less expensive remotes on line. These remotes have 2 buttons; one will be programmed to the proper garage door needed, and the other button is programmed to the front gate.

Pool Leaks: Last week, a leak was repaired in the landscape near the pool. Three days later, a larger leak appeared. The following week, we received a $1200 water bill, so then found a leak in the kitchen ice maker. The day after that another leak was found in the skimmer. It was cracked. They fixed that, but it leaked again, so tomorrow, they will be back to find another leak. Ideally, we can wait until a slow time to repair, but if this $30 per day water leak isn’t found, it may have to be an inconvenience while we fix the problem.

Muck behind Townhomes: There was discussion about the RFP that the engineer had promised to write up. Management has vendors who can remove the muck, but the Board wanted to ask Sean if he had done anything on this before going in different directions.

Comments from Owners:  Bill Birch was thanked for the donation of the new flag at the front entrance. He also disposed of the old flag properly.

Management was asked to modify their posted notice to show the office phone number in a larger font. This will be done and re-posted.

A resident also asked about elevator floor repairs. This will be added to next month’s agenda.

Denny asked if the Good Neighbor Policy could be discussed and finally approved at the May meeting. Craig will email all the final suggested modifications, which have taken the original from 16 to 26 pages. He will also forward the comments from the attorney, so the board members have time to look, make notes and have discussion at the meeting. Craig said there are three extremely important issues to clarify: The new laws around grills not being permitted on midrise balconies, the smoking rules being strengthened, and clarification about parking rules, since the docs are not clear and many desire parking stickers. Discussion then went to having a “helpful hints” page versus “rules to live by”, and then the hurricane procedures, which are already in place.

Set Next Board Meeting:  It was agreed to meet again on Wednesday, May 18th at 6:00 pm.

Adjournment: There being no further business to transact, Denny motioned to adjourn, John seconded, all in favor at 7:27 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, LCAM #17226
Reconcilable Differences, Inc.