May 18, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm in the clubhouse.

Board members present: President Craig Ponsonby, VP/Treasurer Bob Behring, Secretary Denny Dettro, and Director John Roberts. Director Susie Carter could not attend. Five residents attended: Cynthia Mitenius Unit #732-34, Gail Burch #203B, Bob Noak #304A, Karen Dettro #403B, and Allison Elliott #794. Michelle Davis and Ted Manna and Rick Martin from Reconcilable Differences were also in attendance. 

Certifying Posting of Notice: Craig posted notice of this meeting in the bulletin boards over 48 hours in advance and management e-mailed the agenda and past minutes to all owners with valid e-mail addresses. 

Approval of Board Meeting Minutes: Craig motioned to approve the April minutes as emailed and posted on the website. Denny seconded, all in favor. 

New Business: 
April 2016 Financial Report: Michelle stated that the financials were just finished so Bob had not had time to look them over yet. As of April 30th, there is $64,748 in the operating account with $30,782 in prepaid assessments, so in actuality, there is only $20K in operating funds. There is currently $278,813 in reserves, but much of that is earmarked for the hi-rise roof repairs. We have not received journal entries from the CPA, but based on discussion with him at the last meeting, we have tied the actual cash to the equity details, fixing the bookkeeping error from last year. 

Unit #808 will be auctioned off in Titusville this month. If the bank buys it back, the Association will be entitled to only 1% of the original mortgage amount. There is an $18K balance owed on the account, so most of that would have to be shown as a bad debt. If third party purchases it, we would get the full amount owed, but it is doubtful that anyone except the bank will bid on it. 

Year to date, the association is $9,856 OVER budget. Brighthouse bulk cable was not set up properly, and there is an issue with payments from February, so we are researching that. The other issue is the large amount of water leaks we had last month. Those have brought the water budget higher than expected. 

Parking Decals: On hold pending revisions to rules. 

Flag Pole: John Roberts obtained a bid of $932.00 for a 20-foot flagpole with hardware and flag included, from FlagNation. There was discussion about illuminating the flag or taking it down every evening. Solar versus electric was discussed. Board and Ted believe Rick can take care of the lighting. Craig motioned to approve this installation. John seconded, all in favor. John will work on getting this in before the holiday. 

Update on Required Repairs from Latest Fire Inspection: Ted stated that the sprinkler repairs will be completed tomorrow – rusty pipes and brass parts, etc. The bid was approximately $1700, using All Brevard Fire & Plumbing. The alarms also need repairs. The proposal from ATP, for sounders, horn strobes on building 752, tampers and reprogramming 4th floor pull stations to activate was bid at $774.28 per horn strobe. 

On building 732, we must replace 3 exterior horn strobes, and reprogram 4 pull stations, at a cost of $1,439.00. All inspections, however, are complete, so no horns, no bells, and no more entrance into units will be needed this year. It will be approximately $4,000 for all these fire and alarm issues to be repairs. Board agreed to this. 

Lawn Service Contract: Brandon from US Lawns was asked to sharpen his pencil, and came back with about a $200 discount on mowing and edging. The contract was at $1900 per month and is now $1718.50. Lawn Fertilization is $575 per treatment (6 per year) and $119 per shrub treatment, with $240 per month for irrigation inspections; any actual repairs will be billed at cost plus labor at $95 per hour.

There was discussion about Rick’s ability to handle this. All agreed to have him do the inspections and try to make the repairs.

The other bids received were $1500 per month for grounds maintenance & $565 per treatment for all fertilization, and $1,578/month with $575 fertilization from a second bidder. They will be thanked for their bids, but even though US Lawns’ fertilizer costs are a little more than the other bids received, all agreed that the property looks good. Craig motioned to renegotiate with US Lawns, accept the discount from $1900 to $1718 per month, remove the irrigation issues from the contract and have those items handled in-house. John seconded, all in favor 

Reserve Analysis: Three proposals were sent to the Board to review. Bob stated that Association Reserves bid $3900; the highest bid. Custom Reserves $3700. Management has worked with this company recently and they did a good job. Reserve Advisors, for $3750, bid this for an update only, having completed the original study about 8 years ago. Bob and management recommended using Custom Reserves, the lowest bidder. Craig motioned to contract with them, Bob seconded, all in favor. 

AT&T Service: We confirmed that all phones that could be wireless were changed over, and we still need 5 lines, for the entrance gate, three building entry systems and pool phone. AT&T agreed to give a substantial discount if we sign a two-year agreement, so the cost should go down by about half, down to $345 per month. John said Brighthouse might be willing to negotiate even more if we want to check. 

Elevator Floors: There are cracks in the elevator floors, but it is expensive to replace; about $1500 per elevator. With all the other items that need replacement right now, the board agreed this must be put on hold. 

Power Washing Damage: Mr. Noak said in “A” building, all 5 floors have stucco disintegration from what he believes is the quarterly pressure washing. He believes standing water causes this. He believes we should stop pressure washing and use a buffer/scrubber and mops like they did a few years ago. None of the board members remembered this alternative. Gail said USA offers it, but it is more costly. Craig motioned to have Ted look into this option. 

Engineer Sean Burlingham attended to discuss the following: 
Update on hi-rise sleeving project: C01 stack and 06 kitchen stacks are completed. One unit cannot be sleeved, but Sean believes they have located and repaired the area that leaked. There are five stacks left to be completed, although two may not be able to be done. He foamed some areas and it seems to have helped. 

Exterior leak on “C” building has been repaired, but he said that all drains in all buildings were not installed properly, so there will be a possibility of leaks in time. J-channels were used and there is a gap that could start leaking on all end walls. 

Clear sealant was put on the walls, which should help with waterproofing, but all joints need to be sealed the next time swing stations are on property. 

B404 reported a stain, so Ted & Craig went in, then inspected rear bedroom window., 
Carpet strips were black from wetness 

Windows hold a lot of water on the inside of the window, then weeps out after the rain. Therefore, the screws rust and the water leaks down and causes wetness on the ground. 

Fasteners on the bottom channel are usually the culprit. Another issue could be the vertical corners. Sean recommends red stucco tape on the outside of the weephole to lock them, then pour water into the channel, and if it disappears, the fasteners have rusted and are letting water leak onto the floor. Craig will email the owner to contact us when he is back in town to do this water test. 

Bid from Horschel Roofing: Sean’s email with the bid and change order had not been received, but it was as was discussed last month. Horschel agreed to bring all tile for all 3 roofs at the same time to only have two crane dates instead of 6, so Sean made it a change order. $162,300 was the original approved bid. That includes the engineering fees and some contingencies. Sean expects the job to take 12 weeks from tile delivery to completion, but could be more with rain and problems. Bob motioned to have this work completed. John seconded, all in favor. Craig signed the contract and Sean will contact Horschel to get on their schedule. Bob confirmed that this will be from Reserves. Sean also said we owe Horschel money for tearing out the closet and making the repairs. 

Lastly, resurfacing the flat foam roofs, at a current cost of $129,000, is not recommended. Sean said to save money to do a complete re-do when the money is available. He recommends vents and re-doing all the conduit that is all over the ground up there, along with replacing pitch pans. 

A resident said they are having problems with small ants. Sean recommended a Termidor-type poison that residential owners can purchase, called Fipronil. 

Update on status of Insurance inspection: Sean felt the inspector was wrong. The building envelope was not breached, the post tension slabs are just settlement cracks, and are not structural, and roof repairs or re-conditioning will be done after the tile roof replacement. Manager had already sent an email reply to Brown and Brown, to forward to the insurance inspector. We have taken care of the non-structural cracks in the walls and we have contracted with Horschel Roofing to complete the midrise roof repairs/replacements. It was clarified that Horschel is only replacing tile roofs on the midrises, but after that work is done, Sean agreed to repair the cuts, holes and bubbles in the flat foam roof covering. 

Draft RFP for drain cleaning: 
14 grates and one manhole were found by Sean. It seems no original as-builts were found or designed. 

Sean believes if these grates are properly cleaned out, there may then be no more problems. If there are, then we will take a second step. For now, Sean has specified how to clean these drains properly. A lot of water will be needed to handle this clean-out. Sean recommends we have this work done while he is on property handling the roof work, ad all agreed. 

Craig motioned to issue the RFP to local contractors. John modified the motion to have the contractor use a metal detector or probe, or asked to be involved in this himself. John is agreeing to oversee the whole process. Sean will supply a list of good contractors. He expects we will get a day rate for the crew, of about $1,500.00 for the truck and crew. He feels 

Should be done in 3 to 4 days., based on 14 drains found. If more are found, the cost will be higher. Maximum of $6,000 is estimated by Sean. 

Handrails in midrises: Sean said there are a lot of problems with building handrails in buildings the same age as Bayside. A company misrepresented that a grout called pora, which contains gypsum, was as good as the much higher-priced product. The hollow posts are holding water and the wetness makes this gypsum become mushy. He said the problem will not end until all this grout is replaced. He recommended starting with the worst railings, by drilling holes near the bottom, adding self-leveling grout, then having a weephole installed to allow excess water out. 

Ted had 3 companies come to bid and they declined, but Southeast Restoration will be out tomorrow to bid, and Sean said they understand the issue and are good, if we can get them to do this small work. He said Cosmopolitan has done this work in the past, at $1,400 per section, which is about one fourth of one landing. Three sections currently need to be done. 

New Association Tools
Rick put a $600 list together, but Denny felt we could do fine with about $300 worth of tools. Denny motioned to approve $300 for tools. Bob seconded, all in favor. Ted asked about a locked cabinet to store them safely. Board agreed to have Ted bring prices to the next meeting. 

Bayside Rules for Distribution and Comment: There was disagreement about what should be in the rules versus what information should be in a Welcome letter. Craig stated that the 26-page Neighborly Guide was started in December 2015, and a committee gave input, but the most important issues to address are the language about grills (now the law is that no grills of any kind can be placed on the balconies or within 10 feet of a building or overhang), strengthening the language about smoking in common areas, and clarifying parking rules. Some residents feel it is ok to squeeze two small cars in one space, and this needs to be addressed as well as commercial vehicles. Drones and electric vehicles are other issues to discuss. This was tabled so Craig can revise the real rules revision and then have a separate document of “important information”. Once completed, Board members can add their comments and bring all changes to the next meeting. Michelle was asked to find “smoking in public places” rulings from the state. Michelle distributed a newsletter to distribute possibly quarterly. The Board agreed to allow these newsletters to be posted on all bulletin boards and emailed to all owners and tenants that we have email addresses for. 

Comments from Owners: 
Palm trees in front of the midrises have not been trimmed in a long time. Ted will contact Brandon about this. All trees under 12 feet tall are a part of their contract. Gail said the bottom branches of many trees need to be trimmed. 

The septic pumping station update is that landscaping is in progress to try and hide it, but they are looking at a 6 foot high green fence for safety reasons. They also need a separate generator installed in case of power loss. They said that Leo Porter has done a lot of work on this and he is thanked for all that work. 

Michelle also received the most recent fire marshal/county ruling on grills. She will email all owners this letter. It was confirmed that if someone sees a grill being used, they should contact the fire marshal to inspect and possibly fine the owner using a grill on their balcony. 

Ted said the pond fountain will be repaired tomorrow. Ted also obtained a bid from Lake Doctors, but Craig said Vertex is a better company and includes fountain maintenance in their monthly fee.

Replacement signs were requested at the pool, but with the expenses currently over budget, this was tabled. They would like a sign requiring children under 15 years old to be supervised by an adult. 

Set Next Meeting Date
The Board agreed to have the next meeting on Wednesday, July 13th at 6 pm the clubhouse. This could change if the roof work has not started.

There being no further business to transact, the meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm 

Respectfully Submitted, 

Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, LCAM 
Community Association Manager 
Reconcilable Differences, Inc.