Board meeting held Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Call to order: The meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm in the clubhouse.

Board members present: President Craig Ponsonby via speakerphone, VP Denny Dettro, Secretary Gail Burch and Director John Roberts. Treasurer Bob Behling was out of town. Michelle Davis and Ted Manna, from RDI were present. Four owners attended.

Proof of Posting: Denny certified that the agendas were posted on the bulletin boards more than 48 hours ago and RDI emailed the agenda to all we have emails for.

Approval of Minutes: Denny motioned to approve the minutes of the April 26, 2017 meeting as written and posted on the website. John seconded, all in favor.

Management Report: Michelle stated the CPA sent the draft audit but Bob is out of town, so will review it when he returns. Michelle will send a copy to everyone.

Unit C506 – A certified letter about their bathtub leak. We have not yet received the return receipt of mailing or a response yet. The new tenant was made aware of the issue and will watch for it. There has been no response from A202 either regarding the keys needed to enter the residence in an emergency.

Treasurer’s Report: Michelle stated that through April 30, 2017 the association has $56,726.00 in the operating account and $194,945.00 in the reserve accounts. Accounts Receivable is at $19,190. One is the estate trying to sell the unit, and one is a new collection account that will go to foreclosure if the owner doesn’t pay the past due amounts owed. Year to date, the Association is $9,368 under budget.

New Business: Owner/Association Responsibilities: This letter is a work in progress.

Irrigation Vendor: Committee chair is unhappy with response time from Automatic Rain. Denny motioned to terminate this contract and go back to US Lawns. Gail seconded, all in favor.

AT&T Fiber upgrade offer: Denny will call the sales rep at AT&T and their engineers will come out to inspect. If the building can be wired properly, they will install fiber optic upgrades at no charge. Michelle said they promise 1000 mgbs speed and have offered money to other Associations for the inconvenience of putting in the cable.

Entrance Lighting: Ted obtained a bid from Beach Electric of $2,200 to re-do the electrical on the first 12 street lights, the entrance lights and the 5th floor of “A” building. A lot of the problems were caused by water getting into holes in the lenses to attach Christmas lights. Denny motioned to have this work done, and have it paid from Reserves. Gail seconded, all in favor.

Infraction Practices: A resident is acting inappropriately at the pool. There was discussion and manager recommended an attorney letter for this incident since it is doubtful others would do such things. There are other issues such as parking and personal items in common areas, that could use clear steps for compliance. As required by FL Statute, we must have committee members not related to board members to enforce fines. We will ask in the next newsletter for volunteers.

Unfinished Business:
800 roof leak:
Resolved, per Ted. No leak could be found, just old discoloration.

Universal Lawsuit: They have filed another suit to reimburse for a 2 year old claim where their insured poured grease down the drain and water flooded two units. Craig spoke with insurance agent Trevor Barone and the liability carrier has no deductible to fight these frivolous claims, so Craig motioned to make a claim to fight this suit. Denny seconded, all in favor.

Financial Review status: Draft was sent and approved.

Hi-rise lobby committee: The committee has met with artists to paint murals, have looked at artwork to put on the walls, and at new paint colors. They will have a full report at the June meeting.

Hi Rise Elevator Floors: We have three bids for tiling or laminate replacements. There are mosaics in A&B buildings but not in C. The costs are about $2,400 for all three with subflooring included. Removing the mosaics saves $100 but may require an owner vote. This will also be discussed in more detail at the June meeting.

Building B Paint repair: The window was replaced and the painter repaired the paint under warranty.

752 Fire panel: Ted said this is complete.

Paver Grout status: Impressive Pavers wants to try a new sealer, at no charge. An empty townhome’s driveway will be used for the test.

Gate Call box: It has fixed itself. For now, there are no problems.

Garage Door: “B” building garage door repair is complete.

Building B alarm: Owners were awakened two nights in a row about 3 am with faulty alarms. Michael Depalo worked through the night on the 3rd night so the alarms would not go off, while the parts were ordered to make the repair.

792 repairs: This garage door replacement is scheduled for tomorrow, and one of the better panels being removed will replace a rusted panel on 706’s garage door.

Pool Maintenance/upgrades:

  • Chemical distribution- Ted wants to tie this work in with the pool resurfacing because the pool will be drained and work on the plumbing is better done when the pool is empty. They will add two automatic vats, for adding acid and chlorine automatically, as needed. It will cost about $12,000 to refinish pool and upgrade the equipment. Ted received a third bid on resurfacing and mentioned that a decision must be made on selecting a contractor for work to be done in September
  • Furniture- One of the pool umbrellas is damaged due to over cranking. Gail took it to Palm Casual and they will be repairing for a minimal fee.  There are also two other umbrellas that are damaged caused from being left up in the wind. Michael was able to bend those back as best as he could.  Other than the fabric on the umbrellas they are not covered under the warranty.  The pool furniture is covered under warranty, Denny & Gail will be in search of the receipt. 

Engineering Support:

  • Update on hi rise tile roof project/proposal – Horschel Roofing: Hi-rise roof “blister” repair: Many of the roof blisters were repaired by Horschel after they did the tile roofs. For now, there are no leaks, so it is on hold, pending selection of new engineer.
  • Soffit Repair on hi-rises, “A” NW Building Damage RFP & mosquito roofs: The Board is frustrated with the engineer’s lack of response. They asked management to find a new engineer for soffit replacement and drainage RFP’s. Michelle spoke to two local engineers. Both are interested and willing to meet with the board.

Other Business: Reserve study: More will be done with this at the June meeting.

Maintenance man: Mike Depalo has been a great asset to the community and has a lot of knowledge. He will be given a raise effective June 1, 2017.

Welcome Committee: Initial talks about creating one. Gail volunteered to oversee this and she stated Linda Franks and Kathy Behling are also willing. Manager recommended asking local businesses for gifts or coupons to add in. This will be a friendly way to meet new residents and go over the important rules. Newsletter will also ask for volunteers.

Gutters: Residential and villa homes have structural gutters which are heavier, and these are the ones we are having trouble with. Ted requested a legal opinion on who is responsible for these. Some were put on by developer and some by owners. This will be revisited at the June meeting and Ted was asked to obtain a bid from a local gutter company, to re-do the townhome gutters to flow out into the streets.

Fire Sprinklers: It was alleged that ATP sprinkler technicians did not check each room nor garage storage closets. And then the firemen said the alarms could have gone off due to fire water issues. Ted will obtain a bid from Bill at All Brevard Fire & Plumbing for sprinkler repairs and inspections.

Comments from Owners: A resident thanked the board for a fan in the “C” elevator. She also said Mike is wonderful. At least one high rise building has a/c troubles -lobbies are warm. Ted will get Allison A/C out to inspect.
The clubhouse furniture is old and uncomfortable. Some want to see it replaced.

Set Next Meeting: The next meeting will be June 21, 2017, the 3rd Wednesday of the month, at 6 pm in the clubhouse. Some board members could not attend the 4th week.

Adjournment: There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:10 pm. Respectfully submitted, Michelle Davis, Manager, Reconcilable Differences