JULY 13, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm in the clubhouse. 

Board members present: President Craig Ponsonby, VP/Treasurer Bob Behring, Secretary Denny Dettro, and Directors John Roberts and Susie Carter. Michelle Davis, Ted Manna and Rick Martin from Reconcilable Differences were also in attendance.

Certifying Posting of Notice: Management posted notice of this meeting in the bulletin boards over 48 hours in advance and management e-mailed the agenda and past minutes to all owners with valid e-mail addresses.

Approval of Board Meeting Minutes: Susie noted that the last minutes incorrectly noted building 720 instead of 742. With that change, Susie motioned to approve the May 18th minutes as emailed and posted on the website. Bob seconded, all in favor.

New Business:
June 2016 Financial Report: Bob presented his treasurer’s report, noting that at the 6-month mark, the association has used 52% of their budgeted amount. The pool and sprinkler repairs, along with the extra water costs due to leaks have put us a little over budget. Three units are behind on payments; two are with the attorney and one was probably an oversight. Landscaping work is going along as planned.

405B Request for Solar Screen: Denny motioned to allow this, since others have also installed this. Susie seconded, all in favor.

Parking Decals: This was again tabled until the rules are clarified and approved.

Gate Management Proposal: Florida Door Control charges an exorbitant amount for after-hours emergencies; $500 minimum, so management obtained a quote from Automatic Access. Their fees are more reasonable, they are a local company and have been used by RDI at other properties. It was clarified that it will cost $3.95 per change (for the front gate and a building entry door change) or a maximum of $24.95 monthly. There are gate wire problems,” A” building entry phone issues and the gate arm issues. Bob motioned to sign a contract with them for services “as needed”. Denny seconded, all in favor.

Unit #808 Action:  The unit was taken back by the bank at the foreclosure hearing May 25th.  No information has yet been requested, but the bank is responsible for all fees from June forward, and will probably be responsible for only 1% of the original mortgage amount, so the Association will have to write off the balance as a bad debt, but the balance sheet shows that the expected bad debt has been expensed through the years, expecting this to happen, so it won’t hurt this year’s budget. Susie contacted the Association attorney about this issue today. Michelle confirmed that the renters paid through June, but the bank that now owns the unit will be responsible from the clerk of court’s date of entry forward. The neighbor of this unit met the realtor who will be handling the sale. Susie wanted the attorney to handle this through completion instead of management.

Unit 405C Action: The owner died and the unit is in probate. The Association has started a foreclosure action, but Denny motioned to wait and not waste more legal funds yet. Bob seconded, all in favor except Susie, who wanted to move forward with foreclosure. She also spoke to the attorney about this issue and said she wants to see him keep on this and finish the foreclosure. She said there was negligence on this unit’s part with the flooding that their unit had, and they should have paid for all the damages below them, as well as their costs, which the Association has covered for now.

Unit #206C Action: This unit had water damage from an external leak on the exterior of the building in February. A Board member called for and signed the water remediation company invoice, so Bob motioned to pay this invoice. Denny seconded, all in favor. They also asked management to place a reminder in the next newsletter that owners are responsible for having an insurance policy to cover damages to their unit. Condo insurance H06 policies cover damages even from outside events that affect the interior, including water remediation. Craig felt we should get a legal opinion on this issue for the future. Susie said the painting company should have repaired the leak and paid for this remediation. It was noted that the engineer repaired the leak.
Bright House Party Offer: Vanessa at BHN has offered to pay for up to two parties per year for all communities with bulk cable. Denny and Karen Dettro have agreed to liaison with her to choose a date and type of food choices. Charter Communications has just purchased Bright House. It was noted that about $180 will be donated, and management will email a party notice to all who have given us their information. 

Management Report:  RDI has been receiving a lot of comments, suggestions and action forms from residents. Lobby painting is one concern that a number of people have asked about, so Craig felt we should ask for owner votes at the annual meeting on re-painting. 

Elevator issues have arisen lately, and while some people have been willing to walk down the stairs until a service call on a business day, others were not so accommodating. The last two service calls, on a Saturday night and a Monday night the following week, cost the association over $900. While climbing the stairs is an inconvenience, the budget cannot cover these extra costs. After discussion, the board all agreed to “next business day” service calls in order to not be charged extra. Denny did note that the last time there was a part that had to be ordered, only two residents had a problem with using the stairs. Ted noted that if there is a health emergency, firemen can be called to bring a resident downstairs. There was discussion about Thyssen-Krupp and trying to get out of the contract as quickly as possible.  Management was asked to put this reminder in the next newsletter. Bob wanted it also mentioned that when the fire alarms go off, the elevators stop working also.

Management was asked to find out when the cable contract expires as well as the elevator contracts.

Ted stated that the railing repairs were completed by Cosmopolitan Construction and are better than new. All went well, the city approved the work and Sean confirmed that we were lucky to get a company of that quality and reputation for such a small job. This issue is closed for now. We needed to ratify the approval for this work. Bob motioned to approve the $3,000, Denny seconded, all were in favor. For now, it was taken from operating funds.

On Site Maintenance Person: Rick Martin has given his notice and is leaving this week. Management has interviewed a number of men and one has been chosen on a trial basis. Both attended this meeting to say goodbye and hello.

Irrigation Proposal – Automatic Rain: We had modified the landscape contract to remove the cost for irrigation checks, since it was high and did not give discounts for repairs. Rick was learning the system, but now that he is leaving, management recommended an irrigation company, Automatic Rain, for bi-weekly inspections. If repair is needed, labor is free, included in the monthly cost of $350. His price for materials is 10% on top of the price he pays, which is already lower than retail. He also bid maintaining the fountain pumps, at $100 per month more. Susie motioned to contract with Jodi from Automatic Rain for sprinklers and fountains, after giving a termination notice to Vertex for their cleaning-only cost of $125. Denny seconded, all in favor.

Boat in Parking Lot: There was a boat parked too close to the car wash area for anyone else to use it, the boat was washed on site and was kept in the parking lot for too many days last week. It is gone now, but should it return, it was actually a danger with the propeller so close to the car wash area, and it is not allowed to stay overnight. Susie said that in 2006 an amendment was voted in, not allowing RV’s or boats ever. This will be found and added to the rules. Manager was asked to find that amendment and send it with a nice letter to the offender.

Old Business:

Status of Revised Bayside Rules: The Board members have discussed changes and the work is progressing, but is not yet ready to mail to the owners. The Board agreed to try to finalize the proposed rules by the next meeting to clarify and be able to approve a draft for mailing to owners for their comments. It was clarified that the newsletter said only 1 pet was allowed, but two are allowed, if under 35 pounds, in the midrises, and there is no weight limit assigned for dogs at the villas. 

Update on hi rise sleeving project: Craig said that Engineer Sean Burlingham could not attend, because he was in court, but he told Craig that all but two stacks have been properly sleeved, and those two cannot be completed. There are inserts on those that must be removed before repairs can be done. They are in the “B” building, 6 stack, and possibly in the “C” building stack as well. He said when Horschel is on the roofs for the tile repairs, they will be asked to remove these so that Sean can complete his work.

Update on hi-rise tile roof project/proposal – Horschel Roofing: We have been notified that Horschel should be starting on July 25th, with a walk through on Monday, July 18th. The process should take about 3 months, barring weather, and will cost about $160K with engineering costs. They will try to coordinate the need for the lift to save money. 

Draft RFP for drain cleaning: Engineer Sean presented an RFP to the Board and said he will have quotes back in two weeks. John Roberts wants to be part of this process and meet with the bidders. Preliminary costs are about $7,000, but we are waiting on the engineer.

Update on Status of Insurance inspection: As the engineer and management agreed, the building envelope was not breached, the walls under the post tension slabs are just settlement cracks, and are not structural, and roof repairs or re-conditioning will be done after the tile roof replacement. Manager’s reply to agent Brown and Brown was forwarded to the insurance inspector, and they have basically said that they will just check it all at next year’s inspection.  This issue is closed for now. An owner asked about wind mitigation forms. Michelle stated that the midrise roofs must be finished before the inspection is completed, but the townhomes can be inspected and forms completed. Sean will be asked to complete this when he is here to inspect the midrise roof work.

B505 HVAC closet: Sean said this leak is not from the sleeving or roof drain; he believes this leak is probably an a/c leak.

Update on Required Repairs from latest Fire Inspection:  Ted stated that all work was completed and signed off. This item is closed.

Lawn Service Contract: The revised contract was signed, but there seem to be some issues, such as frond debris removal, that are not being done properly. The Board wanted to meet with Brandon next Monday at 10 am. Management will try to set this up and include Al Franks. Susie felt that we did not give another contractor a fair chance; they had called her, but they never called RDI about it. She said we should have had an RFP that all companies bid from, but Ted stated that we asked the contractors for quick costs to see if US Lawns was out of range, and then the board agreed to keep US Lawns. 

A resident said we need more notice when pest control is done – that we need more signs all around for the owners with small dogs.

Another owner asked about the shrubs in front of the pool fence. US Lawns has said they were planted too deep. Denny asked that Brandon attend at 10 am next Monday, before the 11 am roof walk through, to see what is really going on.

Al also asked manager to contact Leland Trees to have the palms trimmed. They will be out the first week of August. Al said some trees are dying, so Leland will come out tomorrow to look at those.

New Fire Sprinkler Requirements: John stated that although the midrise units were built with fire sprinklers in the ceilings, the townhomes were not, and the stairwells and clubhouse are also not sprinklered. To retro-fit these areas would be extremely costly, but Florida Statute wording has been changed to require this retro-fitting within 5 years unless a majority of the owners vote to “opt-out”. The board agreed to get an attorney opinion, and if needed, then the attorney will be asked to write up the ballot and cover letter to help all owners understand what they are voting on. 

Reserve Analysis: The inspection was completed by engineer Paul Grifoni and the 40-page draft report was recently furnished. Bob will go over it in detail and report back at the next meeting.

AT&T Service: Michelle stated that we continue to have problems with AT&T. They have refused to honor their lower price unless we also use them for internet, so we are obtaining prices from Brighthouse as well as options for wireless phones where available, such as in the elevators.

Flagpole Installation: John felt that the pole was not installed as contracted, with a 3- inch concrete base. John said he was happy it was installed before the holiday, but not happy with the installation. He said he wanted management chastised for paying for this without an inspection. Ted said he met with the company upon installation, that they did install new concrete, and that, while there was play in the pole, it was installed as contracted and then Rick installed the light. John agreed that the deposit for half the cost was approved, but that the other $400 should not have been paid until John he gave the approval. Ted said he will have the contractor come back out and meet with him and John. John did say that Bob Birch donated the flag, so Bob was thanked for that, and Flagnations did not supply the one they promised. Management said they will not pay any invoices in the future until a board member actually signs or emails their clear approval for it.

Best Shutters Approval for 3 units: Susie said Best is familiar with the requirements of this community. Manager recommended that we have a form that both owner and contractor sign and agree to in writing. It was agreed that this form will be modified to include all Bayside specifications on screws, colors, type, insurance, etc. so that there is a specific form for owners to have completed, to go in their unit file.

Comments from Owners:
Bob Noak asked about the water issues at the baseboards in the clubhouse. Ted said this will be a good job for the new maintenance man. The garage door will also be repaired tomorrow also.

A resident said the tree fronds used to be placed in the dumpster. It was noted that if the waste company sees yard debris, they will not take the trash. Everyone agreed that there needs to be a storage place for the landscaper, but not on the grass.

The wall behind the townhomes looks moldy. The new maintenance man will also be asked to pressure wash this as well.

Bob said the patch job on the pool steps is not great. The board noted that to do a proper fix will be very expensive, so the whole pool should be resurfaced in the near future, but for now, the sharp areas were ground down.

Asphalt repairs and resurfacing will be completed after the roofs and the drainage issues are completed.

Pavers in front of the townhome garages will have to be repaired or replaced in the near future also.

The lift station in front of “A” building now has installed more plants to try and cover it. Denny went to the commissioner’s meeting with Leo Porter. Leo did a great job, but the city will not do anything more. This issue is now closed.

Bob said the old telephone pole, next to the new one just installed, needs to be removed. Denny said this is also resolved, with the fact that FPL has it on their list and the city cannot make them do it any quicker. It could be done tomorrow, or it could take 3 years. They are very busy.

The townhome mailboxes are chipping and need to be repaired and re-painted. Bob said plastic replacement mailboxes have been looked at. Some residents said the current ones should stay the same. Ted will look into repairs.

Set Next Meeting Date:
The Board agreed to have the next meeting on Wednesday, August 31st at 6 pm in the clubhouse. 

There being no further business to transact, the meeting adjourned at 7:34 pm

Respectfully Submitted,
Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, LCAM
Community Association Manager
Reconcilable Differences, Inc.