Board meeting held Wednesday, July 27, 2017

Call to Order: Denny Dettro called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm in the clubhouse. Board members present: President Craig Ponsonby, VP Denny Dettro, Secretary Gail Burch and Treasurer Bob Behling. Director John Roberts could not attend. Gabrielle Porter and Ted Manna from RDI were also present. Eight owners were present when the meeting was called and two others arrived later.
Proof of Notice of Meeting: Denny certified the agendas were posted to the bulletin boards more than 48 hours before the meeting and RDI emailed to owners.
Approval of Minutes: Craig made a correction to the June 21, 2017 minutes: “B506 leak” should be “B504”. With this correction, Denny moved to approved the minutes, Craig seconded, all in favor.
Spectrum Proposal:
Craig gave an overview of the offer from Spectrum that had been sent to owners for a vote before July 31. Donna Arceneaux from Spectrum confirmed the offer and answered questions from owners. Much discussion was had concerning services, technological changes and personal opinions concerning different services. Donna clarified details of Spectrum, Time Warner and AT&T and the changes that Spectrum will offer as they become available. Owner questioned channels that will be available and Donna distributed copies she had on hand. Craig asked RDI to email the list to owners. Craig apologized for the confusion caused by the rush of the communication that went out with the ballot.
Solar Light Proposal: Craig passed out information concerning the solar lights that owners were asked to vote on. The cost of each LED light is approximately $100.00 and Michael the maintenance man can install them. It was reiterated that none of the items the owners were asked to vote on would require a special assessment.
Lobby Committee: Craig gave an overview of the lobby painting. Karen Dettro gave further details of the different offers that were obtained and details of the artist that was chosen, where her work could be seen locally. The paint she will use is Behr paint so it has the life expectancy of painting a solid color and the base coat can be applied by the association‘s maintenance man. The artist offered to come back and do touch ups if the murals get damaged.
Manager’s Report:
Alarms - Problems continue with alarms. Ted suggested a meeting with ATP to review the systems, proper protocol and made suggestion that no payments be sent to them until issues are resolved; Cape Canaveral Fire department responded to a false alarm but did not use their access code or key to gain entry, an inquiry was made to the city as to why they did not use their codes to open the gate and enter in a timely manner.
Ants - Terminix has been on site to spray for ants reported in C building, owner has reported ants in his unit and has been treated. Tech has explained that the treatment takes time to work. The tree trimming along with the spray treatments and traps should help.
POD: The storage container on site is being used to hold personal property of the owner of 770 who has sustained a flood. Discussion over the matter included moving the POD, owners not wanting the POD on site for fear that others may want to use one and other owners asking for compassion due to his health and understanding of the need for the container. One owner offered her garage for the belongings if the owner is forced to move it out. RDI is in contact with Paul Davis Restoration as to how long it will take to get the owner back in his unit. A time frame of 30 days was given. Denny moved to allow owner 2 weeks to go through stored items before the container must be removed. Craig seconded, all in favor.
Pavers - There is a problem with the sealant working in some areas but not in others. This is an ongoing problem and maintenance will repair as needed. Ted suggested replacing the driveway pavers and offered to investigate costs.
Gutters - Ted suggested doing gutter work and driveway replacement at the same time to just have the tear down once. He suggested French drains as a possible solution. No company is interested in doing the gutter work.
Entrance lights - Project completed but the landscapers have broken the cover over the new outlets. US Lawns has promised to edge around these in the future and repair the one they broke.  
Lights on townhomes- New lights have been installed on 720 at a cost of $49 for the chandeliers and $40 for the garage lights, but freight for small orders is very high. Ted is still working on replacement stand up lights. He encouraged owners to look at Susie’s lights. Black lights are no longer available and the new lights are dark bronze. The overall look is the same.
Treasurer’s Report: Bob stated that through July 26, 2017, the association has over $47,000 in the operating accounts and over $225,000 in reserves for a total of over $272,500. Year to date, we are 3% under budget or $8,000. After the tree trimming next week, US Lawns will begin their plantings. Only one unit is not paying but it is being actively marketed. Bob discussed how monthly fees are figured and that the process of figuring for next year will begin in September.
306A Solar Screen: Owner requested approval for roll up storm shutters. Craig moved the board approve the request, Denny seconded, all in favor.
Engineer Proposal for Soffit Project: Craig moved the board approve the contract from Existing Structures, Denny seconded, all in favor. Melissa Lomax will be out next week to assess the project to either repair or replace the existing soffits. The mosquito roof issue is not included in this project. The last payment will not be made to the engineer or the company until the problem is fixed. Craig gave details as to why the project is not yet complete due to criticism as to why past engineer was terminated by email. He then read the email correspondence sent to Sean stating that numerous phone calls and texts went unanswered.
Fountain Repairs: One of the fountains is broken. Bids have been received from Vertex and The Lake Doctors. Ted will verify total costs to make sure both bids are comparable.
Vote Status: Gabrielle reported that 39 ballots had been returned. The current totals: Spectrum 29 yes/8 no; Solar Lights 33 yes/4 no; Lobby 33 yes/6 no. It was also verified that a majority vote of 51% of the owners is needed.
Garbage Chute Motion Sensors: Suggested motion sensors be put in garbage room. Problems with motion sensors were discussed. Craig moved to change the bulbs to LED bulbs instead of changing to motion sensors, Gail seconded, all in favor.
Garage Carbon Dioxide Sensors: The fans currently run constantly in garages and Ted is to follow up and verify the code requirements. Susie Carter said the code states they must run all the time.
Other New Business: The metal frames around the elevator doors are starting to rust and look bad. Ted was asked to have Michael look at them and clean them up. Karen said that Behr paint offers a paint for metal if they are in need of being painted. Ted said that pictures are always helpful. Michael has found a two-part paint system for metal frames and it is working well around the frames and doors.
B504 Leak:
Ted reported that the leak cannot be found and owner suggested it may be the pitch pan. Craig moved to have a roofer come in to investigate and take care of the repair, Denny seconded, all in favor.
Infraction Practices Committee: Susie Carter, Judy Scism and Ron Friedman have volunteered for the committee. Craig suggested the board meet with them next month to discuss what is expected and what authority they will have.
Universal Lawsuit: Craig reported that current agent Trevor from Brown & Brown said they were not the broker at the time of the incident, so he could obtain no update. It was noted that the Association’s old insurer had already denied this claim and many other frivolous suits by Universal.
Hi Rise Elevator Floors: RDI received only one more bid from the 6 companies contacted. The bid came from Elite Home Restoration for around $2,000.00 per cab The Lobby Committee had received a bid for $4,500 for vinyl flooring. Karen is going to ask George Bell to review the bid. Denny reported that the pads to line the elevators for moves have been taken and had to be replaced at a cost of $900.00
Townhouse Gutters: No contractors that management contacted are interested in the job of guttering the townhouses. It is beyond their scope of work. The board will continue to look for a solution for the flooding behind the townhouses.
Fire Sprinkler Proposal: Inspection was performed poorly, and midnight alarms started after the inspection. Management was asked for quotes from others. All Brevard Fire & Plumbing submitted a bid at similar cost. This item is being deferred until after the meeting with ATP.
Roof Blister Inspection: Email from insurance agent confirms they are satisfied with our remedy. Item Closed.
Hurricane/Emergency Plan Committee: Gabrielle reported that no one had contacted RDI about volunteering for this committee. Susie Carter stated that there is already a plan in place and Keys Management should have given that to RDI. No plan has been received from previous management and we still need volunteers. Craig asked again for volunteers.
Pool Refurbishing: Pool was inspected and needs repairs by licensed contractors for continued use. There is money in reserves to pay for the three things that are needed: resurfacing, new heater and chemical replacement. Proposals are being reviewed for work to be done in January. Bids were reviewed for the chemical delivery system and the resurfacing. Bids range from $7,200 to $16,000 for resurfacing costs from Sutton, McRoberts and Bluescape.  Bob moved that Sutton Pools be hired for resurfacing at a cost of $7,200. Craig seconded, all in favor. Craig moved to use Price Rite Pools for the chemical delivery system at $2,400. Denny seconded, all in favor. Pool companies recommend an electric heater so Ted will obtain heater bids.
Unit C204: Attorney has been unable to locate the owner, so he published in the newspaper to find him. The law suit is continuing. A small payment was sent to management, but his balance is still over $1,200 with attorney fees.
Other Old Business: No other old business to discuss.
OWNERS COMMENTS: No owner comments.
Set Next Meeting: Denny asked if meeting had to be held at 6:00. Gabrielle verified the meetings do not have to be at that time and the next meeting was set for August 23 but no time has been set.
ADJOURNMENT: Craig announced the board will be meeting to discuss the issue of unit 770. The discussion will contain lawyer/client information and is not open to the owners. There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:50.

Respectfully submitted,
Gabrielle Porter, CAM #47345