AUGUST 31, 2016 

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm in the clubhouse. 

Board members present: President Craig Ponsonby, VP/Treasurer Bob Behling, Secretary Denny Dettro, and Directors John Roberts and Susie Carter. Michelle Davis, Ted Manna and Billie Henry from Reconcilable Differences were also in attendance. Eight owners attended. 

Certifying Posting of Notice: Management posted notice of this meeting in the bulletin boards over 48 hours in advance and management e-mailed the agenda to all owners with valid e-mail addresses. 

Approval of Board Meeting Minutes: Susie motioned to approve the July 13th minutes as emailed and posted on the website. Denny seconded, all in favor. Denny said he recently attended a legal meeting and wondered if we should give less detail in the minutes. Most lawyers say minutes should only show motions made and votes taken. Denny will work with Michelle to get these down to 2 pages or so. 

Treasurer’s Report - July 2016: Bob presented his treasurer’s report, noting that as of today, there is $49,355.14 in the operating account, $4,845.97 in the Settlement account and $308,284.50 in various reserve accounts. As of July 31st, only one unit is not paying on time and the Association has spent 61% of the budget at 58% through the year. He stated that reserves are adequate to cover the roof work, repairs to the flat roof, and re-sealing the asphalt. He said that after the roof work is completed, mulching will be done. Decisions are still coming on what do at the pool fence and “B” planter. He asked for owner input on that. We have scheduled a conference with the Reserve Analysis company to get that report finalized for 2017 budget discussion. There was discussion on flat roof repair costs, but that will be discussed in detail next month. 

New Business: 

A302 Request for Solar Screen: Craig motioned to allow this, since others have also installed this. Denny seconded, all in favor. 

Storm Shutter Requests from C503, C505, B203: Craig motioned to approve these, since Best has followed the requirements in the past and was contracted to do all of these. Denny seconded, all in favor. Michelle was tasked with letting owners and Best Shutter know they are approved. 

Ted introduced Billie Henry, who has been working for about a month. They purchased the tools approved for Ricky, and Bill has pressure washed the back wall behind the townhomes. He is working on the clubhouse baseboards now, but more tools will be needed to do jobs properly. Flammable items (old paint) will be taken to the proper facility for disposal, since this was part of the insurance write-up. Owners in the audience said they were happy with his work and the fact that he is proactive. He works Monday, Wednesday and some Thursdays. 

Old Business: 

Because Engineer Sean Burlingham was present, the agenda changed.

Update on hi-rise tile roof project – Horschel Roofing: The crane should be on site Tuesday to bring tiles up and debris down. Once this tile job is complete, the flat roof repairs and pitch pans need to be done. Sean told the Board that the flat roof work can be done by the end of the year, if he writes that spec and gets bids now. He also said the tile job will cost about $105K, so there will be money to have Horschel repair the blisters and pitch pans as well. Sean will write up the specs soon, so another bid can also be obtained to ensure we have competitive pricing from Horschel. Sean said someone called OSHA on Horschel and they came out. No violations were found, but a resident called in the complaint. Sean confirmed he would write the spec for the flat roof repairs, Ted will obtain bids, and someone needs to spray paint all blisters on the roofs.

Update on hi-rise sleeving project: Two stacks still need sleeving. Sean will ask Horschel to remove the retro-fit drain bowls already there and then Sean will install the sleeves. Sean will also have to put a hole in 203 to see if they can sleeve it. C501 is where the whole issue started. A coupling went in there, so no one below that unit will leak, but that and B506 cannot be sleeved either. He discussed a few units that had modifications, but he will write up a report about all of this soon. A301 also has a problem with tiles coming up. Sean believes it is probably due to incorrect tile installation, not having enough grout in between tiles, but he will look at that with the owner’s representative when he is onsite to check on the roof tile work. 

New Lawsuits: Two lawsuits have come up recently. The first is that the Association has filed a lien on a non-paying unit. The heir has asked for time to sell it, so the Board gave 3 months to sell or the Association will take foreclosure steps. 

The second lawsuit is Universal Property Insurance suing the Association for the $7,674.60 paid out for unit C501 on August 21, 2012 for damage from water. Attorney Seth Chipman has been in touch with the Association’s insurance attorney, and they will handle this, with more input from the board as information comes in. Craig thanked Sean for his help with this. 

Drain Cleaning Proposal: Sean brought extra copies of the RFP, with a requested modification to add the use of a metal detector to find all grates. Sean did not know if the drainage goes into the ponds or city drains. Some residents said we share drains with a neighboring association. Townhome residents said their porches flood in any rain. Sean sent the RFP to 6 companies, but only two written bids were received. Some refused to work for an Association. SOS Septic and Coastal Septic gave bids. Coastal inspected, found more drains than we knew about, sounds very competent, but they are the most expensive. SOS is able to start in 2 weeks and gave a cost of $4,725, but Sean is not sure about their complete knowledge of the job. The spec requires them to open all grates and run pressure wash jets through them. Coastal Septic asked a lot of questions, and Sean feels confident in their ability. Their cost is $6,200 to $13,400 based on how many days will be needed. Craig motioned to hire Coastal Septic, with a cost between $6,200 and $13,400. Susie seconded, all in favor. Sean will try to negotiate the pricing, and John Roberts will oversee the job when he returns in late September. 

There were a lot of gutter and drain issue complaints from the audience. Sean said these are not an Association issue and that the board’s attorney opined that the gutters are an owner responsibility. Gutter clean-out was deemed to be an Association issue. Susie said the Association was originally responsible for gutters over the front of the building, but not over the garage doors. Sean said all homes need commercial gutters in order to help with the flooding, and all need to drain either into the street or into a sub-grade drainage system. It is something else to think about in the future.

Due to the storm expected soon, the Board was asked to look into obtaining sandbags. The city and county have not yet returned calls, but Craig will continue to look into this. Sean said emergency sandbags are available that you put water in and the product inside solidifies. Even high rise units can use these to keep water from coming through shutters onto balconies. 
Management Report: Michelle stated that Brown & Brown Insurance has sent their estimates for 2017 insurance costs, and believes there will be less than a 5% increase; possibly even less expensive than this year. But they did say that the last insurance appraisal was completed in 2013 and an update is needed at least 90 days before renewal. We contacted the previous company, Inspection Firm of Florida, LLC, and Mike Weekly said he would do the update for $950. A complete new appraisal by Worthy & Co would cost $1800.00, but their renewal would be $900. Bob motioned to contract with Mr. Weekly again. Craig seconded, all in favor. 

Driveway Pavers: Ted obtained a price of $40,000 from Elite Pavers to remove all broken pavers at townhome driveways and replace with full tiles and concrete. Mike’s Masonry bid $800.00 per driveway to remove old tiles, pour new cement and stamp it to look like pavers. There is no inexpensive fix, so this is tabled until the annual meeting. A resident asked if he could caulk the cracks in his driveway. He was given the ok. Also, landscapers will be asked to be careful rolling over the pavers as well as hitting lights. 

Townhome Mailboxes: Billie is trying to sand and repaint them, but it is slow. 

Irrigation / Fountains: While Vertex was willing to cancel their quarterly maintenance contract, the irrigation contractor, Jody with Automatic Rain, found that he could not honor his bid for fountain servicing, because he only deals with pumps on land and these fountains are submersibles. He has been out weekly to repair broken sprinklers, and had to add a timer that had gone bad. Fountain maintenance will continue to be done by Aquatic Systems. Craig asked about adding carp. No one has any information on this, so he will contact the state to see what needs to happen to get them delivered. 

Elevator Issues: We had 3 outages, and all were handled during business hours. 

The pumps/fountains on the west side of the property are failing. One was replaced, and now another has to be replaced. Lake Doctors bid $920 for a new power unit and this has been ordered, because Vertex bid over $1300 for the same item. 
Palm Trimming: Was completed by Leland Tree Service on August 5th. Two trees were removed after confirming they had died. 
“Opt Out” of Townhome Sprinkler Retro-Fit Plan: Last month, this was discussed and approval given to ask the attorney for an opinion. Seth Chipman recommended having all owners vote “Yes” to opting out, so that all do not have to share in the very expensive cost of adding fire sprinklers now. The vote must be recorded before the end of the year, and Seth was asked to prepare the ballot, which is now ready to be sent, but board believes they should explain this in detail to owners so they truly understand. It was agreed to rent a room at the Radisson and doing it in conjunction with the budget meeting. It was confirmed that 51% of all owners must “opt out”. Denny will reserve the room at the Radisson, for 6pm on October 26th. A cover letter with proxy is being written up by management. It will be mailed out at least 14 days before the meeting, but near October 1st. Some Board members will go door to door to clarify it and help the owners understand how to vote. Management clarified that along with all townhomes, the clubhouse, stairwells and walkways would have to have sprinklers installed if owners do not “opt-out”. 
Asphalt Proposal: Burton Asphalt bid $11,899 for saw cutting and repairing damaged areas, seal coating and re-striping. Management said that Burton has consistently been a good and low cost bidder and Keys had asked them for a bid last year. Craig motioned to approve Option 2 and have Burton do this work after the roofs are completed. Bob seconded, and said the money would come from reserves. All were in favor. 

722 Water Bill: A townhome shut off their water outside before leaving for the summer, as the rules request, but they also opened a faucet inside. Their exterior shut off was turned back on, probably to pressure wash the wall, and, not knowing they had left a faucet on, water poured into their utility wash tub for a number of days before the meter was read and a sizable bill was received from the water company. Ted met with an owner’s representative, they found the problem and shut off the faucet and the outside valve. The Board agreed to have a letter written to the owner asking them to pay a part of this bill since they should not have left a faucet on. Ted will try to get the city to credit some of the bill, but this wasn’t due to a leak. Another resident said they have trouble turning the shut off valves off. Craig recommended that each unit have a brass shut off valve installed. 

A303 A/C Repair Bill: When this unit had a leak, management told them it was probably an A/C leak, so they called out a technician. The engineer found that their leak was from a roof drain, and he did repair it. The owners are requesting repayment of $79 for their A/C bill. The board agreed to pay this since it turned out it was a sleeving issue. 

786 Gutter Installation Request: Owner is asking Association to cover the cost of a gutter over his garage to stop water from coming in. The board will allow the owner to install it at owner cost. 

808 Drywall Question: A new owner said there was an old leak from before the roofs were repaired, where the drywall was never fixed in the garage. Since this was the foreclosure unit and was purchased “as is”, a majority of the board agreed that the bank should have fixed it before selling it to them. 

Treadmill Offer: A new buyer has offered their unneeded treadmill and rowing machines. The current treadmill works well and there is no room for a second, but if the non-working bike is removed, the rowing machine would be useful. John motioned to accept the rowing machine. Denny seconded, all in favor. 

Reserve Study Action Plan: We will have a conference call with the reserve engineer on September 7th to clarify some numbers, and then the 2017 budget can be completed. 

808 Status: The new owners attended this meeting. Attorney will be mailing a check from the bank for 1% of the original mortgage. 

Elevator & Gate Phone Systems: Kings III has completed installing wireless telephones in all 3 elevators. This allowed us to remove a phone line. Now we only need 4 lines – for the 3 building entry systems and the front gate. AT&T refused to lower their cost, and while Brighthouse would only charge $55 per line, the entry systems needs an analog dialer, and Brighthouse is digital, so there is another company we have dealt with; TelPlex, which will take over the AT&T lines at a cost of $44 per line plus the numerous taxes they all charge. For front gate changes, Automatic Access will charge $1.95 per line change. Cell phones can be used, but only local 321 numbers can be used for access at the gate and at the entry doors to the midrises. The gate wiring issue was repaired. 

Flagpole Installation: Completed. 

Storage and Parking Space Listings: ‘B’ and ‘C’ buildings are complete. Denny agreed to complete ‘A’ building. 
Revision to Rules: Since this was such a long meeting, Board agreed to meet on Wednesday, September 21st at 6 pm to try and finalize them. 

Comments from Owners: 

Bob Noak will be in charge of all tables, for future functions. 
The Detros were thanked for hosting the party that Brighthouse paid for. 
It was confirmed that a dumpster can be placed in a townhome driveway for construction trash. 

Set Next Meeting Date: 
The Board agreed to have the next meeting on Wednesday, September 28th at 6 pm in the clubhouse to discuss the draft budget. Michelle cannot attend, but Ted will.

There being no further business to transact, the meeting adjourned at 7:55 pm 

Respectfully Submitted, 
Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, LCAM 
Community Association Manager 
Reconcilable Differences, Inc.