Minutes of the Member & Board Budget Meeting 
Bayside Condominiums Association of Brevard, Inc 
October 26, 2016 

Members’ Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 6:05 pm in the Radisson Hotel meeting room. 

Establish Quorum of Members: Twenty-five (25) units were represented in person, with 34 attending by proxy. 
Voting Results on CPA Audit versus Review: 56 owners voted for a review and 3 voted for an audit. This saves the Association over $2,000. 

Voting Results for Emailed versus Mailed Official Documents: 40 owners voted to accept emailed documents; 19 plus the 41 members who didn’t vote will be mailed hard copies. 

Adjournment: The members’ meeting adjourned. 

Board Meeting:

Board members present: President: Craig Ponsonby, VP/Treasurer: Bob Behling, Secretary: Denny Dettro, and Director: John Roberts. Michelle Davis, Gabrielle Porter and Ted Manna from Reconcilable Differences were also in attendance. Over 50 owners attended. Not present: Director Susie Carter. 

Craig thanked all owners for taking the time to come, and introduced all the new board members who have served since March, along with Bob, who has served several years. 

Certifying Mailing and Posting of Agenda: Michelle confirmed that agendas and draft budgets were mailed to all owners and posted onsite more than 14 days in advance of this meeting. 

Approval of Board Meeting Minutes: Craig motioned not to read the minutes of September 28 and approve them as written, posted on the website, and printed for owners to read tonight. Denny seconded, all in favor. 

Treasurer’s Report - September 2016 - Bob reported that there is $55K in the operating fund and $232K in Reserves; $77K is at Sunrise Bank, and due to FDIC guidelines of only insuring $250K per name, $155K is held at Space Coast Credit Union. He stated that the Association has spent 99.7% of the budget projected to date. There are funds earmarked for mulch, asphalt coating and drain repairs. 

Hurricane Matthew damaged some soffits, the front gate, caused several palms to need more trimming and required four days of clean-up by Billie and part timer Tony. The hurricane deductible is high, so no proceeds will be received to cover the damages. There is a potential for an assessment in January. Michelle explained that personal “H06” condo insurance policies will reimburse for some or all of a hurricane special assessment, under the “loss assessment coverage” on unit owner policies. 

2017 Budget Discussion: Bob stated that the draft budget, notes about each line item and a reserve funds overview of expected replacement expenses in the next 10 years were mailed to all owners. $175K of the current reserves are set aside to pay for the mansard roofs. In 2018, 2019 and 2020, we will have to replace the flat roofs on the high rises. In 2011, all buildings were painted, and that will come up again in 2023, with a need for $400K to re-paint. 

To that end, we have increased the reserves by $15 per unit per month in 2017. 

Because of new management, we have obtained new vendors at lower costs, and that has helped bring basic expenses down so that the total increase in 2017 is $13.00 per unit per month, to $470.00 per month. 

Some residents felt the fees were going too high. Craig said the buildings are 12 years old and require maintenance and replacements. Craig noted that last year the board voted not to increase the monthly fee, so it is needed this year. We had a detailed Reserve Analysis completed that helps to know how much money will need to be funded each year to ensure there is enough for major replacements when required. 

Pond Issue: Craig answered a question about the ponds. There are three line items for ponds; a monthly fee to keep them clear, a quarterly cost to maintain the fountains, and a third line for maintenance on either. There is a chara weed that needs a special sterile carp to mitigate. The state will issue a permit for us to purchase these carp after a screen is installed at any pipe or inlet/outlet found in the ponds and a photo is taken to prove it was done. Ted will handle the screen project and Craig has the permit ready. 

Some residents complained about neighboring condos paying less. Craig asked for names and numbers of board members to see what they are doing differently, and the Board will always consider ways to save money.

Approval of Hurricane Shutters: A303 has completed the proper paperwork to have shutters installed. Craig motioned to approve this installation, Denny seconded, all in favor. 

Gate Repair: The vendor has ordered the parts needed; it should cost under $500. Craig asked that we get the proper tools to take the gates off in future emergencies. 

Drainage at Townhomes: Sean obtained two written bids. The board had agreed to go with one company, but Sean changed his opinion and recommended SOS Septic or Sewer to do the work, at $4,725, with a possible contingency amount of $4K, so Craig motioned to do that. John seconded, all in favor. The work should start the second week of November. 

High Rise Tower Roofs: Horschel Roofing might be done with the tile mansard replacement job this week. Once completed, we will have the pressure washing re-scheduled and completed. Sean provided a pay request for a partial payment to Horschel. Craig motioned to use Reserve Funds to cover the $27,950.05. Bob seconded, all in favor. Craig mentioned that this was not a new contract, but a continuation of the townhome contract so that we have a longer warranty on the whole project. 

Mulch and asphalt coating will be done after roof completion, in mid-November. The AT&T trenching job also made a mess that may need better re-sodding by AT&T. That segued to an owner request to cancel Brighthouse so owners could choose their own. When the Brighthouse cable contract nears termination, the Board will look at an owner vote to remove the bulk contract, in 2 years, and allow owners to choose their own. Craig said for now, the association pays about $45 per month per unit for “premium basic cable” through the monthly owner fees. 

A resident disagreed with putting new mulch over old mulch. Mulch will be laid before asphalt is done. 

A/C in clubhouse: The unit must be replaced. Craig motioned to approve $3,600 for the new unit. Denny seconded, all in favor. 
Pool Heater: Also not working; technician should be out tomorrow. 

Irrigation pump: This seized up; probably damaged in the hurricane. New pump will cost $1900 installed. Denny motioned, Craig seconded, all in favor. Craig was asked and hurricane deductible is $80,000. 

Exercise Equipment: A new owner donated a rower, but it is quite large. Most use the other 3 items, so the Board thanked them for the donation, and agreed it needs another home. Denny motioned to ask Billie to handle this. Craig seconded, all in favor. 
Lights in “A” Garage: Ted said FL Bulb & Ballast is coming in to see what they can offer, because 2 electricians could not figure it out. The north stairwell is now not lit.

Soffit Repair: Hurricane damage needs to be repaired. Ted asked for approval to ask Horschel for a price, since a lift is needed. 
Pavers: There is more damage from the AT&T people, but we had obtained a $3,000 bid for 240 pavers installed. Denny motioned to move forward with replacing the pavers. Craig seconded, all in favor. 

Fountains: Second pump is now back up and running. 

Rules: The Board has reviewed several changes. A final set will be discussed at the next meeting and approved to mail to owners for discussion and approval at the following meeting. 

Approval of 2017 Budget: Craig motioned to approve the 2017 budget at $470.00 per month. Bob seconded. All in favor. Craig stated that the CPA found, during the 2015 audit, that it was just a bookkeeping error at turnover to Keys Management that showed more in reserves than actually in the bank accounts. All is correctly shown on the financials now. 

Final Tally on Opt-Out Ballots Received: Final results were 78 “yeses” to opting out, with zero votes to allow retrofitting. Therefore, within 30 days, a form will be mailed to all owners and posted on the website. The attorney will record this with the county and state, noting that a majority opted out of adding more fire sprinklers to the community. 

Comments from Owners: A resident asked about parking rules: She asked that the fall newsletter remind owners that all visitors must park near the pool, not in front of the buildings, and even residents can only park for short times. 

Set Next Meeting: The next meeting is set for Wednesday, November 30th at 6 pm at the pool house. 

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 6:58 PM. All in favor 

Respectfully submitted, 
Michelle Davis, AMS, CMCA, CAM