Board meeting held Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Call to order: The meeting was called to order at 6:03 pm in the clubhouse.

Board members present: President Craig Ponsonby, VP Denny Dettro, Treasurer Bob Behling, Secretary Gail Burch (who was welcomed back as a board member) and Director John Roberts. Michelle Davis and Ted Manna from RDI were also present. One owner attended.

Introduction of New Maintenance Man: Michael DePalo was introduced as the new part time maintenance person. He is a licensed handy man who comes with a lot of experience and knowledge.

Proof of Posting: Craig and one owner certified that he posted the agenda on the bulletin boards more than 48 hours ago, and management emailed the agenda to those we have e-mail addresses for.

Approval of Minutes: Bob motioned to approve the board’s organizational meeting minutes of the February 16, 2017 meeting as written and posted on the website. Denny seconded, all in favor.

NEW BUSINESS: Management Report: Ted stated the following: Gate callbox malfunction: Calls are not ringing through to residents. This has been researched, but there is no diagnosis yet. We are also having a problem with gate bolts being loosened. Flag light was repaired today. There was a receptacle shortage. Paver joints: Ted has called the contractor and found 6 to 8 driveways needing repairs. As soon as those are patched, we will put a sealer on to control the issue. There is no warranty on this repair. ATP alarm module @ A Building: A whole new panel is needed, so they have lowered the original $3200 price to $2300 since we just paid for a part that didn’t fix the problem. Craig motioned to approve this replacement. Bob seconded, all in favor. 770 Garage header repair: Ted requested a number of bids, but only one company, Cape Coast Industries, bid, and that is $1750. Work is required to stop corrosion and make concrete and stucco repairs so the townhome garage door moves properly. Bob motioned to approve this. Denny seconded, all in favor. Elevator floors in high rise buildings: One contractor bid $2000 plus tile/material costs (labor only) for all three buildings. Ted asked that a committee choose the tile. See more discussion below. Unit 772 front door replacement: Ted obtained a cost of $1000 from Complete Door and Lock with Door Gallery supplying a new front door with glass insert.

Treasurer’s Report: Michelle stated that through February 2017 the association has $44,745 in the operating account, but less the prepaid accounts of $23,000, this leaves a net operating fund of $21,000. There is $207,664 in the reserve accounts, and year to date the Association is $246 under budget. Overall the association is doing well. Unit C405 sale did not go through. The unit owes over $17,000, but we will receive the full balance at closing. We have no phone number or email for C402, and have sent 3 letters with no replies, but the unit used to be on ACH, so the bank still has legal approval to debit their account, so we took 3 months of unpaid fees and set them up on PayLease for future. C204 refused to pay a missed month and late fees, and ignored the lawyer’s letter also, so a lien was filed. A504 has not paid for towing of their tenant’s vehicle when paving was done. He wasn’t pleasant and blamed association. Owner has property on market, so we will collect payment at closing. C502 has unknown tenants, no email, no phone and has not replied to our letters. She keeps paying the old amount, plus her tenants sometimes have six cars on the property. Bob will try to contact the tenants to update info.

New Business: Soffit Repair & ‘”Mosquito” Roofs RFP’s: Craig spoke to Sean at 4:30 today. Sean spoke with Horschel and they have yet to fix their billing for the final payment. Board agreed to hold 20%, but send Horschel a good faith payment for the rest, expecting they will repair the townhome issues and bid the balance of the work.

Building B paint repair: Ted is still trying to find the original painter to obtain warranty. Bob will look through old files.

Pool Resurfacing: The health department inspected the pool and now has written the steps up and these must be repaired within 6 months. Three bidders, so far, have said the whole pool must be done. You must drain, resurface pool and steps, and replace hand rail. Quotes for all repairs and painting the deck are $5k, $8K and $9,500. There is also a need for a new chemical distribution system. Currently, acid is put directly into the pool, and chlorine tablets are used, which raises stabilizer use. The gas heater is also on its last leg, and Ted recommends an electric heater, which will cost between $5-6K. Also, new wind barrier around the pool fence is estimated at $2500. This work should take 3 weeks. Ted will obtain more bids to discuss next month. Craig made a motion to shut off the hot water at the pool and clubhouse on April 1st. Denny seconded, all in favor.

OLD BUSINESS: Universal Lawsuit: Their initial request was for $7,675. Our attorney offered $1500. They wanted $4K. We countered with $1K. On March 8th, they countered with $2K, then two days later, told attorney Chipman that they would accept the $1K offer. While this is a sham of a lawsuit, it would cost more to fight them, so Denny motioned to approve a $1K payoff. Bob seconded, all in favor. Craig will notify Seth.

Unit 800 roof leak: Horschel did get in contact with the owner, they inspected, and could not find any evidence of water.

Bank Relation Status: Bob moved reserve funds from Space Coast Credit Union to Florida Community Bank. Board members will need to go to the bank and sign.

Financial review status: Bill Jackson, CPA had a lot of questions since last year’s audit didn’t have journal entries to prove the accounting error in 2015. They are working on it.

Finalize Rules: The Board discussed all the owner concerns received after mailing out the draft rules. A few more changes were made for clarity, and “rules” were changed to “guidelines”. Once revised with final approval, the document will be copied and mailed to all owners. Based on all comments, Bob motioned to approve the final Guidelines. Denny seconded, all in favor.

Parking Passes: All agreed that we need to stencil “Resident Parking Only” on the parking spaces in front of the buildings, and then a sign will be designed to post at the entrance gate stating, “All Visitors & Contractors MUST Park near the Pool”. The stencil work will be done first. Once these are done, if we still have a problem, parking passes will be put into play.

Hi-Rise Lobby Committee: Karen Dettro volunteered for the mural committee, along with representatives from B (Hinkle) and C (Westside) buildings. They will also be asked to select tile options for the elevators. They will bring their suggestions back to the board, and will include costs from an artist to re-paint the current murals, and that information will be mailed to owners for a vote.

Comments from Owners: Because a resident came in to get ice during the meeting, management was asked to make two signs to post on doors before each meeting, making residents aware that a meeting is in progress so the clubhouse is closed for private use.

Set Next Meeting: The Board meeting will be held the 4th Wednesday of each month at 6 pm in the clubhouse.

Adjournment: There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:55 pm. Respectfully submitted by Michelle Davis, manager, Reconcilable Differences