Minutes of the ANNUAL MEETING of the
Bayside Condominiums of Brevard Condominium Association
held Thursday February 21, 2018

Call to Order: Craig Ponsonby called the meeting to order at 6:07 pm in a meeting room at the Radisson Resort, 8701 Astronaut Blvd Cape Canaveral, FL

Proof of Notice of Meeting: Manager Michelle Davis confirmed that notice was mailed and posted more than 14 days in advance and emailed as well.

Presidents Message: Craig thanked all who took the time to attend this meeting. He then thanked the board members who worked tirelessly this year to make sound decisions and took their fiduciary responsibilities seriously. He introduced the whole board and said that Bob Behling, who has been on the board for many years, is stepping down. He thanked him for all his service.

Craig noted that two years of hurricanes caused quite a bit of damage, and most roofers are saying the high rises all need new roofs, at costs between $400,000 and $1 million dollars. There will be much more research and probably an engineer to make sure the right decision is made, but insurance so far has paid nothing on this damage claim, believing the damage is under the very large hurricane deductible. He noted that there are not enough funds in reserves to cover this, but that all owners’ personal insurance policies will cover $2,000 of a Special Assessment for hurricane damage and deductible. That will help and will be discussed soon.

Approve Minutes from Last Meeting: There was not a quorum at last year’s Annual Meeting, so minutes did not have to be approved.

Reports from Officers: Bob Behling, Treasurer, reported that everyone is paying their fees on time, and good bye. Gail Burch, Secretary, reported that the Welcome Committee of herself, Kathy Behling, Diane Holloway and Linda Franks has met all new owners and residents and they bring baked goods to welcome them.

Denny Dettro, VP, was asked to head the Hurricane Committee. He drafted a plan and sent it to the people who showed interest in helping. There was no response, so the issue floundered. Carole Bolas has offered to serve, as well as Jim Holloway, Tony Bell, and Theresa Ritterstein. It will be published for the owners as soon as details are worked out and approved.

Craig noted that 19 sterile carp were added to the ponds to eat the chara weeds. Last year’s cold killed many types of fish, but we believe most carp are still alive and hiding. They were 8 inches long when placed in the pond. Mike Depalo is the property’s maintenance man and is doing a fantastic job. All are very happy with his work ethic and knowledge.

Parking in front of the high rises is at a premium and is not for guests and vendors. They must park at the pool area.

Townhome Drainage has been a flooding problem since 2004. The first step taken by this board was to clear the underground drains throughout the property. An engineer has been hired, he measured the elevations throughout the area, and has submitted drawings recommending swales in between and behind the townhomes. Bids for that work are being requested. The engineer, Joe Mayer, estimates roughly $50K to $75K in costs. The swales would be 4-5 feet wide and 8 to 10 inches deep, which would channel water to the rear drains or out to the street. He reminded everyone that this problem has been here since the buildings were built. He also noted that the property is not in a flood zone.

New pavers were installed at the townhome driveways. We plan to pressure wash semi-annually.

Revised Rules / Guide to Neighborly Living were mailed to everyone in June. These included some owner versus Association responsibilities to help everyone understand who should pay for what.

The County Health Department required that the pool be refinished, so it was completed this January. The old gas heater was replaced with an electric heat pump. We also added a chemical distribution pump to more accurately dispense all needed chemicals into the pool. This work was planned and saved for in reserves.

An artist hand painted all three high rise lobbies. The work is beautiful and then framed flower prints were added next to the front doors.

Most of the townhomes received new exterior chandelier and wall mount fixtures. The metal pump room doors were replaced with fiberglass doors.

Soffits were damaged in Hurricane Matthew and then further damaged in Hurricane Irma. An engineer was used to write the specifications and obtain bids for the replacement. The work was completed in January of this year and included townhome soffit repair as well.

The security contract for fire sprinklers, fire alarm and fire pump with ATP was renegotiated last year. It is a 3 year contract with no increases. Solar lights were installed. They work but are not bright enough to add more.

The Spectrum Contract is currently a solid deal with a 5% per year cap. They offered a deal to add internet, for $9 more per unit per month, but the board is worried about technology changes and being stuck in another 5-year contract. And at this same time, AT&T asked to bring in fiber optics and pay the Association $5K to do it, so that if the Brighthouse contract expires in 2 years, we have competition for obtaining a new contract with better terms.

The Brighthouse contract ends in September 2020. Ninety days beforehand, we will ask for best bids from both and see what will be offered.

The financial review of 2017 records will be handled by CPA Cole & Associates. The owners voted not to have an audit and save $2,000 this year. It can be waived annually by members for 4 years before an audit is required again.

Denny has taken the lead in working with the police / sheriff to get a security assessment of the Bayside property.

Mailboxes at the townhomes are in poor condition and it is expensive to prime, repaint and repair them. Craig recommended having a committee to research types and prices for new ones. Susie Carter, Al Franks and Lynn Grande offered to serve on this committee.

Smoke Detectors have a 10 year life cycle. Some have purchased their own replacements, but some owners wondered if buying in bulk and installing, then billing owners for their share would be less expensive and helpful. More research will be done.

Committee Reports: Al Franks, Landscape Committee, noted that US Lawns is doing a good job of grounds maintenance, including irrigation. He has some plans for replacing dead shrubs this year, using his budgeted funds.

Establishment of a Quorum: Gabrielle Porter from RDI confirmed that 29 units were represented by proxy and 25 units were represented in person, for a total of 54 units represented. Fifty-one (51) were needed so the quorum was met.

Results of Voting:
Using Reserves for Insurance Policy:
Craig stated that the property policy runs $75,000 to $95,000. This year is was $81,000. The Association doesn’t have that money available, so we finance it at a rate of about 3%, costing about $1100 per year. In years when there are sufficient reserved funds to borrow from, the board asked for owner vote to use them and repay them on a monthly basis instead of paying the finance company. Forty-seven owners voted yes to using these reserve funds, if available, and eight voted not to use reserves to pay for the insurance policy.

Ice Maker in Clubhouse: This machine started having problems in 2017. We spent almost $1,000 in repairs. When it broke again, we were told it cannot be fixed. The plumber bid $3100 for a new one. Owners present said they looked on line and found one for $1700. It was noted that some people use it a lot and others just use their own ice makers. It is also a loud appliance that bothered card players and party attendees. Forty-three owners voted to remove it and not replace, and twelve owners voted to put in a new one. For now, it will not be replaced, and governing documents do not note it anywhere as an amenity, so there is no need to amend the documents to remove it.

Open Forum: There were questions to clarify the damages and possible special assessment, but all details are not available yet.

Presentation of Board Members for 2018-19: Craig announced that Gail Burch and John Roberts would be serving their second year of their two-year term, and he, and Denny will continue for another two-year term. Craig announced that Linda Franks will join the board for a two-year term.

Adjournment: There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:10 pm.


Minutes of the Board of Directors Administrative Meeting

Call to Order: Meeting called was called to order at 7:15 pm in the Radisson meeting room.

Election of Officers: Linda nominated Craig as President. Gail seconded, all in favor.

Craig nominated Denny as Vice President. Gail seconded, all in favor.
Craig nominated Gail as Secretary. Denny seconded, all in favor.
Craig offered to serve as Treasurer if no one wanted the position. All agreed, but then Linda spoke with him later and agreed to be Treasurer.
John will be Director at Large.

Michelle was asked to put something about civility in the next newsletter.

It was agreed that all Officers will be able to sign checks. Sunrise Bank and Florida Community Bank will be asked to generate new signature cards.

Next Board Meeting: It was agreed that all board meetings will be held the 4th Wednesday of each month at 4 pm. The next meeting will be held March 28th.

Adjournment: There being no more business to conduct, Craig motioned to adjourn at 7:31 pm. Denny seconded. All in favor.

Respectfully submitted,

Michelle Davis
Community Association Manager
Reconcilable Differences, Inc.