Minutes of the Board Meeting of the
Bayside Condominiums Association of Brevard, Inc.
Held MARCH 28, 2018

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 3:30 pm. Board members present: President Craig Ponsonby, VP Denny Dettro, Secretary Gail Burch, Treasurer Linda Franks and Director John Roberts. Michelle Davis and Ted Manna from RDI were also present. One unit owner attended.

Certifying of Notice Posting: Craig certified that the agendas were posted on the four bulletin boards more than 2 days before the meeting, and RDI emailed it to those owners we have addresses for.

Approval of Minutes: Craig motioned to approve the minutes of the January Board Meeting as posted on the website. Gail seconded, all in favor.

Treasurer’s Report: Craig reported that there is currently $24,700 in the operating account, of which $21,000 is prepaid owner fees. Craig explained that there was a budget of $17,000 to resurface the pool, but several other repairs over time created a total expense of $22,000 for pool upgrades. Only $10,550 of Reserve funds were used. The rest was paid from the Operating Account. Craig made a motion to move $11,800 from Reserves to the Operating Account. Denny seconded, all were in favor.

Smoke Detector Plan: Craig stated he was searching for quotes on purchasing 250 smoke detectors in bulk. Craig would like owners to pre-order the number of smoke detectors they wanted, the Association would order them in bulk for the best price, and then have each owner pay for their portion of the purchase. The Board would also search for quotes on having a licensed electrician install all the smoke detectors. After discussion, it was determined that there did not seem to be much price break available by buying in bulk and it would be too complicated to enforce safety, and installment continuity, and the Board decided not to move forward with this idea.

Mailbox Replacement Plan: Susie Carter researched prices on replacing the townhome mailboxes. She recommended purchasing metal boxes for long-term durability. A resident asked if this purchase had been budgeted for, and Craig stated this would be an Operating expense.

772/792 Patio Remodel: The residents at Units 772 & 792 have requested to remove their patio screening and replace it with a white metal enclosure and add 4 inches of cement to help with the drainage issue. Denny made a motion to approve the request, John seconded, all were in favor.

Entrance Remodeling: Al Franks installed lattice at the entrance gate to cover the rusted electrical box, but asked for Board approval. Craig made a motion to approve permanent installation, Gail seconded, and all were in favor.

Sheriff’s Safety Evaluation: Denny and Linda walked the property with 2 representatives from the Sheriff's Department. The sheriff recommended enhancing the lighting in the cul-de-sac. The evaluation also recommended dusk-to-dawn motion sensor lighting for behind the townhomes, and trimming the landscaping on the south side of the pool for better visibility. The evaluation recommended shrubbery at front doors to be trimmed back, and shrubs be trimmed to window height. There are currently key boxes in Buildings A, B, and C. Representatives found two key boxes open during their inspection. The evaluation recommended changing all door and gate codes, installing 4 wireless cameras around all areas of the pool, and they also recommended the “universal police code” be added at the front gate for easy access by police. The police siren will activate the gate, but if an officer wants to do a safety drive by in the middle of the night, they will pass by if they can't access the community without turning on their siren. The Board is going to discuss updating all the access codes and will update all residents of any new changes. Michelle is going to investigate temporary lighting for the back sides of the townhomes and can obtain quotes for installing security cameras around the common areas when the Board is ready.

Ponds: Linda noted that there is a budget for pond repairs, but the pond is in poor shape. After discussion, the board agreed that requesting approval from the state to add more carp to the ponds to counter the algae growth.

Townhouse Pavers: Some residents believe that the recently replaced townhouse pavers were poorly installed and should be fixed. Management has been looking into options for repair or replacement, but so far has not found any reasonably-priced repairs.

Expired Vehicle Licenses: Michelle stated that there are currently 3 cars with expired vehicle tags that need to be updated. Management does not have the licenses on file, and the police will not share the owner's information. We have posted notices on the cars.

2018 Landscape Plans: Al Franks requested proposals from US Lawns to replace dead landscaping around the property. The project is being delayed for a month or two due to the $5500 price tag. A member in the audience asked if a professional landscape architect could come in and evaluate the property. The Board said the proposals from US Lawns include evaluations like this.

New Business
B506 & B306 Exterior Door Jams:
Ted reported that he is still in the process of obtaining more estimates. He has received one bid for $852 per door and jamb.

Insurance Claim: Michelle reported that since the elevator mother boards were damaged in the hurricane, the costs would not be covered by the boiler & machinery insurance policy that has a $5,000 deductible. This damage will fall under the hurricane deductible, which means there will be no money received for the elevator unless entire roof replacements are also allowed under the hurricane claim. Michelle recommended having a local engineer look at the roofs since we are not receiving any information from the insurance company or our agent. Ted stated that a drip was just discovered in the ceiling of the Building C garage.

AT&T Fiber Proposal/Spectrum Proposals: Craig reported that negotiations are still underway with AT&T regarding allowing them to install fiber optic lines for future service, with a $50 per unit allowance for the inconvenience. The AT&T proposal requires a ten-year exclusive contract, which the board does not favor. The Spectrum proposal is still an option.

Drainage Plan: The engineer from Bussen Meyer presented his plan to help with the drainage flooding issues at the townhomes. Craig stated we now need to obtain vendor bids, but the engineer’s estimate is about $75,000, and there are not currently enough funds to cover this.

Pool Resurfacing: This project is complete and has received many compliments about how wonderful it looks.

Ice Machine: Based on owner votes at the Annual Meeting, replacement will not be discussed at this time.

Comments from Residents
A resident mentioned that some contractors will put a property at the top of their priority list when hurricanes or other natural disasters occur. Michelle stated that a couple restoration companies offer this and will provide a free on-site visit to detail where all shut off valves are. She will obtain some company information.

Craig stated that he reviewed the latest draft of the hurricane plan and had a couple suggestions regarding charcoal, outside grills, generators.

Michelle stated that the City of Cocoa sent a refund of $97.59 for the sewer credit when the pool was re-filled.

Set Next Meeting: The next Board Meeting will be held Wednesday, April 25st at 3:30 pm in the pool house.

Adjournment: There being no further business to transact, the meeting adjourned at 4:47 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Michelle Davis
Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, CAM #17226
Reconcilable Differences