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Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting
held MONDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 2018

CALL MEETING TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order in the clubhouse at 1:00 pm.

ESTABLISH QUORUM OF DIRECTORS: President Dottie Sauter, Treasurer/Secretary Bill Bernard, and Vice President Denise Holihan attended the meeting. Michelle Davis and Ted Manna from Reconcilable Differences were present, and twelve owners were in the audience. Allegiance was pledged.

APPROVAL OF PREVIOUS BOARD MEETING MINUTES: Bill motioned to approve the minutes of the October 30th budget meeting as written and posted. Denise seconded, all in favor.

FINANCIAL REPORT: Manager reported that as of January 30th, the Association has $78,877, with $10,476 being prepaid owner assessments, for a net $68,401 in the operating account. There is $208,838 in the Reserve fund, thanks to $57,668 from insurance to cover part of the garage roof replacements. There was an $11 account unpaid, but it has since been paid in February, so there are ZERO accounts in arrears.

For the one month of 2018, the association is $600 over budget. Sewer & water costs in January were higher than anticipated.

Social Activities:
Nadine Laser reported that the committee started with $693.50, spent zero, received $21 income, so ended the month with $714.50. Activities to come: Dessert Night on March 14th at 6pm. Activity Meeting March 19th at 2 pm. Garage Sale Set Up on March 26th, 28th and 30th, starting at 10 am, with the garage sale on March 31st from 8am to noon.

Maintenance: Ted reported that leaks in the clubhouse roof seem to have been found and fixed. All attention forms have been handled. The spa jets are working again. Carmel passed all elevator and fire sprinkler inspections. Dottie reminded everyone that when we post notices that say, “Mandatory Inspection”, this is a requirement of the county or the state and if we do not comply, fines can be issued. All residents must abide by the requirement. Dottie also thanked maintenance man Tony for installing the new light fixtures.


  • Elevator: We have sent certified letters to ThyssenKrupp and they responded that the security issue of elevator going to first floor and opening is not an elevator issue and they cannot help, but also that if we were to go to another firm, they would escalate their contract terms and require we pay them through the end of their contract, which is in 2020. They also highly recommended modernizing the elevators so they can try to help. They just sent their bid this afternoon, and it is over $135,000 for the 2 elevator modernizations, much higher than their 2016 bid. Management has also asked two other elevator companies for bids.
  • Requirement for using a CRANE for replacement HVAC units on roof: The door to the roof has been abused by vendors bringing a/c units up the elevator and trying to get them through that door instead of using a crane, especially at building 1410. It will cost $3-$5K to replace the door and jamb, so to keep this door working while saving money for a replacement, Bill motioned to require a/c vendors to use a crane to install new compressors and remove old ones. Denise seconded, all in favor. This will add approximately $300 to the price, but is mandatory to keep damages to the common elements from getting worse.
  • HVAC for Community Center: Bids have been received and many personal opinions on what is needed have been given. The Board has researched and spoken to many A/C companies about the issues, and the main reason for replacement is that both in and outside units are over 20 years old so there would be no warranty and no guarantee on repairs. Bill motioned to hire Ranger Air, at $6500, for a Lennox 16 seer unit, using reserve funds. Denise seconded, all in favor.
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning: Last year’s budget had this line item, so the funds were saved to be used in 2018. Two bids were obtained. One for $90 per vent and one for $35 per vent from Ranger Air. The vendor may need to get into units; this would require mandatory entrance and notices in advance. Dottie will work with the vendor. Denise motioned to approve using this vendor. Bill seconded, all in favor.
  • Architectural Review Applications: Unit #1501 requested approval to install a new storm door. Board approved and signed the application.
  • Garage Roof Replacements: Management obtained 3 bids for replacement. Total Home Roofing bid $69,400, Kris Konstruction bid $76,400, RRCA bid $87,000, and RenewPro bid $67,261. Dottie did her due diligence and found good recommendations on RenewPro. Three-year-old company located in Rockledge with an A+ rating with BBB and no complaints on Google and Facebook. They offer a 40-year labor and material non-prorated warranty from the manufacturer on 160 MPH winds. They will also provide, at no charge, an updatd Wind Mitigation Report which may aid in reduced insurance premiums. The insurance claim paid the Association $57,668.15, and the balance will be taken from reserves. Denise made the motion to approve using RenewPro. Bill seconded, all in favor.
  • Lockouts: Past president Ralph loved helping people and he was always home. This board cannot always be available to get a key out for residents. Put a copy of your key in your garage, give to a neighbor, etc.
  • Roof Access: Make sure to give management or board members at least a 48-hour notice of service on your a/c. We need to always keep the roof door locked for security and safety, so we need that advance knowledge. In an emergency, make us aware as soon as your contractor has given you a time. We will help if you let us know as SOON as you know. Do not assume someone is available when you say they are in the parking lot and waiting.
  • Security: There have been some break-ins. If you can, keep your car in your garage. If not, at least do not leave anything in your car that will make someone want to break in. Also, check the stairwell doors when you use them. Make sure they are shut tight. Rockledge Police have asked that you call them immediately if you see or hear something. They will check. Do not go out yourself. Residents were asked if they would be willing to be part of a Security Committee. Bill used to walk the property nightly and would check doors, etc. Three owners volunteered to do this.

OWNER FORUM: A document shredding day will be held at Fiske & Barton, on April 14th. Dottie will post notice as the date nears.

Armadillo or possums are wreaking havoc. Dottie researched and asked experts, and there is little we can do to keep them away. Epson salts, mothballs, trappers; some options are illegal, some are expensive. None are long lasting.

The drainage pipe that fell will be stored in the pump room and will be re-installed when the pond level is lower.

Fire sprinkler system inspections are mandatory. Some residents were quite upset that we entered their units even though notices were posted. All residents must allow entrance for this, as required by the fire marshal. The forms all units can use to obtain a discount on their insurance is www.RecDif.com, and click on the photo of Carmel. The ATP Fire Alarm certificate and the Wind Mitigation form for your building are both on the left side of the web page.

SET NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be held when needed, with at least 48 hours’ notice by posting the agenda, as required by statute.

ADJOURNMENT: There being no further business to transact, the meeting adjourned at 2:00 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Michelle Davis
Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, CAM #17226, Community Association Manager