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Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting
held MONDAY, JANUARY 30, 2017 

PLEDGE: Those in attendance pledged allegiance to the flag and then had a moment of silence in memory of Elaine Schultz who recently passed away.

CALL MEETING TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order in the clubhouse at 6:14. 

ESTABLISH QUORUM OF DIRECTORS: President Dottie Sauter, Treasurer Bill Bernard, Secretary Margie Roth, and Vice President Mary Hirst began the meeting. Member at Large Sharon Blincoe arrived later. Michelle Davis & Ted Manna from Reconcilable Differences and over 18 unit owners were in attendance.

APPROVAL OF PREVIOUS BOARD MEETING MINUTES: Margie motioned to approve the minutes of the last meeting, held in 2016. Bill seconded, all in favor.

FINANCIAL REPORT:  Manager reported that Sentry Management forwarded year-end reports showing $70,788.70 in the operating account, $117,687.31 in the Reserve account and that the association was $14,318 under budget at year’s end.


1. ARB Request: Unit #2501 requested approval to have Shutter Outlet install hurricane shutters. Board approved and signed the approval form. 

2. Roof Repair or Replacement – 1420: Ted stated that he had two companies bid repair or replacement of this roof, which has a leak that affected electric panels inside unit walls. $1,200 for repair, which is not guaranteed, or $21,000 for a new roof. Cape Coastal Industries and Ringdahl bid this job. Another bid will be requested for full replacement before the next meeting, so the board can make a clear decision.

3. Elevator Repairs / Upgrades / Permits: Ted stated that the Carmel elevators failed inspection this month. The permit expired last August. Phones in both elevators were not working, so the elevator company, ThyssenKrupp, bid $1200.00 to replace the phones and they will monitor them for emergencies. Other issues were illegal storage in electrical room closet, and door closers that needed to self-lock, along with some electrical issues. All issues are being handled. Once repairs are complete, an additional inspection must be completed before the permits can be issued by the state. ThyssenKrupp recommended modernization of the elevator computer systems in 2015. A lot of information was obtained 2 years ago, with bids from $43K to $68K so management will look at this, work with board members and find out what is really needed to keep the elevators running smoothly.

4. Wind Mitigation Inspection / Report costs: The insurance renews in April, and an insurance appraisal has been completed, which brought the value of the property up by $400K. Wind mitigation reports are also required, and these will also help owners obtain credits on their individual insurance policies as well. Honor Construction bid $225 to inspect and report on 2 buildings and the clubhouse. Bill motioned to approve the cost, Mary seconded, all in favor. Margie agreed to meet with them and allow access to roofs and needed areas for their report.

5. Clubhouse Drywall and Painting bids: Ted obtained one quote from a drywall/painter that management has used before. For $3300, they will repair all drywall holes and around the windows, and repaint the whole clubhouse. Many felt painting was not needed, so Ted will get another bid on just drywall repair, weather stripping and window casing repairs so that the board has two quotes to choose from for the repair.

6. AT&T Upgrade / Fiber Optic Option: AT&T wants to dig up common areas to add new fiber optic lines. Brighthouse (Spectrum) has been called out a number of times to check for quality problems in some units. Management will have the AT&T rep come to the next meeting to discuss what they want to do, and will also ask Spectrum to attend to discuss the problems many owners are having with the cable service the Association pays for. Dottie asked for unit number and problem details, and she will work on this with Spectrum.

7. Dumpster in 1420: A unit owner felt a new dumpster was needed due to cracks in some areas and not being cleaned. The city charges $600 for a heavy plastic replacement that would not rust or crack and would be easier to clean. Discussion concluded that the dumpster just needs to be washed out on a regular basis, as well as the floor of the dumpster room, to keep smells at bay. People are reminded to bag and close all trash. Do not throw loose trash or kitty litter down the trash chutes. Management is trying to find a maintenance man who can work alone, has their own tools, and can work Saturdays.

OWNER INPUT: Social group money was used in 2016 to help offset the cost of non-budgeted shuffleboard court repairs last year. Some were upset, but funds were given to board and they used them to cover part of the repair cost. It was also noted that the pool heater was removed and not replaced, and many feel this is an amenity that needs to be kept up. This was tabled for now, and an attorney may need to attend a meeting to discuss the legalities of these issues.
There will be a Community Garage Sale on Saturday, March 4th. The clubhouse as well as private garages can be utilized. Notices will be posted requesting that if people have donated to the clubhouse, they can take back their donations if we have duplicates that would otherwise be sold. Margie is in charge of clubhouse reservations. Some of the books in the “library” will also be sold.

Security lights on the 1420 roof need bulbs, the carpet needs cleaning (and Home Depot will loan equipment if supplies are purchased there), and some residents feel contractors are parking illegally in front of the entry doors, so notices or a “No Parking” sign are needed.

Management has a website for Carmel. Minutes of meetings, forms that people might need, governing documents and other items the board approves, will be placed on the website.

A resident is worried about the alligator in the pond. One said she called Wildlife Management and was told only board or management can call for removal of an alligator. It is a given that the gator will be killed if the trapper comes. So far, he is not aggressive, so we would like to wait, but be careful when walking small animals.

Ralph said he has purchased light bulbs and cleaning supplies, totaling $1,054.16, out of his own pocket. He was thanked for his generosity, but these costs need to come from operating funds in the future.

SET NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be set after Ted obtains the needed bids requested.

ADJOURNMENT: There being no further business to transact, Bill motioned to adjourn the meeting at 7:45 pm. Mary seconded, all in favor.

Respectfully Submitted,
Michelle Davis
Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, CAM 17226
Community Association Manager