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Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting
held Monday, JULY 2, 2018

CALL MEETING TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order in the clubhouse at 9:03 am and allegiance was pledged.

ESTABLISH QUORUM OF DIRECTORS: President Dottie Sauter, Treasurer/Secretary Bill Bernard, and Vice President Denise Holihan attended the meeting. Twelve unit owners and manager Michelle Davis from Reconcilable Differences were also present. Allegiance was pledged.

GUEST SPEAKER Moices Rivas from ATP Alarms: ATP currently handles the fire sprinkler and alarm issues at Carmel. The fire panel in 1410 is 23 years old and obsolete. Parts are hard to come by and mostly refurbished. A new panel is needed. ATP bid $3,000 for the panel with all permitting, inspections and labor. They were also asked to bid replacement horn strobes and stoppers, as the fire marshal usually requires these at the same time. If the association waits to replace until the panel goes out completely, mandatory fire watch will be required and that is another expense. Moices was asked to bring back his best price on the 1410 panel, strobes and stoppers, and strobes/stoppers for 1420, since fire code will require these soon. After Moices left, the board discussed the issues and Bill motioned to approve up to $12K from security reserves to cover needed fire safety repairs. Denise seconded, all in favor.

APPROVAL OF PREVIOUS BOARD MEETING MINUTES: Bill motioned to approve the minutes of the April 5th board meeting as written and posted. Denise seconded, all in favor.

FINANCIAL REPORT: Michelle reported that as of the end of June, the Association still looks to be very close to budget. Water is still a high budget item. It is too early for the final report, but the board is highly conscious of costs.

Dryer Vent Update: Denise reported that she has called almost 20 companies and very few got back to her. Those that did said they would charge $90 to $100 per unit to clean out the dryer vents from dryer to exterior of building. Since the vents on the outside of the building need cleaning, Tony will use a shop vac to clean as much lint as possible from the exterior of each dryer vent. Cleaning the interior of the resident’s dryer vents will be the responsibility of each resident.

Irrigation Update: Dottie has met with the irrigation specialist assigned by US Lawn, under their contract. The recent detailed inspection has shown we have many incorrect sprinkler heads and in many areas many more than what is needed. I.E., beside the south end of 1420 there are 5 heads. In front of clubhouse on either side are 4 heads for a very small area. This is not only wasteful with water but also unhealthy for grass & plants. The tech recommends replacing heads with appropriate heads needed for each area as well as these heads being more efficient in water usage. The new heads will do the same job with up to 50% LESS water usage. The tech also recommends removing the excess heads in certain areas which will also lessen water usage. The Board proposes to do one zone each month with these upgrades. Water usage savings will more than pay for the expense in a very short period of time.

Mosquito Update: The buildings are overrun with mosquitos. Please remove anything from the exterior of the building that could hold water and help larvae grow. The county recently came out to inspect the problem. The plan is to spray late at night and possibly use overhead helicopter spraying. Pond was inspected & showed no mosquito larvae due to the minnows & fish which are present & keeping that aspect under control.

Pressure Washer Purchase: Gutters, garages, doors, walkways, some walls, the pool deck, and trash room all need pressure washing. A commercial grade power washer with the proper additional attachments to do the job properly will be about $1,000. Bill motioned to approve up to this amount. Tony and Brigette can both use it, once taught. Dottie seconded, all in favor.

Garage Ceilings: Denise noted that several garage ceilings, specifically in garage C, have drywall separating & sagging. Tony has attempted to fix the problem however the sagging reoccurs. The Board will continue to research what & how to solve this issue most effectively and economically.

Unit 2105 Water Damage: Recently a clogged run off drain caused extreme water damage to unit 2105. The owners had to move out of the unit due to mold quarantine, and work has begun to repair and replace the damage. We currently have paid $236.25 to plumbers to unclog the drain & we also have labor hours for Tony to further clear the lines in both buildings. We will be responsible for the final payment of drywall replacement. We suspect this damage was caused by a plumber improperly draining a water heater into the run off drain, which caused silt and rust in the old heater to clog the drain.

Club house roof repair
: RenewPro Roofing bid to repair both sides of the clubhouse roofs, adjoining the main structure, to properly repaired & curtail the continual leaks. The shingles in the affected areas will be removed. The damaged decking will be replaced. A bitumen coating will be applied, and the shingles replaced. We are very fortunate to have a contract to do this work for the price of $1900. Work should begin this week. RenewPro believes with this repair, the clubhouse has another 10 years of roof life. Bill motioned to approve this cost. Dottie seconded, all in favor.

Building light sensors: The light sensor on building 1420 has been replaced twice over the past 2 years at a price of $375.00 each time. The sensors have been disconnected and the lights now run strictly on interior timers. 1420 had an existing timer which only needed to be connected. A new timer was installed at 1410. This should now solve the issue and the continued expense of repair. Dottie motioned to approve these costs, Denise seconded, all in favor.

HVAC Repair—Clubhouse: The AC on the east side of the building recently required repair. All components that can be replaced, have been replaced on this unit except for the compressor. The unit was manufactured in 1995.
The AC which services the office & side storage area is not repairable at a reasonable price. There is a Freon leak in either the exterior unit or the air handler. If we can effectively find the leak the repair may or may not solve the problem in this unit manufactured in 1995. Air conditioning is needed in this area only for the purpose of controlling humidity & ultimately mold caused from having no ventilation. The Board felt it not reasonable to expend $3,000 for a new unit. Instead, a more affordable repair was made for $750 to solve the issue by joining the ductwork from the main unit on the east side. This is working efficiently. Dottie motioned to approve this work and cost. Bill seconded, all in favor.

Pool Repair: Recently we had to replace the circulating pump on an emergency basis. The chlorinator, which was original to the pool, also broke down and had to be replaced. Both expenses are around $700. Bill motioned to approve the cost, Denise seconded, all in favor.

Fire Safety Equipment—1420: Was discussed above. Dottie also mentioned that the Red Cross supplies the fire department with smoke detectors, so if anyone needs one, the fire department will come and install it for you.

Asphalt Repair—North driveway: Damage has been caused to the North driveway by large vehicles, trucks & RV’s exiting & dragging into the pavement causing ruts. This damage occurred shortly after we paid for sealing 2 years ago. The City of Rockledge recently had to dislodge a trash truck when it exited the driveway & became stuck by doing so. The Board has researched & received bids for various answers to repair & prevent further damage. 2 contractors have refused to “patch seal” the damage as they feel it will not work. The proposals relate to asphalt replacement or cutting out asphalt & replacing with concrete. Proposal was also made to construct a height restrictor to prevent any vehicle larger than 7 feet from exiting or entering.
The City of Rockledge, via email, agreed to have us make repair to the pavement & submit the invoice to them for payment to relieve their responsibility of the damage their vehicles caused. We recently sent our proposals to the City & they are only offering approximately $500. The board agreed that the association cannot cover the majority of the cost for this repair, so will table the issue, but will discuss a way to close off the north exit so no one can cause this damage again. Management was also asked to again request the city put in a south turn lane at the south exit.

Contractor Rules & Regulations: Due to some contractors’ rude treatment of owners when asked to stop working after dark and making a lot of noise, contractor rules are now in effect: These rules will be provided on the website as well as hard copies kept in the rack on the wall by the office so owners can give a copy to their vendors.

  • Only licensed and insured contractors are allowed on the property. Residents are totally responsible for the contractor & any damage caused by the contractor while they are on the property.
  • Contractors are only allowed to work between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.
  • Per fire code all walkways & hallways must be kept clear.
  • Contractors should house and use all equipment necessary for the job only on resident’s balcony/patio or garage.
  • Any items being replaced in units must be carried away by contractor. Nothing is to be placed in our dumpsters or recycle area.
  • Any debris or dust occurring on the walkways, stairs or elevator is to be cleaned by contractor.
  • Contractors may park close to buildings for the purpose of loading or unloading only. Vehicles should then be parked in a parking space or on the asphalt along the back circle at 1420. Garages are not to be blocked.
  • Elevator pads should be utilized & are normally stored in a cart in the clubhouse in the same room as the pool table.

Janitorial Contract: TLC Janitorial gave their notice last week stating Friday, June 29th as their last day. The Board proposes to employ Brigette as an employee & RDI will be assisting us in doing so.
Brigette would be employed 3 days/week at $13.00/hr. which is within our current budget. She is willing to continue with her current duties as well as assisting with other tasks as they are assigned. She is knowledgeable in painting and drywall also. Bill motioned to hire Brigette. Denise seconded, all in favor.

Maintenance Report: Michelle noted that emergency elevator repairs yesterday, for a burnt-up CPU board and lock will likely cost $1,000 with overtime labor. Some residents demanded the elevator take them to their floors, and this just added to the cost. Someone opened the elevator doors, turned on the light and possibly played with the high voltage machinery. NO ONE is allowed to touch it except the licensed technician. Therefore, Dottie motioned to re-key all electrical and elevator rooms to the office and roof key. Denise seconded, all in favor.

Dottie noted that YTD Repairs & Replacements made:

1. All resident & garage lighting & electrical have been replaced and/or repaired.
2. Garage roofs Replaced
3. Irrigation timer: US Lawn installed new system including timer, voltage regulator and rain sensor. They control /adjust per their irrigation contract.
4. New HVAC north side of clubhouse, repair to HVAC on southeast side of clubhouse, and joined ductwork to office instead of replacing office HVAC system which is irreparable.
5. Spa Timer, Pool Chlorinator Unit, & Pool Circulating Pump replaced
6. Replaced rooftop lights, one on each building. New LED lights should last (no bulb changes) for approximately 7 yrs. Will replace others as they go out.
7. Independent inspection & appraisal of elevators relating to condition & functioning.
8. Oak tree trimmed away from building and thinned for hurricane winds.

COMMITTEE REPORT - Social Activities: Nadine Laser reported that the committee started with $1,238.30, had expenses of $65.13, Income of $48, leaving an ending balance of $1,221.17. Upcoming activities include a Remembrance Dinner on 7/13 at 5:30 pm, and an Activity Meeting on 7/16 at 2 pm.

OWNER FORUM: An owner asked why we don’t just put notices on the elevators that they are out of service until regular business hours, to save money.

Another resident asked if we could remove the rocks where the solid walkway ends. Dottie stated that residents put those rocks in and they should not have. The area should not be used as a path. The owner requested that sod replace the rock if new sidewalk cannot be added.

ADJOURNMENT: There being no further business to transact, the meeting adjourned at 10:50 am. Denise seconded, all in favor.

Respectfully Submitted,
Michelle Davis
Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, CAM #17226, Community Association Manager