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Board of Directors Meeting

1. CALL MEETING TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 6:04 pm in the on site rec room. Owners Present: Carole & Richard Dujmovic, Jack Strange, Jack & Alice Chaney, and Larry Corbin.  Michelle Davis and Ted Manna from Reconcilable Differences were also in attendance.

2. ESTABLISH QUORUM OF DIRECTORS: In person: President Tina Compton and Treasurer Betty Ballard. Secretary Tom Moran was present by speakerphone.

3. APPROVAL OF PREVIOUS MINUTES: Betty made a motion to approve the minutes of the October 26, 2015 meeting as posted on the website. Tom seconded, all in favor.

4. FINANCIAL REPORT: Michelle reported that as of February 29, 2016, the Association has $85,663 in the operating account, less the owner pre-paid accounts of $3,600 and the Special Assessment money still unpaid of $61,461, for a net balance of $20,612. The reserve fund has $74,991. The Association is $1,132 UNDER budget year to date. Only 3 owners have small balances due (late fees and unpaid sprinkler repairs from one year ago.)

  • Elevator Update / Cab Upgrades: Premier Elevator had their final inspection this morning. They were supposed to be complete on 2/28, but there have been a number of glitches; the pressure washing of stairwells and walkways has been done in the past, but the new equipment is more sensitive and water got into the switches on floor 6 and ruined the motherboard. There was also a problem with someone hitting the doors hard and knocking them off their track. The positive side is that the new cab interior has received a number of compliments, and it is very important that all residents adhere to the rules of hanging the pads and placing wood over the tile before moving anything heavy. For now, Betty will be in charge of coordinating pad installs. For the future, we need to find a place that owners can access with their amenity key. Michelle said another property has a move-in and out form and deposit required, to ensure owners take responsibility when they have a delivery. Betty motioned to have a $500 deposit and require the signed form for all moves or large deliveries. Tina seconded, all in favor. New rules and the form will be sent to all owners and this will start being implemented after the required 30 day notice and meeting. 
  • Elevator Phone: A new type of elevator phone had to be installed, at a cost of $300, with a slight monthly increase, due to needing a “master” phone on the exterior of the elevator.
  • Wireless Fire Alarms vs. AT&T Costs: AT&T is charging over $250 per month for 3 commercial phone lines: One for the entry system, one for the elevator and second fire line, and one for the main fire line. Management obtained costs to change from wired to wireless fire alarm monitoring. Costs were $2,282 for installation of the cellular wireless monitoring and $585 per year to monitor from United Fire, and $314 for installation and $972 for the first year of radio-frequency monitoring, with that going down to $864 the second year and then to $780 for the 3rd and subsequent years of monitoring, with no costs for repair or replacement from DynaFire. With all the issues currently going on, this was tabled for the next meeting or later. 
  • Garage Door Replacements or Painting: The brand new double doors have some rust starting to show, so we have called the manufacturer, DAB Doors, to see if they can be replaced under warranty, but have not had success in actually getting them to the site. The installer, Rick, who has moved to the Keys, is trying to help us work through this. The 6 single garage doors all have rust under the rubber, and the painter said you can’t paint under the rubber unless you can leave the doors in the up position for 24 hours to dry. That is not safely possible here. We found that all seven single doors were replaced by All Pro Doors in 2013. Ted has called the manufacturer, Clopay, to see if we can get warranty replacements, but even if they give us free panels, the door installer wants $450 per door to remove the old and install the new. We do need to start washing and waxing the doors to lengthen their life.  There is another double garage door opener that must be replaced. The new garage door owner, Todd, bid $450 for a commercial opener for the south west door. Betty motioned to use Door Reserves to cover this cost. Tina seconded, all in favor.
  • Pressure Washing: Was completed today, but again was not without problems. Some owners said water came under their front doors, and we neglected to tell everyone to lower their shutters on the walkway so all could be washed down. There will also be the issue with the elevator’s computerized parts. They must be covered. He did, however, pressure wash the pool deck and walkway to beach also, and washed the garage floor in preparation for painting to begin tomorrow. 
  • Garage Floor Painting: We hope the floors will be dry enough to paint on Friday. On Wednesday, the painter, C&J Painting, will paint the columns and the electrical room, then come back Friday to complete the floors. All owners have been notified that they must park outside or at Millenium Park until Saturday morning, to ensure all is dry.
  • Electrical Room Organization: The electrical room has been used for filing old paperwork, storing tools, supplies, cleaning supplies and bathroom supplies, as well as functioning as a maintenance room for Terry. Bill Compton found good quality used furniture, along with a 4 drawer file cabinet to replace the rusted old one, at a cost of $500. These items will be installed as soon as the floor painting dries, allowing us to have an organized place for everything, and able to store warranties and as-builts safely on site.
  • Plumbing issues (Backflow device): All Brevard Fire & Plumbing inspected and replaced rubber gaskets. That did not stop the leak. Then we scheduled another water outage and he re-tightened a spring. That did not stop the leak, so as he noted before trying those things, he recommends two internal check valves on the existing backflow preventer assembly, at a cost of $618.32. Board agreed to this.
  • Potable Water Pipes in Garage Ceiling: The large three-inch copper pipes in the garage have corroded and parts are not readily available. These pipes are under pressure and if they burst, repairs will not be quick. All Brevard bid replacing all with new copper for $5,460, or he recommends Sched 80 PVC at a cost of $4,370. Both bids includes installing one 4” check valve with flanges and replacing most of the pipe at the potable water booster pump. Board agreed to emergency issues being repaired, with funds to come from Reserves.
  • Fire line repairs in Garage: Many of the hangers holding up the fire lines in the garage have rusted, and the pipes were falling down. Bill replaced all that were emergencies, at a cost of $1100 and said the rest should last a few more years. He recommends we have all fire lines and hangers/rods painted to extend their lives. While installing new hangers, they saw a broken potable water pipe that is dripping, so management gave the ok for them to repair this today, before the floors are painted.
  • Fire alarm & fire sprinkler inspections: Last year, the alarm and sprinkler inspections were done in February. We had to wait until the elevator worked again, so this year the inspection will be on Tuesday, March 25th, beginning at 9 am. Ted will go with them and also inspect for water drips and leaks.
  • Roof Repairs and Personal A/C Line Maintenance: Coastal Industries did a great job of cleaning the roof and repairing holes in the roof. They also recommend an annual maintenance contract of $1500 per year for quarterly inspections and repairs as needed, all included in the price. He also said that the owners’ air conditioning lines on the roof have been eaten by birds or disintegrated, and he offers a service of installing PVC and a hard material over the lines to keep them covered, saving energy and helping with the life of the unit. He charges $50 per air conditioner, if anyone is interested. This was tabled for later.
  • Seagrape/Landscaping Trimming: Bill Compton was able to negotiate a deal with Bluebell Landscaping. They only charged $450 to trim the seagrapes down, and now that they are under 12 feet, Bluebell will keep them trimmed at no additional charge. Other bids we received to trim the seagrapes were almost $2,000.
  • Landscape Lighting: Because the pest control company killed the grass at the north entrance with too much fertilizer, Bill Compton negotiated a free year of service to compensate for replacing the grass. Bill also wanted to replace old lighting at that entrance and reserves have been saved to cover the costs. 
  • Awning: The south stairwell awning has ripped due to high winds and being 5 years old. ABC Awning was the original and replacement company, and they bid $450 to use the current aluminum frame and replace the fabric. Board approved.
  • Curbs: The curbs around the trees in front of the building have been run over and backed into and possibly lifted by tree roots. Terry tried to repair them, but was not successful. Mike’s Masonry bid $800 to replace all 4 curbed areas, but not all need it. Bill Compton recommended Liquid Nail and will work with Terry on this. 
  • Tax Return / 2015 Financials available to Owners: The tax return was prepared by CPA James Strickland this year, and the “Income and Expenses” sheets are available to all owners who request them. We can email them or mail a hard copy at no charge, per Florida Statutes. The Board also asked that they be placed on the website.
  • Maintenance Employee Review: Terry Willingham has been our maintenance man for one year now. We are very happy with his work ethic and quality, and he uses his own tools. Ted works closely with him to ensure we see and take care of issues as they arise. The Board agreed to a $1.00 per hour raise starting February 16, 2016, to $16.00 per hour.
  • Board member moving: Tom Moran has sold his unit and will no longer be able to be a Board member. The Annual Meeting will be held in seven weeks, so the Board is not required to fill the position now. Tom was thanked for six years of service.
  • Annual Meeting April 29, 2016: First notices of Annual Meeting were emailed to all owners, mailed to two, and posted on site. If anyone is interested in serving on the board, we need written confirmation of that in less than 2 weeks.
It was requested that vehicles not pull all the way into the bushes when they park. There was discussion about putting parking stops in to protect the plants. Michelle has a vendor who charges $125 per stop installed.
There being no further business to conduct, the meeting adjourned at 6:52 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, CAM
Reconcilable Differences, Inc.