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held THURSDAY, APRIL 2, 2015

CALL MEETING TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 6:05 pm in the on-site Rec Room, located at
2195 Highway A1A, Indian Harbour Beach, FL.  11 unit owners were in attendance.

ESTABLISH QUORUM OF MEMBERS BY CERTIFICATION OF PROXIES: Manager Michelle Davis stated that 5 owners were present by proxy and 11 owners attended in person. 13 were needed, so the quorum was established with 16 in attendance.

BOARD MEMBER REPORTS: Tina Compton stated that a year ago, the parking lot was seal coated, the roof was repaired and coated in February 2014, 6 swing doors were replaced, water pumps were replaced, we changed management companies last summer, hired an elevator consultant who has already saved us $25K in work recommended by Thyssen Krupp that was not really needed, and we are now awaiting vendor bids on elevator modernization based on his specifications. Fire Sprinkler stand pipes were repaired and painted, and repairs to the pool area are almost complete.

APPROVAL OF PAST ANNUAL MINUTES IF A QUORUM IS REACHED: The generic minutes supplied by the past management company were accepted. 

FINANCIAL REPORT: A CPA supplied a financial “compilation” for 2014, showing that the Association ended the year with $5,700 in the operating account, $46,918 in special assessment funds that are being used as approved, and $60,646 in reserves. If any unit owner would like a copy of the CPA report for 2014, it is on the website  


  • Elevator Update: The elevator consultant, Malcolm Daigle, supplied a 60 page document of bidding specifications, met with 6 elevator companies to discuss the details, and bids should be received April 10th. The consultant estimates $75,000 to complete the modification and update the elevator cab. He said the pit is in good shape and the equipment room on top of the roof is also in acceptable shape. Unfortunately, the original elevator was a retro-fitted Delta elevator and no replacement parts are available. ADA upgrades also need to be done. Malcolm estimates the elevator will be out of service for 5 weeks, but if the vendors are willing to work longer days and owners are willing to deal with the noise, it should bring the inconvenience to 3 or 4 weeks. Majority of owners in attendance were willing to deal with the noise in order to have the work done more quickly. It was discussed that there should be chairs on each stair level for those who must use the stairs during the renovation work.
  • Roof Update: Michelle and Curtis met with Tom Bo Roofing. Tom said their work looked good and nothing should be done until next year, except to have the maintenance man broom off standing water after the rains. They said the Sherwin Williams warranty gives 4 years against pitting. Michelle obtained a bid from another vendor who recommends spot repairs and cleaning, but for now we will have maintenance man Terry Willingham do some light broom cleaning. Residents then asked about the birds making holes in the foam columns. Tina stated that starlings are making nests in holes made by blackbirds and woodpeckers. We also have a pigeon control problem. Manager was asked to find a bird abatement specialist.
  • pool & Rec Room Update: Tina stated that the pool area is 13 years old, having been installed in 2002. Bill Compton started the repairs by trimming back all the shrubs around the pool and lifting the sinking concrete on the south side. An auto-refill valve was installed, which helped with the hose being left on and hanging over the edge of the pool. The new shower works well and is a unique item. The thatched roof umbrella and table will withstand a hurricane. The new gate openers are “ADA” approved, and we will have them re-keyed to use the current amenity key. Landscaping and lighting have been installed on the west side of the pool fence and the fence itself will be completed soon. There was discussion about people jumping over the fence from the beach, and signs stating “Under Video Surveillance” might deter some. Chaise lounges need repair, so loaners will be delivered while the current chairs are repaired. Betty Ballard offered her current refrigerator and microwave to the recreation room since we seem to have a leak in the water line in the fridge and the microwave doesn’t work. This offer was appreciated. She did ask about painting and updating the room, but no decisions were made.
  • Fire / Safety Updates: Fire sprinklers and alarms in all units were inspected in late January. All alarms passed inspection, but most units had at least one fire sprinkler needing replacement. Rust or paint on the “eschutions” required them to be replaced. Two full days in March, management accompanied All Brevard Fire & Plumbing to make the repairs. One unit had a leak in the ceiling above the bathroom, but all others needed no extra repairs. Invoices were mailed by RDI, to be paid directly to All Brevard Fire.
  • Landscaping Update: The dead palm tree in front of the garages on A1A was replaced, but with a smaller version due to cost. Bluebell Landscaping has worked well with Bill Compton, who is overseeing the landscape work. Lighting issues were discussed by attendees. Terry will be asked to re-set the timers in the landscaping and at the pool, to turn on at dusk. New cacti on the east side of the building was free, thanks to Bill, and trimming was done to the seagrape plants between Gardenia and the park. A resident paid for part of the work, and the Association will keep this trimmed annually.
  • Special Assessment Update: Louvered fencing will be placed around the pool equipment and around the rec room air conditioner to protect the equipment from the salt and elements. There is a concern about the height of the new storage shed on the northeast side of the building, but it was agreed to address the issue after all the fencing work is complete. All the “common area” doors still need to be painted, but we must replace two doors before painting; the south front stairwell door and the atrium door. Currently the bids to replace these are about $5K, plus the metal louvers in the dumpster doors and fire/electric room doors are an additional $1200.

OPEN FORUM – COMMENTS & DISCUSSION: Claudette, unit #202, stated that she is very concerned with safety and security. Bill obtained a cost of $375 to build the shed height up to the bottom of her balcony, and she would like to see that completed if it is found that a person could still use the a/c compressor to reach the roof of the current shed. Some residents wanted the pump room used for tools, but fire marshal will not allow that.

Seagrapes on North side: A resident would like to see this lowered the legal 1/3rd per year, and would like to see it tapered more towards the ocean. Tina said the contractor climbed trees and had the lift out as far as it could go, but they will try again next year.

Resident Mrs. Pantano asked that a US flag be installed in front of the 2 palm trees. Manager noted it is about $2K to install the stainless pole, lighting and parts. All in attendance verbally agreed they would like to see this voted on at the next special assessment meeting.

Resident Carole Dujmovic asked how board decisions are made since she never heard about some of the work being done. Tom Moran stated that Board members are required to protect the investments of all owners. They are willing to take comments or concerns if the requestor brings in possible solutions, but the Board is not required to ask for input before making the decisions they make for the good of the community.  Alice concurred that it is a thankless job to be a Board member, and Boards do the best they can, putting their own personal interests and feelings aside.

People asked for better communication. Board members stated that they must handle daily maintenance issues and cannot ask for permission from all owners before handling those issues. Tina said that communications have been much better since Reconcilable Differences took over as management, and Michelle confirmed that she will send out emails whenever all owners need to be made aware of upcoming maintenance or issues.

There was much discussion about the volunteer help many owners offer. All were thanked for their time and talents and it was stated that the owners may not all agree on certain subjects, but all need to be kind and professional to others.

PRESENTATION OF 2015-16 BOARD MEMBERS: As Tina stated earlier, only three owners offered to serve. Those are Betty BALLARD Unit #501, Tina COMPTON   Unit #401, and Tom MORAN   Unit #403. Tina did reiterate that if anyone else wants to serve, they need to send in their written interest and the Board will discuss appointing others at the next Board meeting.


INSURANCE DEDUCTIBLE: Attorneys and CPA’s are now recommending that Associations have a Reserve Account for Insurance Deductibles and Policy Increases. It is a “slush fund” with a purpose. If the owners vote in a majority to start funding that line item in reserves, it cannot be used for anything else without a membership vote, and can be used to pay a portion of the premium each year, if needed. The Board was discussing only a small amount be started, adding $10 to $15 per month to the monthly payment, starting in 2016, after a budget is approved in October.
Votes: Eight (8) in favor and seven (7) not in favor, so this will probably not be discussed at budget time since there is not a clear majority in favor.

E-MAIL APPROVAL: Attorneys recommend that the Association obtain owner approval in writing to email information about the Association. Official mailings (members’ meetings and budgets) will still be printed and mailed, but allowing the Association to email updates and notices helps to save money. All e-mail addresses would remain confidential unless owners vote yes to the next item:
Votes: 14 voted yes to accepting email. 1 voted no. 

A yes vote to this would allow the owner’s e-mail address to be given to their Gardenia Condominium neighbors, assuming this will be for personal use and will not be shared with anyone outside the condominium.
Vote: 12 voted Yes, and 3 voted No.

ANY UNFINISHED OR NEW BUSINESS TO COMPLETE: Michelle said the Board needs to make a decision on the door bids received to replace the stairwell door to the south and the atrium door.
Because one Board member had to leave, it was agreed to move the Organizational Meeting to Monday at noon by speakerphone.

ADJOURNMENT: There being no more business to conduct, the meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm


held Monday, April 6, 2015

The meeting began at 10:00 am by speakerphone.
Tina Compton was asked to serve as president and she agreed. All in favor.
Tom Moran was again willing to serve as secretary. All agreed.
Betty agreed to be treasurer.

Because only the three members were willing to serve, Betty made the motion to keep the Board at 3 so that for voting purposes, a majority is 2. Tom seconded, all in favor. It was noted that if another two members are willing to serve and keep the Board at an odd number, this motion can be rescinded and a Board of five can serve.

Because of some issues at the Annual Meeting, Tom stated that the Board has the right to make the business decisions for the community without telling owners everything. The Board is entrusted to be fiscally responsible in handling the affairs of the community. 

Doors: Manager obtained 2 written bids, from Elite Construction and Alerion Door. Lowe’s is willing to give a price for a cost of $35 to send out the estimator. The Board agreed to this cost, since the contractor quotes were over $5,000. Once the last bid is obtained, the Board will meet again to make a decision on these two doors.

Railing Noise: Curtis had started the initial conversation with the owner of Stiicks Welding. He met in Maria Lebron’s unit and recommended a “fix” for the railing noise in high winds. He was asked to put that in writing and deliver it to Maria to forward to the Board for approval. To date, we have not received the bid. Betty is willing to keep on top of this issue, since she hears that noise as well.

Birds: We have a problem with starlings making nests in large holes made in the Styrofoam columns. This is making a mess of the parking lot as well. Manager will contact Truly Nolen for a quote, and possibly a private “Animal Control” company. Michelle will obtain as much info as possible before the next meeting.

Locks at pool gates: There are now 3 new “pull-up” locks on the 3 pool gates, but they need to have “double-sided” locks and be keyed to the amenity key. Michelle will work with Billy on these issues.

The meeting adjourned at 10:40 am

Respectfully submitted,
Michelle Davis, CAM, CMCA, AMS
Reconcilable Differences, Inc.