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Call to Order: The meeting began at 6:00 pm

Board president Tina Compton, unit 401, asked the 10 owners present to introduce themselves since some are new to the community. Manager Michelle Davis from Reconcilable Differences was also present.

Guest Speaker: Donna Arceneaux from Spectrum/Brighthouse Cable attended to discuss a new option. Currently, the association pays for standard cable service in each unit. The new channel lineup is similar to past channels, but some have been removed to a secondary tier that Spectrum will charge extra for, such as the golf channel, MTV, Nickelodeon, etc. The current cable contract with Brighthouse gives each unit one “set top box” and 2 small digital adaptors. The monthly charge per unit is currently $42.20 plus tax. She brought an offer of $49.95 per unit plus tax to have both cable and 60mgb speed internet in each home. This would save those who pay for internet personally about $49 per month. With this revised contract, instead of 1 box and 2 adapters, each home would get 2 set top boxes. These boxes offer On Demand and Music stations, where the adapters did not. But.. for those who like the DVR service, the DVR set top box would cost $5 per month and the service to tape and store your shows would cost $13 per month. This new contract would have the same 5-year term and the same 5% increase per year but for basically $7.00 per month per unit, internet would be included. The one difference in a contract for internet versus paying privately is that each home will need to purchase their own router or rent one from Spectrum for wireless service for laptops and tablets. Donna was thanked for her time and left.

Establish Quorum of Members: Michelle Davis stated that 5 units were represented by proxy and 10 members were present in person, for a total of 15 units in attendance. 13 were needed, so a quorum was established.

Approve Minutes of the past Annual Meeting: Betty motioned to approve the last year annual meeting minutes, from April 29, 2016, as written and posted on the website. Tina seconded, all in favor.

President’s Message: Tina Compton welcomed Joel Butler as the newest addition to the board. In the last 12 months, the board completed the elevator modifications, and everyone seems satisfied with the end results. We pressure washed and painted the garage floors and columns, we replaced the dome awning over the stairwell door, we added 28 fire sprinkler pipe hangers, added a new air conditioner in the elevator room on the roof, and handled hurricane damage of repairing the front door, replacing the entrance keypad and trash room doors, replacing all lighted exit signs, repairing pool furniture, repairing and painting the pool deck and beach crossover, will be installing new rec room sliding doors soon, and will also replace the bird zapper on the roof. We have repaired broken concrete and repaired the water pump that brings water to the top floors. She thanked Alice for her years on the board, as she steps down.

Financial Report: Michelle stated that through March 31, 2017, the association has $115,975 in Reserves, and $50,000.00 in Operating. Only one unit has not paid, and that account has been sent to the association attorney for collections. 23 of 24 units have paid their special assessment in full. Year to date, the association shows as under budget by $40,000 because payments have been received by owners but some of the Special Assessment work has not yet been completed. Overall the association is on budget and doing well.

Maintenance Report: We have ordered the foam railings, there is an intermittent problem with the lights. The upper 4 floors and the detached garages work, but all other lights are out. Bill said they may have lost connection at some point. Terry will check into it and give a report. There are still noise issues on the personal balcony railings. The foam railings are on order for one unit, at $2K per balcony railing. If it works, one more will be done, per the special assessment invoice.

The bird zapper: Truly Nolen bid $1,900 for a replacement zapper, but wire is extra, and we require a full bid before ordering. Owners were asked if they see a difference in the bird issues since the hurricane damaged the old zapper. A number of residents said they see more now and believe it worked, so the issue needs more investigation. A resident said that Ace Hardware has a metallic tape that is supposed to scare the birds away. Betty and Sherry are trying this out and will provide feedback to Michelle.

Open Forum – Questions & Discussion by Owners- Pump – There had been discussion of replacing the booster pump, but an adjustment was made and it is now working much better. A new one is about $40,000.

Sliding Doors at Rec Room – These are on order and should be installed within 6 weeks. They are high impact glass, so the broken hurricane shutters will be removed and are not needed with high impact windows. Some were worried about hurricane winds. Mitigation expectations will not be compromised with these windows. Owners asked about replacing their own windows with high impact windows. Per Michelle if they are Dade county approved high impact and look the same, it is a great idea to replace them.

Lobby Floors will be steam cleaned tomorrow. It was supposed to be today, but they had an emergency come up.

Garage Storage Bins – Potential buyers of two units have asked where they can place a storage bin, because the owners never installed one. There has been a lot of discussion about this and most of those in attendance went out to the garage to look at the issue. What is allowed to be stored in those bins and around them is also an issue that needs clarification. A majority of the residents in attendance said it was ok to have bicycles and recreational stuff as long as it stays neat and tidy and kept in your space. Small and loose items must be hidden from view. The board will modify the rules and mail to all owners for input before the changes go into effect, per FL. Statute. Space #10 will allow a bin after we move a junction box, and the storage bin for #402 will be allowed on the north side of the clubhouse door.

Presentation of the 2017-18 Board members- Tina Compton, Betty Ballard and Joel Butler have agreed to serve on this new board. We thank them for their volunteer service and look forward to a great year!

Any Unfinished or New Business to Complete- None

Adjournment: There being no further business to transact, the meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, CAM 17226, Community Association Manager


The meeting began at 7:40pm.

Joel motioned to appoint Tina Compton as president. Betty seconded, Tina agreed, all in favor.

Betty agreed to be Treasurer and Joel agreed to be Secretary.

A resident has a surfboard in the stairwell. A letter will be written to remove it. This is a fire marshal requirement.

A kayak is being stored on the ground and because of it, their car is over the line and affects another unit’s space. A letter will be written.

All agreed that loose articles cannot be left out in the garage and must be moved to units or stored inside their locked bins.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.