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Call to Order: The meeting began at 6:00 pm

Establish Quorum of Members: Manager Michelle Davis stated that 14 units were represented in person and 3 by proxy, for a total of 17 units in attendance. 13 were needed, so a quorum was established.

Approve Minutes of the past Annual Meeting: Ken Wells motioned to approve the minutes from last year’s annual meeting minutes, on April 25, 2017, as written and posted on the website. Betty seconded, all in favor.

President’s Message: Tina Compton stated that in the last 12 months, the board completed the following: The fire alarm system was upgraded with a new panel and smoke detectors. Internet was added to the bulk cable contract for all units, we installed new sliders in the clubhouse on the east side, all common doors were repaired, painted and had new signs installed. The elevator had more equipment added to save the electronics from “brown-outs”, we purchased new shopping carts for residents’ temporary use, we purchased a new fireproof paint cabinet, a new fire panel was installed, and a cooling system was added to the water pump. A lot of landscaping was done after Hurricane Irma, and a replacement awning was installed over the front entry door. We will be adding 3 specimen coconut palms, will be replacing the south rec room sliding glass doors, and 2 garage doors will be replaced as soon as the permit is issued. Tina welcomed 3 new unit owners to the Association.

Tina asked that everyone who goes out to the exterior garbage room lock the top and bottom locks on that door before they leave. She also asked everyone to check and ensure these are always locked, as they walk around the property. Both hurricanes took these doors off, probably because those locks were not in place.

Financial Report: Michelle stated that 2017 ended about $15,000 over budget due to hurricane expenses, and year to date $17,000 over budget for the same reason. With the $88,272 to be received via the special assessment, the Association will be in good shape financially, and all owners are up to date with their payments. Based on the special assessment approved earlier this year, $2,145.00 per unit will be due on May 1st, and the remaining $1,533.00 will be due June 1st.

Maintenance Report: Ted from RDI stated that the soffit on the garage will be repaired next week. Ted has tried to work with the USPS to fix one of the broken lockboxes. Tina asked for a volunteer to work on this USPS issue; Kathy Shoulders volunteered to contact the postmaster in regard to getting the broken lock repaired.

Open Forum – Questions & Discussion by Owners

Puddle in the Garage – A resident asked about a recurring puddle forming in the garage. The Board went out to see the issue and now that they are aware of the reoccurrence. They will actively work on a viable option to keep the water from ponding.
Painting – The building should be painted next year; Sherwin Williams has been asked to write the specifications and we will obtain at least 3 bids. A material to keep the birds from pecking the foam will be used. There was discussion about requiring personal hurricane shutters to be sanded and painted, so the bidding paint contractors will be asked to price these separately.
Asphalt – Tina mentioned that parking lot will need to be recoated in the next year or two.
Birds – The Board is researching ways to keep the birds from pecking holes in the foam pieces of the building structure.
Neighboring Condo Construction Gear – The neighboring condo, Ocean Walk Condominiums, is starting balcony renovations. Their contractor has placed a large shed, a port-o-potty and materials on property that is actually owned by Gardenia, and have also placed it over the line that the county prohibits any buildings on. The port-o-potty is very close to the Gardenia pool. Tina has been in contact with the county to find out if the items can be removed.
Non-Emergency Police Report – Please dial 321-952-6371 to report non-emergency issues.
Pool Restroom – The pool restroom has been trashed several times, and been professionally serviced three times recently. Please make sure the door is completely shut behind you when you use the pool restroom to eliminate non-residents from borrowing the restroom. All residents should also make sure to clean up after themselves.
Garage Doors – A resident asked if the garage doors are supposed to close automatically. It seems that only the main opening has the auto close feature working. Ted will investigate whether the single garages can automatically close, but asks all owners to manually close their own garages as they leave the property. A new resident questioned the building security when doors are left open all the time. All residents should take care to close any doors they see left open. With management present only one day per week, the building is self-policed and all residents should contribute in keeping the building secure.
Door Code – The door code has not been updated in a long time and is no longer secure. Those in attendance selected a new code that will go into effect April 25, 2018. All owners will receive an email with the code and date of change.
Front Door Call Box – Some of the residents complained that the call box does not call them. The call box only calls local “321” area code phone numbers. Michelle stated that since the system has been switched to Spectrum, she will call and find out if ‘out-of-area’ area codes can be connected to the callbox.

Presentation of the 2018-19 Board members: Betty Ballard, Ross Clevens, Tina Compton, Kathy Shoulders and Nash Tanious have agreed to serve on this new board. We thank them for their volunteer service and look forward to a great year!

Any Unfinished or New Business to Complete: None

Adjournment: There being no further business to transact, the meeting adjourned at 7:00 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Colleen Leto, Assistant Community Association Manager
Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, CAM # 17226, Community Association Manager


The meeting began at 7:05pm.

Appointing Board Members
Kathy motioned to appoint Ross Clevens as President. Nash seconded, all in favor.
Nash motioned to appoint Betty Ballard as Vice President. Ross seconded, all in favor.
Nash motioned to appoint Kathy Shoulders as Treasurer. Ross seconded, all in favor.
Tina motioned to approve Nash Tanious as Secretary. Betty seconded, all in favor.
Tina Compton will be Director at Large.

Email - All Board members are in support of communicating regularly by email.

Attorney/Shutters- The petition for a declaratory statement was sent that day. The attorney has re-filed a request for a legal opinion from the state department of business and professional regulations about requiring that hurricane shutters be kept and maintained by all owners, even if they replace windows or sliders with high impact glass. There have been a number of engineers and contractors who say while high impact stops items from breaking the glass and entering a unit, they do not stop water.

Tile on the Balcony - The unit owner of #503 has installed tile on their balcony, even though management asked them last weekend to cease that work since tiling the balcony is prohibited by the governing documents and engineers have stated that this causes the balcony rebar to fail more quickly. A letter has been written by the association attorney demanding that they pull up that tile and repair the balcony surface within 10 days. The Association is unable to repair the balcony railing until the tile issue has been resolved.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:32 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Colleen Leto, Assistant Community Association Manager
Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, CAM # 17226, Community Association Manager