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of the Gardenia Oceanfront Condominium Association, Inc 
Friday April 29, 2016

CALL MEETING TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. in the on-site Rec Room, located at 2195 Highway A1A, Indian Harbour Beach, FL. 

ESTABLISH QUORUM OF MEMBERS BY CERTIFICATION OF PROXIES: Manager stated that eight units attended in person and seven attended by proxy, for a total of 15 in attendance. Thirteen were needed for a quorum. Quorum was established. 

BOARD MEMBER REPORTS: President Tina Compton stated that the elevator modernization is completed and she thanked everyone for their patience through the process. We also straightened up the electrical room, which is also the maintenance office. Bill was able to find good used commercial furniture, so now everything has a place and is safely stored. 
The landscape lighting was completed by Sam & Bill. All agreed it looks great. 
Roof maintenance was completed. Every 18 months, it will be inspected, patched and cleaned. 
Seagrapes were trimmed. They will now be maintained at the current height, included in our monthly cost. Some were not happy with the height, but patience was requested while new branches and leaves grow in more fully. This will help cut costs, since in the past, biannually, it was extremely expensive to do a large trimming. 
Garage floor was painted, all stops re-numbered. 
Fire pipes had hangers and risers replaced, and the leaking backflow preventer was finally fixed. We did not have to replace all piping, a check valve was installed and the drip has finally stopped at the street. 
Water pressure on the higher floors was an issue, but right now, it seems to be better. If it gets worse, Morgan Pumps will have to do a pressure test in the units. 
Hot water tanks were discussed. It was reiterated that heaters should be replaced every seven to ten years. All are asked to check the age of their tanks and check for leaks and rust. If you are negligent, you can be personally responsible for damage to your neighbors’ homes. Water alarms ($8 at Lowe’s) are also recommended. Washing machine hoses are also an important item to check. With new rules being discussed, this might be another item to add clarification to. 

APPROVAL OF PAST ANNUAL MINUTES IF A QUORUM IS REACHED: Tina motioned to approve the 2015 Annual Minutes as written and posted on the website. Betty seconded, all in favor. 

FINANCIAL REPORT: Manager reported that as of 12/31/15, even with all the items completed last year, the association was over budget by only $1500. As of this month, the association is a little over budget, but this is because the special assessment included $5K to ThyssenKrupp in case they try to sue for contract termination, and $5k for security and new locks, and $1500 for more spalling issues and $1500 to pay the final elevator consultant bill. Those items are shown as “accounts payable” in this year. They will be used or put into reserves. 


  • Elevator Update: The final inspection was completed. We should have the report next week, but did not see any real problems. A resident asked about no caulking around the control panel. Ted stated that this is the only type of control panel used along the coast, and if the panel is not sprayed with high pressure water, this will never happen. The consultant and the technician strongly feel that this will not happen again if the pressure washer does not direct high pressure water directly on the panel. They cannot caulk around it, because it needs to just be able to unscrew to check it. Another owner complained about a “shake” as it stops at the higher floors. We are told that this is normal, but will ask the tech to continue to find a way to smooth out that shake. It was noted that we have a traction cable elevator versus a hydraulic elevator. Ted said if it doesn’t level, that is an issue to immediately address, but the shake may not be able to be fixed. There is some stucco and painting repair left to do. Boards were cut and beveled by Terry to protect the floor during moves. Owners discussed a rubber mat that another condo uses instead of wood. The metal above the controls looks a little warped, so they will be modifying the area to hide that. Correct padding for the walls was also received.
  • Garage Doors: The seven single doors near the road were replaced in 2012 - under 4 years ago - with Clopay doors at $900 per door, and they already show rust. It would cost $3,150 ($450 per door) for all new panels to be installed; free panels under warranty, but labor is the cost involved, and this would not include cables or frames. We could paint them instead, for $1400, which would give them a couple more years of life. Or we could replace with fiberglass doors, at a cost of $1,500 per single door, aluminum clad. Along with the high cost, these are not hurricane rated. And no matter what is decided, the manufacturers also say the doors need to be washed and waxed on a weekly to monthly basis. This would add another $5K in labor to try to mitigate the rust issues on these doors.
  • It was mentioned that the seven mile strip in front of Gardenia is the worst salt environment along the whole east coast. Washing and painting the building components is an important ongoing issue. Washing balconies is also an issue. All wondered how to do it without affecting neighbors. More discussion will be done on this subject. 
  • The double garage doors replaced 2 years ago also already have rust spots. Ted spent a great deal of time investigating, calling all garage door manufacturers, meeting with some, and the end result is that the warranty is not helpful. If the rust has caused a hole, the company will replace panels for free, but the labor to install is not included, and that is $450 per single and $600 per double door, even if only one panel is replaced. 
  • Fire / Safety Updates: The fire marshal report required that the “Exit” signs on the garage side of the lobby be removed since we locked the doors into the lobby. He also noted some stairwell doors didn’t shut completely. The doors have been bondo’ed and painted so much that they don’t shut properly anymore. In the future, these doors and frames will have to be replaced. All Brevard Fire bid $1,325 to address every rusty hanger and pipe in the large garage, and includes replacing the red pipe outside the north door that is rusted. It was noted that the fire pump diesel pipe coming up in the atrium that is very rusty should be replaced also. Management was asked to get a bid on that as well. 
  • Landscaping Update: Betty had asked about palm fronds in the atrium. Bill Compton will make arrangements with the workers to do the trimming when needed. Fronds and debris on the ground in the atrium can be picked up by Terry.
  • Results of Inspections: During the alarm and fire sprinkler inspection, Ted checked water drips and spalling on balconies. Some had rust spots, but nothing needing real repairs except unit 203. It is an isolated space, but the contractor must remove the railing to repair it and then reinstall the rail. Four contractors have been called, but only Cosmopolitan gave a price, at $3,000. This also started a discussion about railings on all balconies. They are chipping, but there is no warranty on them. When balconies are repaired and/or painted, railings are addressed. And Betty said the noise coming from her rails when the wind is blowing from the northeast is still terrible and she wants something done. We have asked 3 fence contractors for options, but they aren’t interested in this small job. A brace needs to be manufactured, which is different for each balcony. The best price we found was $700, but then that contractor wouldn’t even call back to start the job. Ted will continue to look for options. We have already tightened all bolts. It helped a bit, but the problem is still there. 
  • Grocery Carts: While some are upset that most of the carts have disappeared, majority of people at the meeting agreed that purchasing your own is the best option. No one felt purchasing new ones was worth the money, since nice ones disappear quickly. Betty purchased a nice folding one, called a Folding Versa Cart for $65.00 on Amazon. 
OPEN FORUM - COMMENTS & DISCUSSION: Mrs. Nelappana said the clubhouse shutters are hard to open, and the slider doesn’t lock easily. She also found during her party that one outlet didn’t work. Terry and Ted fixed that as soon as she told us. 

Betty noted that the palm at the glass entrance door is dying. Tina said there is a lot of clay in that area and the irrigation must be redone before anything else is planted. He is working on this. 

Sam stated that someone is throwing cigarette butts down onto the parking lot. We are all owners. We need to take care of this place. Sam has often had to step into the dumpster to clear the chute. All residents need to offer to pitch in and help wherever they can. We must all help maintain our building. 

Tina noted that management is our business partner. We have to be careful not to take our frustrations out on them. She said RDI is the best management company she has worked with, and we need to be professional with them as well. 
Michelle noted that Brighthouse Cable will pay up to $200 twice per year for party food. Some were interested, so a date will be decided. We hope to have all residents know their neighbors. 

Sam noted that many owners have skills and experience that can help the building. All are asked to participate in any way they can. 

PRESENTATION OF 2016-17 BOARD MEMBERS: Only Tina Compton and Betty Ballard offered to serve on the board. We asked for more volunteers and no one offered. Tonight, Alice Chaney offered to be the third person if no one else will do it, but she stated that she served for many years and really feels someone else should offer to serve. 

ADJOURNMENT: There being no more owner business to conduct, the meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm. 


Call to Order: The Board meeting started at 7:35 pm. 

Officers: Tina agreed to again serve at President and Betty agreed to serve as Treasurer. Betty motioned to appoint Alice Chaney as Secretary. Tina seconded, both in favor. Alice will be congratulated.

Tina said Millennium Park will be re-doing the bathrooms in June. This may help with the view from Gardenia also. 
The lock on the door into the lobby is a frustration for some. Getting locked out is commonplace. But a majority of owners did vote to lock those. There are new locks that can be unlocked with a smart phone app, but that could be discussed in the future. 

There was discussion about the rust again showing through on the doors painted last year. We were told that paint would not hold back the rust for long. He did say he would touch them up if he gets the job of painting the garage doors. 
A new rug for the entrance door into the lobby was purchased. Pets have peed on the old rug. We ask that people clean up and wash this rug if their pets use it. 

Betty will look into caulking or waterproofing the control panels on each floor. 

The Board asked that the Premier Elevator technician let us know in advance when they will be coming to the property. This way, if there are issues we need to discuss with them, it gives us time with them. 

Move In / Out Forms: The Board is going to work on a clear rule for the deposit and form required when people need to use the elevator pads and floor for moving items in or out of their units. 

Tina also wants to write up something for Malcolm to place on his letterhead and sign for our records with regard to the electronics and their life span. 

The balcony washing issue seems to be of concern so the Board will discuss this issue this year. 

Management was asked to obtain a bid from the janitorial company for washing down the walkways. 

Tina asked how to direct correspondence to management. All issues need to go to That way, all employees at RDI see the email, and Ted will handle facilities maintenance, Sarah will deal with bookkeeping issues, and Michelle and Gabrielle will deal with management and administrative issues. 

Awning: ABC Awning was supposed to have installed the new awning, but they told us today that it will be another week. There are also some rusting brackets. Ted gave approval for new brackets, so it will be a little more than the $450 they bid. 

Ted was asked to put all the cost details about the garage doors into an email, and the board will discuss the best option. 

We need a new notice posted about bug spraying inside units and around the building. 
There is a “Welcome Handbook” that was designed when the building was new. We would like to obtain a copy to post on the website. 

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 8:02 pm. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, LCAM 
Reconcilable Differences, Inc.