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held FRIDAY, AUGUST 14, 2015 

CALL MEETING TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 10:04 am by conference call-in to 605-475-4000, code 457029#.

ESTABLISH QUORUM OF BOARD MEMBERS: Present on speakerphone were President Tina Compton, Secretary Tom Moran and Treasurer Betty Ballard. Also on speakerphone was manager Michelle Davis and elevator consultant Malcolm Daigle.

APPROVAL OF PREVIOUS MINUTES: Tom motioned to approve the minutes from the June 5, 2015 meeting. Betty seconded, all in favor. 

FINANCIAL REPORT: Michelle stated that through July, the Association is about $600 over budget. Three owners are partially in arrears, but management believes all will pay eventually. The operating account has $26K and the Reserve account has a balance of $65K.


  • Elevator Update: Elevator consultant, Malcolm Daigle, was on this call to answer questions. He did clarify that Premier Elevator was willing to match the low bid from Mowrey, of $95,500 for the modification, but they were not willing to lower their monthly maintenance contract for the next 5 years. Manager spoke to a contact who has used Premier for monthly maintenance and they have been very impressed with the service. The maintenance contract that the consultant prepared will be for a five year period and after that time, it will be on a month to month basis that can be easily cancelled, unlike elevator company contracts. Betty was concerned about what the current outgoing elevator maintenance company will charge to cancel their contract. At this time, with the attorney’s letter having been sent to ThyssenKrupp and Malcolm and Michelle’s experiences at other condominiums, they do not believe ThyssenKrupp will pursue a lawsuit for the balance. Betty wanted it on the record that she won’t hold up the approval for this, but she has reservations about what T/K will require in the future to release the association. Malcolm said once the board approves a contractor, it will be approximately 10 days before the contract is finalized and the equipment is ordered. Then it will be 14-15 weeks for delivery of the equipment, and then three to four weeks for the installation. A normal install time is eight to ten weeks, but we are paying for overtime to get it done more quickly. Because of timing and holidays, it looks like equipment would be delivered near Christmas, so the Board decided that January 11, 2016 would be a good starting date.
  • Tina and Betty wanted more information about the cab interiors. Retro Cab will be subcontracted for the walls and ceilings. The reveals between the panels will be stainless steel. Photos and drawings can be seen at Tina was very concerned about having enough light inside the elevator. Mr. Daigle said “10 foot candles of measured light at the floor” is the minimum the state will allow now, and LED lights are used. Malcolm said this high ceilinged cab may need 9 lights, but whatever the light meters read will be done. Tina will do more research, because she is still worried about having a dark interior. Flooring is not included in this price, and the Board agreed that this should really be done at the same time, so we need to find a contractor and have them coordinate with Retro. 
  • Betty asked where the cab would “rest” when not in use. Malcolm said it usually stays at the first floor, but you could leave it in the center of the building or where it was last stopped. The board can make that decision. Betty wanted the cab to stay on the first floor and stay opened to bring in the cool air from the lobby. Malcolm said elevator code requires the doors to be closed. Adding an a/c cooler to the cab keeps it cool, but causes condensation and then water issues when the doors open on non-cooled floors. When the Board approves a contractor, Malcolm will have the vendor sign the contracts and deliver to him and then he will bring them to the Board to sign.
  • After Malcolm left the conversation, Tom motioned to move forward with Premier Elevator doing the modernization. Betty seconded. Tina added to the motion to say it will start Jan 11th and should take 4 to 5 weeks to complete, just in case of problems. She also asked if the rest of the board wanted to add cab flooring to the cost. All were in support of that, so it was added to the motion and all were in favor. Betty will ask her current contractor for a price so that we have a cost for the Special Assessment. All were also asked to look at the Retro site to choose the wall and lighting choices.
Painting: C&J starting painting the stairwell and common area doors on Monday. The two new doors ordered through Lowe’s still aren’t in, but the painter was scheduled over a month ago, so the two doors can be painted by Terri later. Management was asked to obtain a price to paint the garage floor. C&J bid $2400, but would not move storage sheds, so they could stay in place or be moved by the owners.  This price would also include striping. Terry has been spot painting, but some feel the whole floor should be done at once. Pressure washing the floor must be done first, and we have been told it will stay wet for 3 days, and then the painting could be done. Majority opinion was to wait on painting the floor until after the elevator work is complete, and after the pressure washing is done in March. Betty said soap scum from the last time they pressure washed is still on the columns. Board agreed to pay John the janitorial person, to clean the columns after the pressure washing is done. 

Garage Doors: Two double garage doors on either side of the front glass door need to be replaced. Terry tried to paint them, and found major areas rusted through, so painting won’t help. Four bids were found from last year when 5 doors were replaced, and manager also obtained another bid from Howard Garage Doors. It seems that Rick’s Garage Door is the least expensive, so manager will contact him to see if his price will stay the same. There is also an issue with a garage door opener, and since these are an Association responsibility, the price for a new one is $400 from Ricks and $375 from Howards, but Rick’s seems to be a better commercial grade.

Bird and Bee Issues:  Installation of a solar “shock” line along a portion of the roof parapet wall was approved at the last meeting. It seems to work well, but the birds have now moved to another spot where the shock doesn’t affect them. But the issues at the pool area are better.  As for the holes made by the birds in the columns, they are in places it is unsafe for Terry to lean out and try to fill. For now, we cannot do much except fill the holes that are safe to reach. Terry also put up a row of sharp “tacks” where the birds like to sit near #903. It has worked, but not completely.

A moving “hive” of honey bees has again tried to make the 8th and 9th floors their new home. Because one owner has an allergic child, one hive was sprayed to kill them. But experts say that honey bees will not sting unless harassed and will usually find a tree or another place to settle within 4 days; we have been told they are “resting”. If they are still hanging around after four days, Alice has a friend who is a firefighter and a beekeeper, who will move the hive to a safe place. He took this first hive away for free. All were in agreement that honey bees will not be killed again. 

Fire Extinguishers:  Palm Bay Fire will be out next week to do their annual inspection and testing. They will replace 2 expired tanks and will have to repair or replace a covered stand that is broken.

Atrium Door and South Stairwell Door Replacements: We paid Lowe’s for the 2 doors in May. They have had problem after problem obtaining a county permit and the proper supplies. We hope to have this work completed the week after August 25th, when the corrected doors are received. All other parts are waiting, in the garage. 

Fence around Clubhouse A/C: We have finally received the two requested bids to add fencing around the air conditioner so that people cannot step onto the A/C unit to climb on top of the storage shed and climb onto the balcony above. The prices are expensive. American Fence bid $1225 to add a high fence on both sides with a gate to get in and inspect or repair the A/C unit.  Custom Fence bid $980 to add two fence panels around the A/C unit, which would have to be unscrewed to work on it. The unit owner above the shed is quite worried about the possibility of someone climbing onto her balcony, and all agreed we need to do something to allay her fears, but these options are expensive. Tina said that Best Shutter had given a verbal price of $350 to add a “valance” around the top of the shed, to bring the top of it up to the ceiling above. All agreed this was a good option, so manager will call Best and get a written cost to do this work. If still reasonable, manager will ask the unit owner if she would accept this option of a header/façade added instead of another fence.

Louvers:  The garbage door louvers disintegrated beyond the ability to paint them. The prices we obtained for replacement were all extremely high, but these are at the front of the property and look terrible. All agreed to have these replaced, by Elite Construction. This will be completed before end of the month.

Unit Door Painting: Some doors were not painted when the building was painted, due to hurricane shutters being down or having replaced the door since then. The Association will provide the paint, but the owners must provide the labor.

ADJOURNMENT: There being no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 11:25 am.

Respectfully Submitted,

Michelle Davis
Michelle Davis, CAM, CMCA, AMS
Reconcilable Differences, Inc.