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Board of Directors Meeting

Call to Order: The meeting began at 6:00 pm

Establish Quorum of Directors: Board members present: President Tina Compton, Treasurer Betty Ballard, and Secretary Joel Butler. Michelle Davis & Ted Manna from management company Reconcilable Differences attended. Fourteen unit owners attended. The agenda had been posted almost a week prior.

Approve Minutes of the past Board Meeting: Joel motioned to approve the April 25, 2017 Organizational meeting minutes. Betty seconded, all in favor.

Financial Report: Michelle stated that through July 31st, the association has $35,334 in the operating account, and $137,785 in Reserves. We still have railing issues to pay from that operating fund, but elevator smoke alarms money was moved to reserves until the fire marshal cites us for those, or we need a new fire alarm panel, which will be discussed later.
The property shows a profit of $18K year to date. There are a few slow payers; one has been sent to the attorney for collection action, and two others have promised to pay their second special assessment “soon”. The board all agreed that those who did not pay their 2nd special assessment by June 1st must pay the late fees.

Spectrum Vote: All owners were asked to vote to add internet to the “bulk” cable contract already in place. Eight owners voted no, but 12 voted yes and 4 did not vote.
Because of a concern from a resident, the association attorney was asked for a legal opinion on the board’s ability to sign the new contract. They are allowed, and with the majority desiring the change, the board felt it was a good decision. The attorney also gave some recommended changes to the contract, and Spectrum was willing to make those, so Joel motioned to accept and sign a new contract with Brighthouse/Spectrum for 5 years, to include 60 mg internet and tier 2 cable channels. Betty seconded, all in favor. It will take about 2 months to start this service, and they are giving a signing bonus of $1200. A letter will be mailed by Spectrum to all owners with directions on getting their new equipment in October.

New Business:
Elevator: The last outage was 6 days long. It was due to a possible lightening hit/power surge. We do have surge protectors on all the equipment, but there was a “failure to protect”. Ted recommended that we should require the elevator maintenance company keep a full set of replacement boards, in case they get fried again. Tan has agreed to this. There are concerns of rust on the elevator button panels on many floors. It doesn’t seem to be rust, and did come off with pressure. The technician offered to caulk around all the buttons as a waterproofing option, but it was a free verbal offer, so we aren’t sure when it will be done. One owner was locked in the elevator one day, and the elevator phone did not work. (We found later that the phone was also hit by lightning.) Ted said there is a lock box on the electrical room door so firemen can get in to turn off / on power, and it is the same code as the front door. We have not received an invoice for the new mother boards yet, so we have no idea of cost yet. A third-party electrician tested and did not see that the surge protector was hit, but the motherboard was definitely fried.

Alarms/ Fire Panel: The fire panel has been beeping for months, with phone calls from the monitoring company to management at least nightly about the error codes. Universal Fire has tried many things, but the errors continue. They now believe a new panel is needed. They will send someone to bid the job, with panel, smoke detectors, and everything up to code. In the meantime, Ted asked ATP for a price for the same, and their bid is $9,931. Two other bids were received last year before the special assessment. Right now, we are hoping their “one more fix” helps. If not the Board will proceed with replacing the system and installing smoke detectors as recommended by elevator consultant.Beeping will continue until the panel is replaced, and has, at times, caused the elevator to shut down as well. This is a high priority.

Railing: The company we were going to use to foam fill the railing backed out, saying they are too busy for a small job, so another railing/fence company is coming out Friday to review the problem and give a bid.

Doors: The 35+ metal people doors are in various stages of disrepair. Some have spalling issues at the bottom of the frames, and all have rust. The fire marshal will cite us for any that cannot shut and lock without help, so this is a high priority. Ted has spoken with many door companies, and they say sanding, caulking and painting will give about 18 months life. New metal door slabs cost $700 and new doors with frames are about $3000 installed. Especially in hurricane season, proper closure is vital. We are waiting on written bids from three vendors. There are other options- fiberglass and PVC doors won’t rust, but we cannot get the fire marshal to give written permission allowing those. There is a new repair option of removing old bottom edges and concreting them, but we do not know if this will crack with slamming doors, etc. Ted is actively looking for the best option. Terry is vigilantly looking for rust and sanding and painting small areas, but he cannot address all the door issues right now.

Roof: Ted met with Tom Bo from the company that coated the roof 3 years ago. He still says the roof is fine and doesn’t need any repairs. Management disagrees, but one company is recommending re-coating again, and it is too soon for that, a $20K job. Ted will continue to research what is correct and truly needed, but the foam underneath the coating seems to be working. There are no leaks that we are aware of. Terry does inspect and brooms off debris monthly. Betty said birds are pecking the styrofoam columns again. That is always a problem, but the bird zapper on the roof is working.

Fire Sprinklers & Alarms: Ted stated that last week All Brevard was out to make the repairs noted in the annual fire sprinkler inspection. One unit owner did not want to allow them entrance, and disputed the inspection results, so that unit was “red tagged”. Owner said he was told there were 2 sprinklers that were painted. He contested, saying the association must have fixed drywall from the last repair and painted, but the association does not paint inside units. There was too much conflicting information, so the owner will send proof of payment for the last repair, and this was tabled until next year’s inspection, and we may have another company do the inspection.

Windows: A resident removed their hurricane shutters and installed hurricane-impact windows and sliding glass doors. The windows are not correct, as they have mullions, and the owner has promised to get them changed out by the first week of September. Management received two written complaints from owners stating this is a material alteration and changes the look of the building. One owner stated that shutters keep the water out, and impact windows do not do the same, so he says both are needed to be safe. They wanted the board to require that shutters not be removed, no matter what type of window is replaced. The association attorney wrote an opinion letter that the governing documents do not require shutters be kept on, and just requiring the housing for a consistent look is not a requirement. The board discussed this issue with the audience. Since this was the first time this has happened, an approval process /form will be made and added to the website for approval of any exterior changes. Tina noted that there is a formal process for changes of this nature and that this process was not followed. Additionally, it was noted that this owner attended a prior meeting inquiring about balcony shutters only. There was never a mention of windows. This issue got heated, and will be discussed in more detail later. The unit owners did promise to get the mullioned windows replaced with proper windows as quickly as possible, and at least paint the walls on the interior walkway where they took the shutters off immediately. Tina reminded everyone that they need board approval to do or add anything to common elements.

Cleaning Bids: The current company charges $405 per month for 2 visits per week. She also offers washing down walkways and stairwells at $180 each time it is done. Majority of audience does not like the smells of their cleaner, or they feel dirty water is used, so management is tasked with finding a new company, but for now, owners agreed and board approved having her add washing down monthly. With Terry blowing off walkways bi-weekly, this should help until the twice annual pressure washing is done. This segued into carts and the black marks they make on the walkways. Carts will be researched. In the meantime, each floor has a water spigot in the trash room, so all owners can use this as long as they stay away from the elevators. Others complained about dirt on exterior elevator buttons, exterior elevator doors, and cab high walls. Ted will go over all of this with cleaning company.
The one new written bid received, from USA Commercial Cleaning, is for $785, but includes power washing twice a year. (After meeting, we asked that they remove the work of blowing and pressure washing and re-bid, but they said they cannot promise a good job without being responsible for all cleaning.)

Balcony Maintenance: The board wanted to remind all owners that the governing documents give responsibility for repairs to the owner. Holes, cracks, wear and tear, paint, light fixtures, electrical outlets – all are owner responsibility. Sherwin Williams up the street has all paint colors in their computer – under Reconcilable Differences’ name. Ted reminded all that the faces of balconies are the association’s responsibility but we cannot get toithem to make small repairs. We will have to wait until we paint the whole building or have so many spalling issues that we need an engineer and GC.
This segued into water pressure. There are sporadic problems; sometimes in only one faucet, but in other units the problem is home-wide. We will have Morgan Pumps out again to check, but the last two times, he could not see any problems in the units we took him to. Ted asked all owners to email us, or go to the website and complete the attention form when they see or have any problems. It must be in writing, so we can track items properly.

Mold in Units: Unit #802 had a lot of black mold in their master closet. The renovation company could not ascertain where the moisture was coming from, but they had the air tested and cleaned the problem up. Since the experts could not figure out where the mold came from, it may happen again.

Keys: There was a problem with a new owner’s key not being put in the lockbox. We will look into a keypad / key safe so it takes more work to get into it. (It was found later that the key was still in its envelope and had never been added to the lockbox.) Terry’s workroom is the electrical room, so buying a $350 electric portable a/c unit was discussed. All agreed work conditions need to be fair.

Owner Forum: Dr. Aziz asked where he could place a storage cabinet. He was told that the wall to the north of the clubhouse door is his approved spot.

Adjournment: There being no further business to transact, the meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, CAM 17226, Community Association Manager