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held MONDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2015

CALL MEETING TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 6:05 pm.  

ESTABLISH QUORUM OF MEMBERS: There were twelve (12) units represented in person, four (4) members present on conference call (605-475-4000, code 457029#), and three (3) members present by proxy, for a total of 19 units represented.


1) Voting Results to Fully Fund or Partially Fund Reserves for Fiscal Year 2016: Eighteen (18) owners voted to partially fund reserves in 2016, and 1 owner voted to fully fund reserves. 

2) Voting Results of Adding Security Cameras to Ground Floor / All Floors: Eight owners voted to add security cameras on the first floor, outside the front entrance door, one in the lobby, 1 in the garage main area, one in the recreation room and one facing the pool.  Two owners voted to install cameras on all floors, and eight owners voted not to install cameras at all. There was discussion about requiring a super majority of positive votes to install these. Management felt that since it was a security issue, a lawyer would probably say the Board could make that decision, based on health and safety issues, but obtaining votes from a majority of owners helps the board make their decision. 

3) Voting Results of Locking All Doors into the Lobby: Ten owners voted to add a keypad on the garage side of the two doors between the garage and the lobby. Four voted to change all locks throughout the complex, six voted not to add a keypad, and 8 wanted no changes to the way keys and locks are currently working. 
There was discussion about security and how other condos handle locks and keys. The code to the front entry door was changed earlier this month, but some want to add the keypad and then maybe change all keys.

Tina synopsized that in August, books, food and prescriptions were stolen from both the mailbox area and from unit doors. It seems to have been a two week time frame in August and early September. There have been no actual thefts since then; only mailman delivery errors. All residents were asked have deliveries sent with a signature requirement for the future. 

Dr. Clevens motioned to change all the locks to every door, and include all the stairwell doors. No second. He modified the motion to have all perimeter doors kept locked, requiring keys on the doors from the garage into the lobby. Nine units were in favor, one opposed. Locks will be added to those doors this week. It was noted that the north side people door does not automatically lock, so that will also be repaired this week.

Dr. Clevens then motioned to re-key all ground floor doors. Nine were in favor and 5 were not. Most who voted no wanted cameras. This was tabled.

Regarding cameras, Maria motioned to add cameras in the lobby only, a modification to the vote that was mailed out. The initial quote was for 5 cameras and DVR, at a cost of $4,300. An owner said one camera should cost under $400. Maria modified her motion to have at least one camera. Tina stated that the Board needs to ask legal counsel about the requirements to add cameras because it could cause privacy issues and may require 75% approval by owners. Dr. Clevens seconded. Another owner said we should wait and see if the lobby locks help before paying for more security. Vote: Seven in favor, five opposed. Since the vote is too close to prove a majority, this is tabled for legal advice. Manager said “dummy” cameras should not be used in case something does happen and this camera gives a false sense of security. 

Rekeying all locks will be expensive, so Tina stated that this will be placed on hold to obtain costs and have another vote with less options. Betty asked that all garage doors be set to close in 20 seconds and to leave the doors closed when not in the area working. All agreed that this is a good first step. An owner also said the front lobby door has a part missing and someone could use a screwdriver and possibly get in. Vendor will be contacted to replace the metal part that is missing. Others said the sliding glass door from rec room to pool is unlocked too often. All were asked to check and lock when they see that it is needed. It was noted that 3 vendors could not repair the slider lock and it was repaired by Bill Compton.

A resident said that the entry door speakerphone doesn’t work. Manager will check on this and call for service. Then manager was asked how to allow people in when they do dial your number. The resident will press “9” on their phone and it will unlock the front door. All were reminded that if you have a new local phone number, even a cell phone, it can be programmed into the entry phone.

ADJOURNMENT:  There being no further member business to address, this meeting adjourned at 6:47 pm.

held MONDAY, OCTOBER  26, 2015 

CALL MEETING TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 6:26 pm.

ESTABLISH QUORUM OF BOARD MEMBERS: Present in person was President Tina Compton and Treasurer Betty Ballard. Secretary Tom Moran attended by speakerphone while able, due to cell coverage in the rec room. Manager Michelle Davis from Reconcilable Differences and thirteen residents were also present. 

APPROVAL OF PREVIOUS MINUTES: Tom motioned to approve the minutes from the August 14, 2015 meeting. Betty seconded, all in favor. 

FINANCIAL REPORT: Michelle stated that through September, the Association is only $100 over budget. Two owners are partially in arrears, but management believes all will pay eventually. The operating account has $21,716.00 and the Reserve account has a balance of $66,218.00.

OWNER DISCUSSION regarding SPECIAL ASSESSMENT: All owners received a letter with details about this need. The bulk of this special assessment is for the elevator modification. The bids ranged from $95,500 to $146,764. The highest price was from our current maintenance company, ThyssenKrupp, so we cannot, obviously choose them. Mowrey and Premier Elevator were the lowest bidders, and ultimately Premier was chosen, based on their experience with traction elevators. It takes 14 to 16 weeks for all equipment to be received. They will have it all put in a “pod” and the work should start on January 18th.  The $95,500 cost does not include the floor, but does include the cab interior. There is $1500 in the assessment for flooring. The consultant, Malcolm Daigle, has already saved us money in dealing with ThyssenKrupp, and he has specified a controller that he knows will be the best for us. He will be overseeing proper installation, and he works for the condo, NOT for the elevator vendor. A resident asked that the fire department be notified of this work so they know the elevators do not work and they may be required to come and carry a resident down 9 floors. Manager will call when the work starts. A resident asked how long the work would take. Tina said it will take 5 to 6 weeks. It may be sooner, but the cost is actually higher to cover overtime to make this schedule. The usual time is 7 to 9 weeks. We have told them that if they want to start earlier or work later, that is ok, so that we can get the work done as quickly as possible. There will be chairs in the stairwells for those who must go up and down during renovation.
The $5000 assessment is in case ThyssenKrupp requires us to buy out the contract that they believe ends in May 2017. We are hopeful that the consultant can get them to lower this, but just in case, this is a part of the assessment. If not needed, the funds will be placed in the elevator reserves, which will help lower funding needs in 2017. The balance of the consultant’s fee will be $2,900. We already paid him more than half in 2014. $5,575 is a part of the Special Assessment to have balcony spalling and bird holes repaired. Many beachside condos are having major repairs done, but we currently have 2 balconies and 1 spot on the west side of the building that are starting to rust, and the bird holes have been an ongoing issue. That repair requires a high lift, which is expensive, so doing both at the same time makes sense. Lastly, after the discussion tonight, we will assess $5,000 for new locks and keys, but will only change the 2 unlocked doors to the lobby at the present time, while researching the best option for key changes in 2016. That totals $115,475, a total of $4,811.00 per unit.

OWNER DISCUSSION regarding 2016 BUDGET: It was established in the members’ meeting that the majority of owners want a partially funded reserve fund, to keep monthly fees at $625 per month instead of the $735 per month for fully funded reserves. 

Discussion and Ratification of Member Votes Above:
1) Cameras: Vote was 10 to 8, no majority, so tabled.
2) Keys: 10 wanted keypad locks, 4 wanted all locks changed, 14 wanted no changes, so it was evenly divided. Board voted to key the two doors from garage to lobby to the same amenity key and will look into options for re-keying all doors in 2016.

After listening to all concerns and opinions, Betty made a motion to assess for all elevator costs ($95,500 for the contract with Premier Elevator, $5,000 for the possible pay-out to Thyssen Krupp Elevator, $1500 for new flooring in the elevator, $2900 for the balance of the consultant’s fees, plus $5,575 for the spalling and bird hole repairs, and $5,000 to add locks to the garage to lobby doors and then research and change the locks and keys throughout the common areas to a key or fob that cannot be reproduced. This totals $115,475. Divided by the 24 units, that is $4,811.45. This is rounded down to $4,811.00 per unit, payable as soon as possible, but with a cut-off date of January 15th. If payment in full is not received by January 15, 2016, 18% per annum interest will be added to any account that has a balance, each month until it is paid in full.
Tina seconded and  added that any money not used for its specific purpose will be placed in the Reserve fund attributable (example: If we are able to negotiate on the payoff amount to ThyssenKrupp, or if the flooring cost is less expensive, the balance received in the special assessment will be placed in the Elevator Reserve Fund for future need.) All in favor.

Board APPROVAL of 2016 BUDGET:  Based on owner majority vote, Betty motioned to approve the partially funded budget for 2016 fee at $625 per month per unit. Tina seconded, all in favor.

Maria said the garage doors have a lot of salt on them. She asked if maintenance could wash them down monthly or quarterly. Board agreed to add that to Terry’s work list.

On the 5th floor, the door into the trash room needs to be fixed so it will close completely. Terry will look at that tomorrow.

Gate locks to the pool are another problem issue. Keys are getting stuck even though Terry sprays the locks every week. The locksmith will be asked for a cost to replace these with the same type that were on the old fence.

The owners of 201 and 301 asked that the Seagrapes on the west side of the dune line be cut at least twice per year. Tina said they were trimmed in March. The cost was shared with the owner of #201. Next year’s budget only includes trimming once per year. The seagrapes seem to have grown even faster since being trimmed. An owner said they can be trimmed to eight feet from the ground, and she asked that they be trimmed 2 to 3 times per year.
It was reiterated that each time it is cut, it can be trimmed 1/3rd of total overall height, lowering it a bit more each time it is trimmed. It was over $1000 to trim last time, and was a “favor” price for Bill Compton. Prices will be sought from other vendors.

Pest Control: The monthly dues cover quarterly roach and ant treatment, but they will only spray the outside unless resident calls the number on the bulletin board and requests interior service. You will have to be home to allow them entrance.

Maintenance Update: Michelle stated that:

1)  The lock on the bathroom door at the pool has been modified to have a lock from inside that shows “Occupied” to people outside.
2) The storage shed on the east side  now has a “topper” going all the way up to the underside of the balcony, so that no one can stand on the shed and get onto the balcony.
3) Two new garage doors were installed and 3 new openers were added to the main open garage.
4) The hurricane shutters on the rec room will have maintenance done in the next month so that the accordion shutters can open again.
5) Someone ran into or over the concrete curbs next to the entrance door. We are obtaining costs from vendors to repair / replace them.
6) The lightening rod on the roof was inspected and the alarm light is still working correctly, so we assume that rod protects the building from direct hits and major damage.
7) Bees seem to like the higher floors of the building. These are honey bees and we need to allow them to stay and “rest” for up to four days. If they are staying longer than that, we now have a “bee whisperer” who will take them to another spot. He came once and removed them, but they have come back once more since then. However, they did leave four days later. 

ADJOURNMENT: There being no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 7:22 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Michelle Davis
Michelle Davis, CAM, CMCA, AMS
Reconcilable Differences, Inc.