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MINUTES of the Members & Board BUDGET Meeting

Call to Order: The meeting began at 6:00 pm

Establish Quorum of Members: Eleven units were present and six units were represented by proxy. Quorum established.

Voting Results to Fully or Partially Fund Reserves for Fiscal Year 2018: Two units voted to fully fund reserves and fifteen voted to partially fund reserves. With this, the members portion of the meeting adjourned, at 6:03 pm.

Establish Quorum of Directors: The board meeting was called to order at 6:03 with President Tina Compton and Treasurer Betty Ballard present. Secretary Joel Butler sold his unit, which closed yesterday, so he had to resign his position. A replacement board member will be sought.

Proof of Notice of Meeting Posted: Management mailed the agenda and draft budget out, and posted on site, more than 14 days earlier.

Approve Minutes of the past Board Meeting: Betty motioned to approve the August 9, 2017 meeting minutes as written and posted online. Tina seconded, all in favor.

Financial Report: Michelle stated that through October, the association has $25,800 in the operating account, and $139,078 in Reserves. Accounts Receivable are $2,995 and the property shows a loss of $6,035 year to date, due to covering some Hurricane Irma repair costs. We have not finished all the repairs and replacements, and are finding more issues, so a Special Assessment discussion would be premature, but there will be one, as soon as all costs are tallied. The whole awning over the main entrance blew away, the lightening rod bent precariously, some soffit is missing, elevator doors and stainless were “sand-blasted”, many trees and shrubs were damaged or destroyed, the pool heater and clubhouse a/c were damaged, pool fencing was damaged, and one unit had the wall pull away from the cabinets and countertops, so an engineer was called in to find and oversee the repair. It has turned out to not be a major cost, but sill plate attachments to the fire wall had not been done correctly in one area of the building by the developer, and the winds and pressure during the hurricane caused it to bend and pull away.

Vote Ratification: Based on the majority of owners voting to partially fund reserves, Betty motioned to approve an increase of $15 per unit per month and bill $660.00 per unit per month in 2018. Tina seconded, all in favor.

Old Business:
: Most units have received their new equipment, or their old equipment rolled over from personal bills to the Association’s bulk contract. All who were paying for internet before should have seen a $20 to $40 decrease in their personal bill.

New Business:
As many owners are aware, the fire alarm panel has had issues for many months. United Fire has thrown parts at the problem, at a cost of over $4,360, but these parts did not fix the problem and Ted has refused to approve paying these bills until the problem is resolved. All devises show “trouble” and United finally said the panel is obsolete and needs to be replaced. They bid $32, 850 for a new panel, smoke detectors on all levels near the elevators, new pull stations, and sounding horns in common areas. Another firm, Casey Fire from Orlando, bid $80,000, and ATP in Melbourne bid $20,865. Ted is recommending the board use ATP, because he has worked closely with them at two other properties and they seem to understand and fix the problems with no excuses. Eight thousand dollars of this cost was billed to owners in last year’s special assessment, but the balance will need to be added to this year’s special assessment. A confirming conference call with ATP will be done before the board signs the contract.

Approval Form for Changing Windows, Sliders, Shutters: The form is on the website, and must be completed and returned to management for Board approval before changes are made. Unit owner and developer David Jenkins stated that he had originally thought high impact windows would be great, but he found through personal experience and manufacturers, that these windows stop flying objects from breaking in the glass, but do not keep water out. Both are needed to ensure water leaks don’t occur. One unit had a faulty shutter lock and they opened a small amount in the hurricane and water poured into her unit through the sliding glass doors and ruined all her floors. There was much discussion and the attorney had been contacted and confirmed that currently there is no clear requirement in the governing documents, so an amendment is required to clarify whether shutters must stay or if high impact glass can suffice. Tina and Betty agreed that more than a board rule is needed for this important issue, so a proxy ballot will be emailed to all owners soon. The attorney will have to write up the legal wording for the amendment once the owners vote in a majority.

The doors and jambs in the stairwell, trash chute rooms and all common doors have rusted badly. The repairs and painting done 2 years ago was only a temporary fix. Bill Compton found a refurbishment option that should last, by replacing metal door frame bottoms with “jamb patch”, and then doors will be ground down, primed and painted again. The cost of this, $13200, also included new commercial lock sets on the 24 stairway and trash chute room doors. Tina motioned to approve this work, Betty seconded, all in favor.

Hurricane Irma Update: Most was discussed under financials, but Bill Compton was thanked for all his work in getting the clean-up done quickly and all his efforts in getting landscaping back in order. We will have a future meeting to discuss the special assessment once we have more knowledge of all costs.

Janitorial issues with Elevator Stainless Steel: The cleaning girl researched the rust problem and found a company that “sand blasts the steel when it has been pitted over time. Until it is blasted smooth, debris and salt air cause rust-looking spots quickly. Some unit owners have tried different cleaning products, but none last very long, and the cleaning girl has been spending about 15 minutes per floor to scrub and polish. This adds a cost not in the contract. The board agreed to pay an extra $200 per month for now, while we research other longer-lasting options.

Grocery Carts: Because many complained about the old carts making black marks on the walkways, 6 new carts were purchased, and one disappeared within 15 minutes of being left in the garage. They cost $215.00 each, so we ask all residents to take care of them, do not leave them in your unit and return them promptly to the garage when you have unloaded them.

Adjournment: There being no further business to transact, the meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, CAM 17226, Community Association Manager