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Garrett’s Run Condominium Association 
Minutes of the Annual Meeting 
Saturday April 2, 2016

Call to Order: President Jim Hamilton called the meeting to order at 10:20 am in the clubhouse at 7900 Greenboro Drive. Lynn Hiott, Michelle Davis, Gabrielle Porter, and Ted Manna with Reconcilable Differences were present. Association attorney, Frank Ruggieri with The Ruggieri Law Firm was also present. The meeting was turned over to Frank to conduct. Frank verified with management that the meeting had been properly noticed and posted. 

Establishment of A Quorum of Members for Annual Meeting By Certification Of Proxies: Michelle reported that we have 27 units in attendance in person and 59 units in attendance by proxy for a total of 86. Thirty four (34) units were needed for a quorum (30%) and this was reached. 

Approval of the Annual Meeting Minutes of April 5, 2015: Cherry Penelope made a motion to approve the minutes of the April 5, 2015 Annual Meeting with no changes. Lucia Kirkpatrick seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. 

President’s Message: Jim thanked Management for coming with them into their 4th year. He said he was excited about what is to come. Jim then updated the membership on the accomplishments of the past year: 

  • Painting of buildings 400, 700, 900 have been painted to date along with the clubhouse. Buildings 800, 600, and 500 were next to be painted within the next month after the cosmetic boards were completed.
  • Asphalt sealcoating was completed on the entire parking lot, along with new lines painted for parking spaces, decals have been stenciled on all parking spaces in front of buildings.
  • Stairwell repairs will begin at the end of May. There are 24 stairwells left to repair and/or bring up to code.
  • The clubhouse received a new Air Conditioning unit and there is an extra bathroom now located within the pool area, just to the right of the shower. This has always been a bathroom, but it was changed into storage a long time ago, but it was decided that this bathroom needed to be usable for pool-goers. All storage items were removed, locks changed to work with the amenity key, and it was painted. Now it is a great looking bathroom. 
  • Highly decorated clubhouse and front office area with Christmas decorations and lights. He thanked Lynn for all the extra time she spends doing this each year. Anyone interested in volunteering to help with this, please let Lynn or Vance know. All help is appreciated. 
Upcoming for 2016/2017: 
  • Repair cosmetic bands on last three buildings - 200, 300, and 100. Then paint these buildings as well. 
  • More Lighting around the property 
  • Discussion on security cameras around the property.
  • Purchase some new pool furniture 
  • Replace/spruce up the landscaping with new hedges, plants, etc.
A few reminders to the membership:

Please remember that guest/visitor parking passes are available on Wednesdays only, in the onsite office. The old blue passes are expired and you will need to get the bright green ones for guests who stay onsite more than 48 hours and are parked in the visitor sections, which are along the north end of the property along Maplewood facing the canal and on the south end of the property along Shadowood facing Greenboro Drive; also along the east side of the property in front of the pool/clubhouse. Please remind all your family and friends (including contractors who do not have clearly-labeled vehicles) to not park in front of any of the buildings or they will risk their vehicle being towed by Kendall Towing. The ONLY exception to this rule is handicapped parking. These vehicles may park anywhere in front of the buildings without a GR decal, however the handicap signage MUST be in clear view at all times the vehicle is parked here (Mirror hanger, front/back of the car on the license plate). Leaving the handicap hanger laying on the seat or in the glove box is not acceptable. 

If you have pets, please remember to keep them on a leash, walk them on the outskirts of the property and CLEAN UP THEIR MESSES. If you allow your children to take this responsibility, please watch and make sure they clean up. Not only is leaving it unsanitary and illegal, but it is disgusting to step in and track it all over the community and into homes. 
Remember there is a “Bulk area” for anything that cannot fit into the dumpster and shouldn’t be forced to fit into the dumpster. The Bulk area is where Shadowood and Maplewood meet by the 100/400 buildings. We are finding more items dropped at other dumpsters. If management finds evidence that an owner/tenant did not follow this rule, we are now billing the unit owner, who will be held responsible for the cleanup or the cost for Vance to do it. 

Insurance for the interior your unit (HO6 or renters insurance): Although the association has a master policy, this does not cover you or help you if you have a water loss that does damage to your unit or others… Please call your insurance agent and insure your unit. It is not unreasonably priced. If you rent your unit, you the homeowner MUST provide the office with updated insurance information regarding your rental unit. We will verify that you have insurance before approving a lease. 

If you are a resident who has or hears noisy barking dogs, there is a new item on the market that is GREAT. It’s called an indoor/outdoor Ultrasonic Egg Barking Device; it is made by Sunbeam and can be found at Pet smart or online. The cost is $39.99 and you can place this inside for pet owners, or outside your door or on your patio/balcony for neighboring dogs, and it really stops their barking. The dog’s own barking will hurt its ears and it will stop barking. While we understand that it is not YOUR responsibility to spend money on someone else’s problem, management cannot police the barking dogs 24 hours a day. Letters can be written but it usually takes time and this device stops the noise immediately. 

Information about the product is in the office, if you would like to speak to Lynn about it. Humans cannot hear the ultrasonic waves, and the company offers a money back guarantee, so what do you have to lose except gaining peace and enjoyment. 

Financial Report: Lynn Hiott reported that as of December 31st, the Operating account had $36,167 of which $14,000 of this is in prepaid assessments so the Association ended the year with $22,000 in the operating account. The Reserve accounts are held at 2 different banks so that the Association stays under the $250K FDIC insured limit. Sunrise Bank has $148,448 and FBC has $85,813 for a total in reserves of $234,261. Lynn reported that the end of the year past due accounts totaled $38,851 with a $24,999 “saved” allowance, leaving $13,852 as Accounts Receivable. With a budget of $600,720 we ended the year $19,000 over budget. The CPA felt the association needed to fund more in Uncollectable Debts to cover the foreclosures. 

Results of the owner votes: 

Vote # 1: Tennis Court Changes to Multi-sport game Court-The Board of Directors proposes to materially alter the common elements by changing the tennis court to a “multi-sport game court” that allows different games to be played. There were 62 proxy’s returned with 37 positively voting to approve the changes with 25 voting to not change the courts. Due to needing 75% positive votes, this vote failed and the Board will discuss resurfacing the existing tennis court at a later meeting. 

Vote # 2: Speed Bumps added throughout the property: A number of residents have complained that vehicles are driving much faster than our posted speed limits and it is becoming dangerous to walk. The owners were asked to approve adding speed bumps to slow vehicles from speeding. There were 62 proxies received with 28 votes to add speed bumps and 34 disapproving adding speed bumps. This vote was heard by the Board as not favorable, however due to the safety of the owners, the Board will discuss this option at a later Board meeting. 

Vote #3: Email versus hard copies: The Board asked all owners if they wanted to opt out of receiving association paperwork through the US postal service and elect to receive information via email only and 30 owners elected to receive paperwork via email and 32 owners requested hard copies only. Those that did not return their proxy votes will continue to receive their information through hard copies being mailed. 

New Business: 

Discuss amended rules and regulations that were sent out to the owners regarding pool table, tv in clubhouse, grills, and Brighthouse Hot spot in the clubhouse. There were no owner questions or discussions regarding the rules. The Board will vote to adopt these rules at their next Board meeting. 

Owner Input: 

Several Owners commended the Board for an outstanding job this past year and to management and maintenance for a wonderful job being done to keep the place looking great. 

An owner asked if we could supply a breakdown of rental units versus 2nd home owners (snowbirds). Lynn reported that there were a total of 41 rentals and 79 PT or 2nd homes within our community of 120 units. The association is at about 34% rentals. 
Lynn thanked the outgoing Board members that served on the Board the last year: Ken Snella, Elvis Malena, and Norm Young 

Presentation of 2016-2017 Board Members: With 11 candidates submitting their names for only five vacancies, ballots were mailed out to all owners. Lynn announced the names with the amount of votes they received, James Hamilton with 45 votes, Rosemary Gleason with 39 votes, Kathleen Fassler with 31 votes, Mary Orr with 26 votes, and Alicia Ponegalek with 25 votes. An owner asked if Lynn would report the following votes for the remaining candidates: Katheryn Heisey and Angelo Laviano had tied votes of 24, Peter Engel with 23 votes, Stan Arthur with 22 votes, Eugene Shultz with 17 votes and Jonathan Tucker with 3 votes.

Everyone who came to the annual meeting was given a raffle ticket for drawings for goodies that was donated by various vendors. The winners were: 
Mary Orr-Won Candles 
Pat Laviano-Paul Davis donated Pizza Server Dish 
Pattie Solometo-$15 I Tunes Gift card 
Peter Engel-Gift basket with toiletry items-donated by Lynn Hiott 
Jane Hamilton-Bright house Networks donated Beach basket 
Lynn Arthur-Wine with freezable carrier basket 
Stan Arthur-Bright house Networks donated Beach Basket 
There was a 50/50 raffle as well for a new elliptical machine for the weight room and the winner of this raffle was Stan Arthur. 

Adjournment: With no further business to be conducted, Mr. Porter made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Angelo seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. The meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m. 
Bar-B-Q meats (hamburgers, hotdogs) were donated by Bright House Networks. A Bar-B-Q followed the annual meeting. 

Respectfully Submitted, 
Lynn Hiott, CAM #35322 
Reconcilable Differences, Inc. 

Garrett’s Run Condominium Association 
Organizational Meeting 
Held immediately after the Annual Meeting 
on April 2, 2016 

Meeting Called to Order: Lynn Hiott called the meeting to order at 11:30 am in the clubhouse at 7900 Greenboro Drive. Board Members present were: James Hamilton, Rosemary Gleason, and Mary Orr. A quorum was established. Lynn Hiott and Michelle Davis with Reconcilable Differences were present. 

Appointment of Officers and Directors

President: Rosemary made a motion to appoint James Hamilton. Mary seconded the motion and it passed by unanimous voice vote.

Vice President: James Hamilton made a motion to appoint Kathleen Fassler. Rosemary seconded the motion and it passed by unanimous voice vote. 

Secretary: Rosemary made a motion to appoint Mary Orr. James seconded the motion and it passed by unanimous voice vote. 

Treasurer: James made a motion to appoint Rosemary Gleason with Mary Orr helping as assistant treasurer. Mary seconded the motion and it passed by unanimous voice vote. 

Director will be Alicia Ponegalek. 

New Business/Unfinished Business: None 

Next Board Meeting: The next Board Meeting is scheduled for April 13, 2016 at 6:00 pm in the clubhouse. 

Adjournment: With no further business to conduct, the meeting adjourned at 11:35 a.m. 

Respectfully submitted, 
Lynn Hiott, LCAM 
Reconcilable Differences, Inc