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Garrett’s Run Condominium Association 
Minutes of the Board of Directors’ Meeting 
Wednesday, April 23, 2014 
Call to Order/Establish Quorum of Directors: Vice President Peter Engel called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm in the clubhouse at 7900 Greenboro Drive. Board Members present were: Vice President Peter Engel and Treasurer Hattie Martin. In attendance by speakerphone were: Treasurer Asst. Al Fassler, Secretary Angelo Laviano, Directors David Tarantelli and Traci Neiderritter.  President Kathie Heisey was absent. A quorum was established.  Lynn Hiott with Reconcilable Differences was present. Unit owners in attendance were: Pat Engel, Ken and Barb Snella, Peter and Pat Cassese, Cathy Griffith, Rita Valentino, and Stacy Pregartner.

Approval of the Board Meeting Minutes of March 26, 2014 and April 5 Organizational Minutes: Angelo made a motion to approve the minutes as written.  David seconded the motion and it passed by unanimous voice vote. Minutes will be posted on the website.

Financial Report: 
Hattie Martin reported that as of March 31, the operating account at Sunrise bank showed a balance of $99,717.94. This includes $19,200 in prepaid assessments and $45,000 will be paid to NAC, so about $36,000 is the balance in the operating account.   Sunrise Bank reserve balance is $201,613 and FBC (Florida Bank of Commerce) reserve balance is $125,395 for a total reserve fund of $327,008. Accounts Receivables is at $91,973 with $1,300 still owing on the 2013 special assessment, by foreclosure units that have not paid.  We have $68,064 already expensed for bad debts as the accountant recommended last year.  Peter made the motion to accept the financial report as stated, Angelo seconded the motion and it passed by unanimous voice vote.
Collections: Lynn reported that unit 808 was bought back from Fannie Mae on December 10, 2013, but we have not had any funds paid to date. They will most likely argue Safe Harbor Act and only want to pay 1% of the original mortgage. We show this unit owing approximately $24,000 to date. Unit 510 is association owned through foreclosure and we now have that unit rented for $350 per month with no AC. Unit 918 and 804 are moving forward with civil court as they had water damages that they refused to cover. Units 104 and 105 are continuing to move through the foreclosure parts. Unit 505 had a mortgage foreclosure action, however a new owner has purchased that unit and will be finalized next week. Unit 709 has a buyer, however the unit is being treated for the roach infestation and we have our legal team on this unit for reimbursement. Unit 306 is still ongoing with the mortgage foreclosure. 

Unfinished Business:

  • Stairwell Repairs update: Lynn reported that all the stucco has been removed from all stairwells. The engineer will be out to complete their list of another 10 stairwells that are in immediate danger to have repaired. This constitutes the $80,000 change order. These stairwells need immediate repairs. BJ has been working alongside NAC to redo the wiring for the new lights. The engineer will rate the remaining stairwells since the stucco has been removed. Hattie reported that at a recent meeting with the contractor and engineer that it will cost approximately $80,000 per 10 stairwells. Some of this money will come from the reserve stairwells. Some of this money will need to be decided on how to move forward. We do not currently have the money allocated for these repairs. We have utilized all of the funds allocated from the 2013 budget to do the first phase of $113,000. Management suggested to look at a line of credit for the repairs. We have reached out to 2 banks for this. Sunrise Bank is willing to do a $300,000 non-revolving line of credit. The phase will be funded as required and will be phased out of 5 years with 1% interest. The fee is 1% plus closing cost, collateral is regular assessment dues of the $335 and special assessments. Management explained that the collateral is only used if the payment is not paid. Hattie explained if no line of credit is done, then a special assessment would have to occur of approximately $662 per unit. If we did all the stairwells, then a special assessment of $2,700 per unit. The Board stated that over the next few weeks, the committee will meet and discuss options of moving forward with the next phase of stairwell repairs. After these discussions, the Board will discuss at another meeting and let us all know what they think is the best way to go. More information needs to be gathered before a decision can be made.  


  • Landscape Committee: Kathy reported that after hearing all the expenses that are needed for the stairwells, she stated that she is not sure what can be done. She wants to get Garrett’s Run attractive. There are 5-6 areas that are in need of fertilization and irrigation. Several areas need new sod and plantings. Building 7 will receive new sod once the tree is removed. Let’s work on improving the front of the buildings looking neat and attractive and uniform. If everyone would take a bag with them when they walk and try to pick up a few items each day. Everyone needs to do their part and help keeping the area clean.
  • Owners/Rentals/Snowbirds Comparison: Lynn reported that currently there are 43 Fulltime owners that live in their units, 19 Part-time owners or seasonal use this as their 2nd homes, 48 units that are rentals either with leases or family members, 3 mortgage owned units that are vacant, 4 units that the association has title to and are renting out and 3 units that are in active foreclosure. We have 36% rentals in our community. In order for a new owner to rent their unit out, with the new amendment, then rentals has to drop from 48 to 24 units to be under the 20% guideline. 
  • Massey/Truly Nolen Contracts: Additional information is needed and would like to have more time to gather this. This topic is tabled. 
  • Rules and Regulations: Peter commented that periodically the Board revises the rules and regulations. It has been 3-4 years since they were updated. All rules were mailed to the owners with the annual meeting packages, so all owners received a copy of the new rules. The changes are noted with underlining or crossed through for the changes. Angelo motioned to accept and adopt the new rules and regulations as noted that were sent to all the homeowners. Hattie seconded the motion, all were in favor except Traci who did not approve them. Lynn will put the new rules on the website. Copies are available from the office if you need a new set.
  • Fire Sprinkler Contract: Lynn reported that Wigginton is no longer contracted to inspect the fire sprinklers and we are in need of approving another contractor. All Brevard Fire Sprinkler agreed to 1 annual, 2 quarterly, and 1 semi-annual inspections of all fire sprinkler systems. This will require the contractor to enter each and every unit to inspect the sprinklers inside the units. The cost of this contract is $2,750 each year. Other bids received were Space Coast Fire bid $3,950 yearly and Frontline bid $1,430 but this is only for one inspection per year. The state requires 4 inspections. Traci made the motion to approve All Brevard for the new sprinkler inspection contractor, David seconded the motion, all were in favor.
  • Brighthouse Contact: The Board received all the paperwork and at this time Angelo made the motion to not approve the new brighthouse contract at this time to add internet. David seconded, all were in favor.  
Manager’s Report: Lynn reported that a sinkhole was thought to be forming in the dog walk area, and this is not the case. There has never been irrigation in the dog walk area and the irrigation company found that there is irrigation over there and it was found to have a pipe that the tree grew into and broke the pope allowing the water to shoot down into the ground forming the hole. This will be promptly repaired and Bluebell will fill in the hole with fill dirt. It was complained that the dog walk area is a very dark area and for safety reasons it needed a light installed. I contacted our electrician and he stated that there was no power source out there and it would cost a large amount of money to place a light. I have contact FPL who may authorize a light to be installed on a rental basis for the association. I should have more information at a later time on this. Complaints have been received about the gutters not flowing and some are in need of repairs. The gutter contractor will be out to clean all 10 building gutters and repair those on the 300 and 900 buildings that are broken. 
The “Cosmetic Boards” are a large complaint received from owners about water intruding into their units when we have a torrential rain with sideways wind and rain. The stucco on the buildings at development were left with about 18-24 inches of a gap to serve as an expansion joint to allow the building to move with weather. However, the wood boards have rotted and are allowing water to intrude. We have done a significant amount of repairs and repaired on several locations with Hardy boards and not wood to prevent rotting, however, not all the boards were replaced. I have contacted our masonry contractor to bid possibly connecting the stucco or only allowing a smaller expansion joint. These will be looked into at a later time from the Board. Lynn suggested to get a consultant company out to express their opinions and possible repairs. Once this happens, then she will bring this new information to the Board. 
Lynn reported that Bluebell will be completing the removal of leaves on May 1st. Lynn also reported that she was asked to look into prices for plastic guest parking hanging decals and she found 200 for a price of $300. The guest pass would not have an expiration date, but would have the unit number on them and be more clearly visible to identify those vehicles. Owners would only be entitled to 2 guests pass per unit. 

Angelo requested an update on the tree removal in front of 700 building and behind the 200 building. Lynn reported that the permits are signed and is waiting on the contractor to complete the work. This should be done soon.  

Owner Input: 

The next Board Meeting was scheduled for June 25th at 7:00 pm. 

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 8:50 pm by Peter Engel. 
Respectfully Submitted,   
Lynn Hiott, CAM #35322  
Reconcilable Differences, Inc.