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Garrett’s Run Condominium Association 
Minutes of the Board of Directors’ Meeting 
Wednesday, May 27, 2015
Call to Order/Establish Quorum of Directors: President Jim Hamilton called the meeting to order at 12:00 pm in the clubhouse at 7900 Greenboro Drive. No other Board Members present. In attendance by speakerphone: Vice President Elvis Melena, Secretary Ken Snella, and Director Traci Niederriter. Treasurer Norm Young was absent. A quorum was established.  Lynn Hiott with Reconcilable Differences was present. Unit owners in attendance were: Terri Vazquez, Judy Schneider, Rita Valentino, Rima and Angelo Laviano, Pat and Peter Engel, Barb Snella, Cathy Griffith, Paul and Nancy Pelletier, and Sue Kelly

Approval of the Board Meeting Minutes of April 29th: Jim made a motion to approve the Board meeting minutes of April 29th, Elvis seconded, and all were in favor. Lynn stated that the minutes were approved and will be posted on the website.

Financial Report: Lynn reported that as of April 30, 2015, the operating account at Sunrise Bank showed a balance of $57,270, but of that amount $9,740 was from prepaid assessments, leaving a balance of $47,530. There is $283,271 in the Reserve Accounts for future repairs. Accounts Receivable are at $92,025 with some owners still owing for sprinkler invoices and many owing for half the 2015 Special Assessment or more. True Foreclosure accounts show total balances of $46,081. The remainder of the receivables, $45,944 is special assessments and sprinkler invoices owed by owners, which should be paid by the end of the year. The current profit and loss statement shows the association under budget by $8,858. 

We are moving each month’s budgeted stairwell money, professional consultants, and NAC Stairwell line items to stairwell reserves so we have enough to do the work without a large invoice “skewing” the profit and loss report once we start working on the stairs. We have moved $29,336 to date. With these transfers, the reserve stairwell account has $41,960 and once all the special assessment money is received that will go in also. 

Pool pavers and the pool resurfacing project has cost $13,671 so far. This was paid from operating and we have moved that amount from pool reserves back to operating to cover the costs. With this transfer, the pool/amenities reserve account is $451 in the negative, but every month, $520 is going into this account, so by year end, this account will be in the positive by approximately $3,640. Elvis made the motion to accept the financials as stated, Ken seconded, and all were in favor. 

The CPA Audit for 2014 has been completed. Copies are available in the office upon request and will also be added to the website soon.

Changes to 2015 Budget: Lynn reported that the following line items in the current 2015 Budget should be changed to allowing the funding to be shown for the increase in maintenance, management, Landscaping, and fertilization contracts. The suggested changes are: Line Item: 5650-Manager-Change from $21,240 to $18,648; Line Item: 5651-Manager Taxes/Insurance-(Add) $3,732; Line Item:6100-Building Repairs & Subcontractors, change from $25,740 to $18,510; Line Item: 6650-Mtce Man-Change from $35,940 to $33,720; Line Item: 6651-Mtce Man Taxes/Insurance-(Add) $6,744; Line Item:7460-Irrigaiton Contract-Change from $5,100 to $4,800 (Removing $300 total from annual amount, not needed); Line Item: 7465-Irrigation/Pond Repairs-Change from $4,800 to $2,400; Line Item: 7500-Lawn Contract-Change from $22,800 to $25,950; Line Item:7520-Lawn Fertilization/Pest Control change from $4,344 to $5,460, move the Cable line item 8550 back to utilities to flow with the monthly financials. ______ makes a motion to change the line items as stated above, ______ seconds, and all were in favor. 


  • Building Painting- C&J Painting and Anchor Painting are the two companies. After meeting with both companies, C&J seems to be more willing to work with us and complete 2 or 3 buildings at one time to get a better understanding of pricing for each building. With so many scenarios, it is very hard to determine an exact amount. Discussion with both companies about the “cosmetic boards” replacements and C&J had the best advice on the repairs. Getting with Mike Masonry as well to get prices for removing the flashing and changing the boards out correctly, but this price is not in as of yet. Recommend that the Board choose C&J, ask for only building 900, 700, and 400 get painted. From here, we can better determine what each building will cost in the future to not only paint but to repair the “cosmetic bands” and the other repairs. The Board can also determine the quality of work and get to know situations regarding the other 7 buildings by only painting 3 buildings now. The estimated maximum for these 3 buildings should not exceed $40,000. To date, there is $110,000 in the painting reserve fund. A motion is needed to choose a contractor and start with the three buildings and a not to exceed amount declared. 
Anchor revised their bid after the meeting we had with them and walked the property. If the Board would like to sign with them, for the 400, 700, and 900 buildings painting, the totals are $4,435+$7,315+$12,175 for a total of $23,925. This is just for the painting. This does not include the 2nd stairwell railings on the back of the buildings at $335 each, then the 1st floor screen enclosures on the back of the units at $115 each, then the replacement of wood trim boards at $6 per lineal foot and the T111 siding replacement. If approved $40,000, then this would leave $16,000 for these additional items for these three buildings. Once 3 buildings have been done, we can verify the costs for each of the buildings to see what steps need to be taken to move forward. 
  • Pool and Deck Issues-Update-Weather issues have delayed the pool resurfacing. But other delays occurred due to when the tiling was completed, we noticed tiles on the outside of the pool that were broken, however the original bid did not include replacing these broken outside tiles. Once the company came back to the property and tried to match the outside tiles, they were impossible to match. So a change order was given to remove the old broken tiles along the short ends of the pool (sides facing tennis court and front of clubhouse), those tiles were ordered and delivered yesterday. That change work order cost was for $830. The lights were corroded and bad, so Jim asked for LED lights to be installed, that change order was for $1630. There was a concern about the height of the walk in bar and this height is being investigated into being within code or not. This may possibly require another change order to replace. Complaints have occurred that the bar to enter the pool is too low for older people to enter the pool due to having to step up 6 inches before entering the pool. The pool will be closed for another 2 weeks, the date of hopefully having it reopened is May 22nd. 
  • Roof 200 Building Update-Contract was signed with Total Home Roofing, permits have been applied for. They will contact Lynn to schedule the date for the new roof of the 200 building. Hope is within the next 2 weeks. 
New Business:
  • Insurance Appraisal-Worthy-Insurance is due to be renewed in June, requirements are for an insurance appraisal every 36 months. The last appraisal was in 2011. Insurance will not write for the association unless a new appraisal is completed. Worthy has done a lot of work for RDI and does a great job on the insurance appraisals. The other bid we received was from Custom Reserves, which was for $1800. Worthy bid is for $1500, then every renewal is done at $500 each time. This money is usually okay to pay with thru the Insurance line item, as there is always a little extra in this account at the year end, so worry about where this will be paid from. This will need a motion at the meeting. 
  • Lights and Circuit Panel- Ratify-Lights at 200 building and end of 100 building, material costing $1241, also new lights in drive thru area as well. Labor and lights estimated at $3,000, paid from Building repairs and subcontractors.  This will need a motion to ratify expenses. 
  • Reserve Study-Custom Reserves or Reserve Advisors Need to decide on which company to move forward with discussing to do the reserve study-Custom Reserves is BCAM vendor, and they proposed to do a complete reserve study for $1900. Reserve Advisors completed our initial reserve study in 2011 and for them to come back out and update the reserve study, they proposed a fee of $3,050. Whichever company the Board decides to go with, the purpose of agreeing to one of these is to get the contract signed, and get on their schedule for their engineers to come out and meet with the Board and discuss the issues at hand, and allow them to assist the Board in trying to save for the future repairs correctly and put the items together as they are in the budgets that everyone is familiar working with. With deciding on the company, this does not mean the study will be done tomorrow, it simply means that the communication has now been opened and meetings can begin to occur with the Board and them. 
  • Stairwell Project-Lynn has contacted NAC Seaside contractor and they stated that they would honor the same prices as last year’s work. However, they stated that an engineer was needed to oversee the project and to submit for the permits. Lynn contacted the city office and they stated that the same drawings could be used as last year from the engineer, but Lynn is trying to negotiate with Jim Emory for a reasonable cost to oversee the repairs this year and only have an inspection at the end to submit to the county. Jim and Vance has a list of 10-15 stairs that are in need of repairs. Once Jim contacts Lynn back to state a negotiated price, she will let the Board know immediately. Then the meetings can occur with NAC to begin discussion on bid amounts. 
  • Exercise Room/Office Upgrades-Carpet and paint-Four bids will have been received for replacing the carpet in the exercise room and the office. The other 3 contractors are meeting with Lynn and Jim on Monday and Tuesday. Once their bids are in, we will try and get them emailed to the Board. The painting of exercise room and clubhouse will be of a light blue and grey color. Vance will do the painting of these two areas. 
  • Pool Bathroom Repairs-Ratify-Updates for the men/women bathrooms at the pool. The showers were in disarray, the counter tops and sinks were cracked and the paint was outdated. Vance replaced the lightening with LED lights, Don Freeman replaced the sinks, new countertops, retiled the showers, repaired the steps into the shower and Vance painted each of the bathrooms and the stalls. All for a total amount of $2000. Would like to use the funds from pool/amenities reserve line item 9020 for total amount of upgrades. This will need a motion at the meeting. 
  • Jim reported that in the workshop it was discussed to meet with Anchor and C&J Painting to walk around again and discuss the bids. There were discrepancies noted in each of the bids and the painters agreed to meet with Norm and Jim the following week to revise their bids after they understood what was needed. This agenda item is tabled for the next meeting. 
  • Pool and Deck Issues Update: Jim reported that the pool inspector will be present today and the inspection will occur at 1 pm and he will ask them when the pool work would be completed. Lynn reminded the owners that the pool was scheduled to be closed for 3 weeks while the resurfacing is completed. 
  • Roof 200 Building: Jim reported that Total Home Roofing submitted two proposals for replacing the roof at the 200 building. One proposal was for replacement of the Owens Corning Shingles at a cost of $36,700 and the second proposal was for Certain teed Shingles for $35,900. The differences between the two shingles was only the manufacture name. They both held the same warranty for the shingles. The roofing contractor was able to get a discount on the Certain teed shingles at the current time. Traci asked how much was in reserves and Lynn reported that at end of year there would be $30,000 in roof reserve. Traci stated that the additional $5,900 would have to be located and explained to the owners where the additional funds would come from. Lynn stated that there is a deferred maintenance account that could be utilized. Norm made a motion to approve Total Home Contract with the Certain teed shingles, Elvis seconded, and all were in favor. Lynn will contact the contractor and begin the paperwork for the permitting and the Notice of Commencement so that the roof can get on the schedule. 
  • Landscaping Contract: Jim reported that US Lawns has been under a temporary contract for 2 weeks, and appear to be doing a great job. He would like to sign a year contract with US Lawns for $25,950 plus the fertilization of the shrubs and turf for an additional $5,460. Lynn will work with Norm to determine how the budget line items need to be changed to cover these contracts. Norm made a motion to approve signing with US Lawns for 12 months, Elvis seconded, and all were in favor. 
  • Asphalt: This is tabled for the asphalt company to come out in September to discuss with the Board. 
  • Landscape Committee: Sue Kelly reported that the landscape committee consisted of herself and Cathy Griffith. They also invited Peter Engel to serve on the committee upon his return from up north, which he accepted. Sue stated that she and Cathy performed a site visit on the grounds housing buildings 1-9 on 4/27/15. Their goal is to see how our association, our community presents itself to the outside world, to prospective home buyers, and to us, as home owners/residents. We were looking for consistency in the landscaping, healthy trees, grass cared for, and hedges/bushes planted and trimmed to just below the windows. The spreadsheet that she prepared from their findings were given to the Board and identifies areas that need actions or attention. Priority: In 2014 a tree stump was removed from in front of unit 701, but since nothing has been done. The ground in this area needs to be leveled, sod laid, and hedges planted. Islands: Several plants appear to need water, one in front of building 3 appears to be dying. Two palm trees are very close to the buildings and windows of building 3 and 4 that need to be removed. Ground cover near and around doorways and stairs and these need to be removed so that critters don’t have a place to hide. One last thing was a utility housing cover needed attention located near NE corner of building 200. It is pulled apart and simply looks horrible. 
Manager’s Report: Lynn reported that the Audit is almost completed and should be available to all owners within the next few weeks per request.  

Owner Input: An owner asked about issues with her ground and flooding behind unit 901. Jim stated that this issue is being looked into and that they are waiting for a bid from the landscaper. Another owner commented that the leaves are being left on the grass and this is killing the grass. Jim stated we will continue to work with the landscaper on these issues. 

Set Next Board Meeting: It was agreed that Tuesday, May 19th at 6 pm will be the Board workshop and the Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 27th at noon in the clubhouse. 

Adjournment: There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 12:25 pm by Jim Hamilton. 
Respectfully Submitted,   
Lynn Hiott, CAM #35322
Reconcilable Differences, Inc.