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Garrett’s Run Condominium Association 
Minutes of the Board of Directors’ Meeting 
Wednesday, June 26, 2013 
Call to Order/Establish Quorum of Directors: President Kathie Heisey called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm in the clubhouse at 7900 Greenboro Drive. Board Members present were: President Kathie Heisey and Treasurer Hattie Martin. In attendance by speakerphone were: Vice President Peter Engel, Secretary Angelo Laviano, and Directors Al Fassler, David Tarantelli, and Lucia Kirkpatrick.  A quorum was established.  Lynn Hiott with Reconcilable Differences was present. Unit owners in attendance were: Sue Kelly, Cathy Griffith, and Theresa Vazquez.

Approval of the Board Meeting Minutes of April 24, 2013 Meeting: David made a motion to approve the minutes as written.  Lucia seconded the motion and it passed by unanimous voice vote. 

Financial Report: 
Hattie Martin reported that as of April 31st, the operating account at Sunrise bank showed a balance of $70,986.56, Security deposits account with $1,520 for a total of $72,506.56. Sunrise Bank reserve balance is $142,116.78 and FBC (Florida Bank of Commerce) reserve balance is $125,107.91, for a total reserve fund of $267,224.79. Our A/R is $109,988.58 and $7,200 for special assessment A/R, which the owners who pay by ACH will have their accounts debited in November, therefore we will carry this number until December.  Then as of May 31st, the operating account at Sunrise bank showed a balance of $73,524.73, Security deposits account with $1,520 for a total of $75,044.73. Sunrise Bank reserve balance is $150,127.36 and FBC (Florida Bank of Commerce) reserve balance is $125,134.47, for a total reserve fund of $275,261.83. Our A/R is $111,964.58 and $7,200 for special assessment A/R. AL made the motion to accept the financial report as stated, Angelo seconded the motion and it passed by unanimous voice vote.    

Collections Update: Lynn reported that unit 510 completed the foreclosure sale and the assocation took title, however the repairs exceeded our budget and will try to force the bank to foreclose quickly. Unit 603 has completed the mortgage foreclosure and hopefully they will begin paying their assessments soon. All other foreclosures are continuing on track. 

New Business:

  • Deed-in-lieu of foreclosure acceptance: Lynn reported that a unit owner came forward and was willing to sign the deed over to the association so that we could rent it out and attempt to keep this unit from gaining a large balance due. It is pretty much turn-key and we should not have to do a lot of repairs to the unit. Lynn hopes to get a tenant into this unit pretty quickly. David made the motion to accept the deed-in-lieu of foreclosure from the homeowner and to rent it out as fast as possible, Al seconded the motion and it passed by unanimous voice vote.
  • Ratify past expenses in-between meetings: Lynn reported that Brevard Electric completed the new wiring of for the fountain to work again at a cost of $1,146 and also our condo insurance was renewed, so Lynn wrote the deposit check for $19,232.16 with concurrent 10 payments of $5,901 for insurance 2013-2014 policy. Peter made the motion to ratify these past expenses, Angelo seconded the motion and it passed by unanimous voice vote.
  • Amending Governing Documents: This was not discussed as the Board was able to get better clarification of what this was and agreed that our governing documents should not be amended.
  • New Computer in office: Lynn reported that the computer in the office was old and outdated and the accounting programs that management used was conflicting with the old computer and data was being jeopardized. A new computer would cost approximately $600 to replace. David made the motion to purchase a new computer and have to allow the computer expert to install all the needed firewalls, software, and virus protection and to take the funds from the onsite office supply line item, Lucia seconded the motion and it passed by unanimous voice vote. 
  • Painting of the Racquetball Court: Lynn reported that three bids were given, however DAB came in with the lowest amount of $900. Al made the motion to accept DAB’s bid to paint the court, Peter seconded the motion and it passed by unanimous voice vote. 
  • Water meter box covers: Lynn reported that the landscape committee requested that the wooden boxes be rebuilt that house the water meters. Lynn was able to speak with the City water department and considering they are electronically read that a paver could cover these meters and it would not interfere with their readings. Lynn will get a shipment of pavers and stored in our storage area and Vance would do the work of taking out the old wooden meter boxes and replace with the stone paver covers. Vance would also stencil the unit numbers on the pavers so that they could easily be found. The Board unanimously approved for this work to be completed. 
Unfinished Business:
  • Association Financial Services: Lynn reported that the contract was signed and approved by all the Board members last month and that she has spent a lot of extra hours inputting the needed information into the computer. All has been completed and we are moving forward with the accounts. There are still some questions that will have to be answered though and Lynn will request another meeting with the owner of the company to get clarifications of some issues. 
  • Amendment Recording update: Lynn stated that the papers were received from the secretary signed and now will forward them to the attorney for recording at the court house. This amendment should be completed and recorded by the end of July. This does mean that once recorded, any new owner will not be allowed to rent their units out until the association has dropped below the 20% of rentals, but their name will go on a waiting list. 
  • Engineer for Stairwell repairs: Jim Emory with Keystone Engineering and Consulting has been to the property several different times. He has all the information needed to write his reports. Once we receive his reports, a Board meeting will be conducted to review the reports and come to a decision on which stairwells will be repaired immediately and assist him with writing an RFP for bids to be conducted. Lynn hopes to have these reports within 2-3 weeks.
  • Landscaping/Beautification update: Cathy and Sue stated that the trimming of the bushes has been accomplished and look good. The only thing they would like to request is the maintenance trail be looked at and something like pavers or such be placed to help aid the path that is now worn looking form the golf cart. Lynn stated that she would investigate and try to come up with some suggestions and will get with the landscape crew to get their suggestions. 
  • Roof 600 building update: Lynn reported that the new roof project has started and should be completed within a week or so. She reminded owners to look out for falling debris and have patience that everything would be repaired, cleaned up and fixed completely. 
  • Tree removal for drainage repairs to being in front of 300/900 buildings: Lynn reported that she has been in contact with Tom from the City of West Melbourne and he assured her that the permit fee for the tree removals would be waived due to the trees encroaching the water system and growing into the catch basins. Lynn is completing the paperwork now and will be on the tree removal company’s waiting list to have the trees removed. Lynn will post a notice at the front bulletin board on when the work will begin for the tree removal and the drainage repairs to begin. Peter reminded Lynn to have Mike’s Masonry place wording in his contract to guarantee the drainage as the tree and tree roots would be removed before his work would start. 
  • Pool furniture/gym equipment: Lynn reported that there was money placed in the budget to replace some of the pool furniture and gym equipment, and the Board agreed, so Lynn will try to look at purchasing 10 chaise lounge chairs of PVC soon and will look again at prices of new gym equipment including a speed bike and other items. 
Manager’s Report: 
  • Lynn reported that she will be taking a week vacation for her birthday and that the office would be closed, but Vance would be onsite for any issues that may arise. The Board agreed that the office would be closed for the week of July 12th. 

Owner Input: An owner requested that the gutter drainage things be consistent with the white concrete pavers instead of the plastic as the plastic seems to disintegrate in the sun and breaks too easy. Another owner asked about the mailboxes and the maintenance that is needed on these if they will be taken care of. Lynn will look into these two items. 

There will be no scheduled Board meeting in July or August. Therefore, the next scheduled Board Meeting will be Wednesday, September 25, 2013 at 7:00 pm at the clubhouse at Garrett’s Run. 

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 8:06 pm by Kathie Heisey. 
Respectfully Submitted,   
Lynn Hiott, CAM #35322  
Reconcilable Differences, Inc.