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Garrett’s Run Condominium Association 
Minutes of the Board of Directors’ Meeting 
Wednesday, August 17, 2016
Call to Order/Establish Quorum of Directors: President Jim Hamilton called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm in the clubhouse at 7900 Greenboro Drive.  Board present were: President, Jim Hamilton, Secretary/Asst. Treasurer Mary Orr, and Director Stan Arthur. Attending by phone conference: Treasurer: Rosemary Gleason and Vice President Kathleen Fassler. Lynn Hiott with Reconcilable Differences was also present. Owners: Lynne Arthur were in attendance. Tenant Lenora White and Steve and Theresa Borrelli were also in attendance.  

Approval of the Board Meeting Minutes of May 25th and July 20th: Mary made a motion to approve the above said minutes as written, Stan seconded, and all were in favor.  

Financial Report: Lynn reported as of July 31, 2016, the operating account at Sunrise Bank showed a balance of $58,466, but of that amount $15,170 was from prepaid assessments, leaving a balance of $43,296. There is $112,655 in the Reserve Accounts for future repairs. Accounts Receivable are at $10,235.  The current profit and loss statement shows the association over budget by $3,136.
Lynn stated that the Engineer was paid his fee of $3000, which was paid from Professional Consultant line item. She requested that this money be transferred from reserves from the stairwell cost to cover this. Stan made a motion to approve to reimburse operating from reserves for this engineer fee. Mary seconded this motion, and all were in favor. 

Collections: Unit 105 has a new buyer who was recently approved. Closing is supposed to occur within this month. The bank did pay 1% of the original mortgage, so we were paid about $3,600 in total. The account is now at a zero balance and the new buyer will be responsible. Unit 802 walked away from the unit and supposedly gave it back to the bank. There has been no activity on the account since January of this year. This file was turned over to Alliance to begin aggressively going forward after the bank. They currently owe $2,600. Unit 801 has been trying to get on a payment schedule with the association, however he continues to fall behind and so this file was turned over to Alliance as well for collections. He currently owes about $1000. Unit 306, Lynn tried to get them onto a payment plan to work with them, however their payment plan is still pushing them further behind. Lynn had no other choice but to send this to Alliance for collections to begin. This account owes about $1500. Unit 314 has been behind only a few months. Lynn reached out to the owner, but with empty promises, the owner never followed through. Lynn sent a letter to the tenants demanding rent, and it was heard and the tenants paid their August rent to the association. They will continue to pay the association until the owner catches back up or the tenants catch up the account. This account currently is owed about $1500 and their rent check was accepted in the amount of $670. Unit 703 was on a payment plan and has made good, her account is now zero. 

Unfinished Business:

Building Painting: At the May meeting, the Board approved the contracts with Orlando Prestige. The total amount of the all three contracts, which are for building 1,2, and 3 was $41,040.00. This will be taken from the painting reserves account. Orlando Prestige hopes to start painting building 200 by the end of August once the cosmetic bands have been replaced.   

Building 200, 100, 300 Cosmetic Bands update: Mike’s Masonry has started repairs on the 200 building on the cosmetic bands. This work will continue for several more weeks. So grand total for all three buildings will be: $49,880. This money was approved to be paid from the National Valley Loan account. 

Painting of the stairwells: Due to the recent replacement that NAC has completed the stairwells and so these areas are now with raw wood exposed. Management asked Orlando Prestige to bid the stairwells and there is a total of 23 stairwells that will need to be painted by them. They gave us a proposed bid of $13,200. Approximately the breakdown is $500 per stairwell. This cost is including the exposed stairwell wood, all sides (including the underneath). They will not be painting the decks themselves as these are already painted from NAC with the special paint. Mary makes the motion to approve Orlando Prestige to paint the stairwells and pay this from the Paint Reserves, Stan seconded and all were in favor. 

Update on the National Valley Loan Account: The first amount we borrowed was for the cosmetic bands of the 5, 6, and 8 buildings. We borrowed about $60,000. Then NAC asked for two payments to date, one of $95,000 and the second payment of $67,000. Then we paid for the cosmetic band repairs of the 1, 2, and 3 buildings in the amount of 48,000. So to date we have borrowed from the loan account with National Valley a total of $270,000. We are still under the draw time frame so our payments have not really started for them. We are only charged interest currently. A check was sent last week of $25,000 to be paid on principle as this is what we have saved over the last 7 months into our stairwell reserves account. Another principle payment will be sent by the end of November. 

New Business:

Landscaping Contract: Jim reported that after many attempts to work with Bernard with Precision Grounds, he continues to not follow through with what he promises. Jim stated that Bernard stated he would trim the Oak trees in the entrances and still this has not been done. Jim highly recommends that a 30-day notice of cancellation go out to his company reliving them of their duties. Jim stated that RFP’s had already been sent out last year and he was impressed with MIB Landscapers. He would like to ask them to take on this property. Lynn reported that his proposed contract of $1500 was for the flat service of mow and blow. Remember, the trees are NOT included in this proposal. MIB stated that they charge $15 per palm and $75 per Oak. We could do semiannual tree cutting, but remember that there are well over a few hundred trees around the property. Stan made a motion to approve to give Precision Grounds their 30-day cancellation notice and to hire MIB Landscaping to hopefully start October 1st. Rosemary seconded this motion, and all were in favor. 

DBPR Complaint about CPA Review from 2015: Management received a call from DBPR (Department of Business and Professional Regulations) and they stated that a homeowner complained that management did not provide him with the 2015 CPA Review. Management was able to provide proof to the DBPR that notice was given to all owners that the report was ready and available in the office and that if they wanted a copy, they should contact management and one would be emailed to them. DBPR closed this complaint in their office. 

Newsletter-Summer: Lynn reported that a newsletter for the summer was put together and emailed to all residents. A color copy was posted in the bulletin board out front and copies were made for the take one box. 

Committee’s: Management reported that budget season is getting close to being over. Jane Hamilton agreed to be a part of this committee, so Lynn will get the information out to Rosemary and Jane to get things rolling. We hope to have a proposed budget at the September meeting for the Board to approve to mail out to the owners by October 1st. 

Social Committee Pancake Social is coming Saturday, August 20th at 9 am. 

Manager’s Report: Lynn reported that the office will need to be closed from Wednesday, August 31st through Tuesday, September 6th, and Lynn returning on Wednesday, September 7th. Lynn reported that she is going on vacation and will be flying to Ohio. Vance also will be going on vacation during this time as well, as he scheduled a cruise. 

Lynn reported that she found a bargain regarding black theater chairs, which were in excellent condition. The price was $500, Jim approved this purchase in-between meetings. Mary makes a motion to ratify the expense of the stadium chairs in the amount of $550 (included pickup and delivery fee). Stan seconds this motion, and all are in favor. 

Owner Input: Jim stated that a homeowner who has been here for many years, fell and is now in the hospital. Jim suggested instead of sending flowers to him, would the association be okay with paying to get his bedroom carpet cleaned to remove the body fluids that were left behind. All of the Board members agreed to allow the association to cover the costs of getting this homeowner’s carpet cleaned immediately.  

Set Next Board Meeting: It was agreed that Wednesday, September 21st at 6 pm will be the next Board meeting in the clubhouse. This meeting will hopefully be the approval to mail out the proposed budget to the owners. 

Adjournment: There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 6:55 pm by Jim Hamilton. 
Respectfully Submitted,   
Lynn Hiott, CAM #35322
Reconcilable Differences, Inc.