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Garrett’s Run Condominium Association
Minutes of the Board of Directors’ Meeting
Wednesday, September 24, 2014
Call to Order/Establish Quorum of Directors: President Kathie Heisey called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm in the clubhouse at 7900 Greenboro Drive. Board Members present were: President Kathie Heisey, Vice President Peter Engel, Treasurer Al Fassler, Asst. Treasurer Hattie Martin, Directors David Tarantelli and Traci Niederriter. Secretary Angelo Laviano was absent. Lynn Hiott and Michelle Davis with Reconcilable Differences. A quorum was established.  Unit owners in attendance were: Judy Schneider, Teri Vazquez, Patricia Engel, Kathleen Fassler, Sue Kelly, Rita Valentino, and Douglas Davidson. 

Approval of the Board Meeting Minutes of August 27 and September 3rd: Peter made the motion to approve the minutes as written and sent to all Board members, David seconded, all in favor. Traci abstained from the approval vote. 

Financial Report: 
For the current time, Hattie will be assisting Al with the financial reports. Al reported that as of August 31st, the operating account at Sunrise bank showed a balance of $28,146. This included $14,715 in prepaid owner assessments, so there is actually only $13,431 in the operating account.  Sunrise Bank reserve balance is $90,045 and FBC (Florida Bank of Commerce) reserve balance is $85,526 for a total reserve fund of $175,572. Accounts Receivables is at $87,491 with $900 still owing on the special assessment, by foreclosure units that have not paid.  We have $55,383 already expensed for bad debts as the accountant recommended last year. We are $20,000 over budget due to the stairwell repairs and unexpected emergency light repairs. Hattie made the motion to accept the financial report as stated, Peter seconded the motion and it passed by unanimous voice vote. 
Collections: Lynn reported that, per Board directive, unit 510 the bank has completed their foreclosure and now has taken possession of the unit. The tenant that was renting that unit has relocated to unit 207 at $500 per month for rent. Unit 608 completed the deed-in-lieu of foreclosure and the Association has a tenant in this unit renting at $700 per month. Unit 308 is currently in foreclosure proceedings, however the tenants are now paying the monthly rent to the association to pay down the bad debt on this account. Unit 906 is now in the possession of the bank and will receive 100% of money that is owed for this unit. Unit 104 is in negotiation with our attorney and we hope to have the balance paid in full very soon on this unit. We are continuing our steps of foreclosure on units 105 and 306. Unit 808 has been with Fannie Mae and we are continuing to negotiate with them on their amounts owed. 

Unfinished Business:

  • Clubhouse Roof update and ratify contract approval: Total Home Roofing was awarded the contract to replace the Clubhouse roof at a cost of $22,075. They received good reviews on Angie’s List and the Board met with Kevin the lead foreman. The roof work will begin within the next week. Lynn will post notices that the drive thru where the mailboxes are located will be closed along with the pool while the repairs are being completed. Total Home also included replacing the T-11 boards that were rotten and painting those boards after replacement at no extra costs to the association. David made the motion to approve Total Home Roofing to complete the new roof job on the clubhouse with funds to be used from the roof reserve. Al seconded, all were in favor. 
  • Landscape Committee Report: Sue reported that unit 908/909 had Palm Trees on the island are dead and needs to be replaced. She suggested that the soil is bad and not allowing these items to grow and thrive here. Area between units 701-704 has nothing, no plants on the island where the cars parked and requested something be placed here. The area between 703-709 and 601 had a tree that was taken down and nothing has been replaced here.  Unit 216/217, again the palm tree is dead and believe the soil is bad in this area as well. Suggestions made from the Committee: The bush or tree in front of unit 110-111 has been there for over 10 years and seems to do very well in this type of soil. Maybe this type of bush or plant could be used in other areas liked mentioned above where the Palms don’t seem to do well in that soil. No sun also south of 601 by the walkway this area has to be cleaned up. Dead crotons and bunches of dead leaves and the soil is believed to be bad. Suggested plants for these areas where other bushes and plants do not grow; wide Leaf Ligustrum, Variegated Giner Lilly, Trinette Variegated Schefflera are some possible suggestions for planting. 


  • Guest Speaker: Bill Brant with All Brevard Fire Sprinkler to discuss stand pipe repairs and sprinkler repairs: Bill reported that during his inspection of the property, he noted all the standpipes on 9 buildings needed to be repaired or replaced. The building at 400 was an emergency repair as this standpipe busted on a Friday night and the association had to maintain a “fire watch” where we had to hire a person to walk the building every 2 hours from Friday night to Monday afternoon, per the guidelines of the Fire Marshal. Sprinkler heads in several of the units have to be replaced due to having paint on them or not in working condition. These replacements will be billed to each individual unit once the work has been completed. Over the next few months, the repairs will begin to take place and we will need the attention of all owners or tenants to work with us entering the units. Notices will be posted prior to us entering the units. Once the work has been completed, Vance will leave a notice to the owners clearly stating that we were in the unit for sprinkler repairs and were done. If we do not have a key in the office and no one is home to allow entrance, we will have to contact a locksmith to gain access and then the homeowner will be responsible for the locksmith invoice. Bill estimated the replacement of the escutcheons and sprinkler heads to be approximately $38-40 each. We have estimated 184 escutcheons to be replaced and 54 sprinkler heads. This number may rise due to us not being able to get into some units during the inspection period. Those units will have a $25 fee attached to their account for us not having access to their units with the first inspection. Written notice was sent to them explaining this charge. To replace these sprinkler heads and escutcheons, it will be approximately $10,000. 
  • Fire Marshal-Sprinklers, Stand pipe repairs: The approximate price for the repairs of the standpipes is $15,000. Bill stated that he would be using the galvanized schedule 40 which lasts three times longer than the black pipes used in the past. Al made the motion to approve All Brevard to move forward with replacing the standpipes and to utilize the money from the deferred maintenance reserve account. Peter seconded this motion and all were in favor. 
  • Approval of Exit Bars for Pool per the Fire Marshal: Lynn reported that Lacy’s Locksmith gave us a proposal to install the two exit bars in the pool exit fences for approximately $2,296.67. Peter made the motion to accept Lacy’s proposal for the exit bars per the fire marshal in the amount of $2,296.67 to be used from the Pool Amenities reserve account, David seconded, all were in favor. 
  • Approval of 6 foot pool fence to secure backside of pool: Tabled for another meeting.
  • Budget Committee: The Committee is working diligently with the treasurer for the 2015 Budget. The committee would like the owners to vote on the tennis court since it is due for resurfacing in 2018, the Board would like to ask the owners to possibly turn the court into a multi-court with bocce ball, horseshoes, and shuffle board. Peter agreed to help with the language to send to the owners for their opinions. 
  • Tree Trimming: Tabled for another meeting.
Manager’s Report: Lynn reported that the swimming pool deck is in need of repairs and the interior of the pool needs to be considered for a resurfacing. Doug Davidson volunteered to be on the committee regarding the pool updates. He will report at the next meeting on what he was able to research. 

Owner Input: An owner asked about the RV/Boat lot being allowed to store other items and the Board overall stated that the only items to be stored in the RV/Boat lot were just that. Nothing else. Lynn will get with the owner who has items stored illegally in there and have it removed. Another owner complained about the roadside of building 500 being clogged with mulch, dirt, and mud. There was no drainage occurring from the storm drains. Lynn will get Vance to look at this and clean it up.

Set Next Meeting: The next Board Meeting is scheduled for October 15th at 5:30 PM. 

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 9:05 pm by Kathie Heisey.   
Respectfully Submitted, 
Lynn Hiott, CAM #35322
Reconcilable Differences, Inc.