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Garrett’s Run Condominium Association
Minutes of the Board of Directors’ Meeting
Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Call to Order/Establish Quorum of Directors: President Kathie Heisey called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm in the clubhouse at 7900 Greenboro Drive. Vice President Peter Engel and Director Al Fassler attended by speakerphone. Other Board Members present were: Treasurer Hattie Martin. Secretary Marion Geiger was absent.  A quorum was established.  Lynn Hiott with Reconcilable Differences was present. Unit owners in attendance were: Josephine McLeon, Nancy Ferrara, Sal Ferrara, Francis Grady, Barbara and Ken Snella, and Rita Valentino.
Approval of the Board Meeting Minutes of September 21 2011: Al Fassler made a motion to approve the minutes as written. Hattie seconded the motion and it passed by unanimous voice vote with Peter Engle abstaining. Lynn stated that the minutes would be posted to the website at within the week. 

Financial Report:

  • Hattie Martin reported that as of September 30th, the operating account at Sunrise bank showed a balance of $55,802.70. Sunrise reserve balance was $211,161.59, this is after we paid the roofers. Our A/R is $78,250.74 with 4 units that have not paid in over four years for a total of $54,000. Peter made the motion to accept the treasure’s financial reports, Al seconded the motion and it passed by unanimous voice vote.
Unfinished Business:
Collections/Legal Update: Lynn reported that she has met with the new attorney Larsen and Associates today and has turned over six new accounts to begin the foreclosure filing. They are also taking a look into the other five accounts that Clayton and McColloh has been working on. One account was found that a 3rd party took title and the association is entitled to all the monies owing and not just the one percent of the mortgage. Larsen is going to investigate these other accounts. C&M will remain with unit 902 to finish this collection procedure to the end as they are at the end of the case with a Summary of Final Judgment. There has been a tremendous amount of decrease in monies owing as several homeowners have paid in full. Peter asked where the special assessment payments are and Lynn reported that the only ones to have not paid their special assessments are those in collections currently; everyone else has paid in full. 
Re-Roofing Update: Lynn reported that the roofing contract with Jason Duff is in need of discussion. He has not been on the property for over 3 weeks and this is abandonment of the job. After a discussion with Larsen and Associates, they are willing to write the termination letter to Mr. Duff and if he chooses to not walk away from the contract, Larsen will go after him for breach of contract, fraud, etc. He told the association that all 10 roofs had to be replaced and this is just not true. Jack Gibson, the roof consultant, has been trying to work with Jason to complete the punch list of repairs that needed to be done and the board agreed to give him 14 days to complete. Peter asked if he has been paid in full to date for all work completed. Lynn reported that yes all monies have been paid to date. Al made the motion to end the contract with Jason Duff Construction under the guidelines of the attorney Larsen. Peter seconded the motion and it passed by unanimous voice vote. 

Joe Horschel Company has been retained to finish the roofing of building 500, do the punch list of repairs that Duff did not complete, and to put vinyl siding on the roof tops of the stairwells of the buildings that have already been completed. Mr. Horschel has agreed to the same pricing of Jason Duff for the completion of building 500, utilizing the remaining shingles from Tamko to complete this job. The price for the roof completion of building 500 is $26,115. The remaining of the buildings will be discussed further at a later time. The cost of doing the vinyl on top of the stairwells is estimated at $400 per building, and 4 buildings have been completed to date, for an estimated total of $1800. Peter makes the motion to approve Horschel Company to complete the above said repairs with the attorney and roof consultant guidelines. The roof consultant will review the contract with this new company. Al seconded the motion and it passed by unanimous voice vote.

Clubhouse Reservation form: This topic will be tabled as the board members did not fully understand the form and will need to revise the form. 

Manager’s Report Admin Hours: Lynn would like the board to consider allowing a young lady to come into the office 4 hours on Tuesday and 4 hours on Thursday to assist her with administrative duties. Lynn would like for her to be able to answer the phones, make necessary calls, filing, letter writing, walk the property looking for rules that are broken, etc. Lynn is only on the property one day a week and is so busy that she doesn’t get the minor things done that are imperative to management. She would like to suggest an hourly rate of $10 per hour, this is $80 a week plus taxes. This employee would be an employee of Reconcilable Differences and this would cover all the insurances. No contract is given and this employment would be as needed basis.  Peter makes the motion to approve the admin hours for 8 hours a week on a contingency basis. Al seconded the motion and it passed by unanimous voice vote.

Pressure washing issues: We purchased the extension pole for the pressure washing and Vance cannot make the pole function to clean out the gutters/downspouts. He says it is impossible to manage, any suggestions from the board? The gentleman that we bought the pole from gave Vance a short training but there was no water pressure in the pole and Vance said it is a bear to hold onto. Also, it does not reach the top of the buildings; it is about 4 foot short of the gutters. Peter suggested calling Ford, the owner of the company, to come onto the property and assist him with the training of the items and if this does not do the job, then the equipment will need to be returned. 

Emergency lights are needed for the stairwells. The fire marshal has not come out yet to do the inspection, but the lights are very old and some of them don’t work at all. I priced the lights and they can be purchased for $345 for 15 sets. This is a must have for safety clearance. All board members agreed to purchase them as they are needed. 

Light for office building: When it is dark outside, there is no light at the end of the clubhouse building. I fell walking the sidewalk and so I need a light put at the end of the building to help illuminate the sidewalk. The light is approximately $200 then there will be a charge to run the electrical to the building.  Ralph Buttaccio bid $400 to install. The board approved to go ahead and allow him to complete the work. 

Plants purchased: I had 10 new plants planted at the end of building 900, as this homeowner complained that the roofer damaged her existing plants. I also had 3 of these plants planted in front of the office building as well. The total for this was $150, which I will ask the roofer to reimburse us for this cost. 

Electrical and Telephone Rooms: Notices will be placed on the electrical and phone rooms. Owners will be given 24 hours to remove; otherwise Vance will remove and dispose of properly. These rooms cannot be used for storage, no matter how minor the items being stored are. The fire marshal will cite us if this is not removed. Peter requested to post the notices and give the owners 48-72 hours to allow them the time to remove the items. 

Drop Ceiling in Office: Ralph gave us a bid for removing the drop ceiling and replacing these with new ones for $480. Can this be approved? All board members approved to have this done for this cost. Peter wants the ceilings investigated for past leaks to make sure there are no current leaks. 

New Business:
Mike’s Masonry Concrete proposal: Kathie reported that Mike’s Masonry came out and ground down the concrete in the areas of the trip hazards. He did a really good job. For $2,200, he will cut out the bad areas and pour new concrete in and smooth out. He provided a breakdown of these areas. Kathie reported approximately 14 areas to be cut out, level, and pour new cement. Peter asked that once this is done, all the trip hazards will be completed. Lynn reported that the outer sidewalks by the main roads were not done and the City grounded these down once before and they should assume the responsibility. Peter made the motion to accept this contract for $2,200 to complete the repairs. Al seconded the motion and it passed by unanimous voice vote.

Security Cameras: Lynn reported that in some instances, people have been leaving “gifts” at the front door of the office. They are turning the racquetball court lights on and trashing the restrooms. The current cameras you have are dinosaurs and do not offer any type of security. The bid from ADS was for four cameras, DVR that records for 2 weeks, and installation for $2,820. The cameras would be installed in front of the office, the gymnasium, bathrooms, and pool. There is an additive option of $15 per month for additional monitoring via internet if the board would like to have this option. Peter declined the additional option. Hattie stated that since this was a one-time expense, it could be removed from the building maintenance and repairs account. Al made the motion to approve the expense of security cameras from ADS for $2,820, Peter seconded the motion and it passed by unanimous voice vote.

Reserve Study: This topic will be tabled for the next board meeting. 

AC Drain lines cleaned out: Kathie reported that there have been some issues with the AC drain lines backing up. The drain lines are the homeowner’s responsibility. A contractor could come out and complete these clean out with enough owners’ wishing to have this service, they may go down in individual prices. Lynn stated that there would be a signup sheet in the office to get these done and allow the owners to sign up for this service as it is not the responsibility of the association. Put on the sign-out sheet that the owners will be held for full responsibility if they do not get the lines cleaned out with a time frame. This will be included in the newsletter or budget cover letter. 

Landscaping Contract for 2012:  Lynn reported that she received several bids for the upcoming 2012 contract. Blue Bell has done a really good job since RDI took over management. Blue Bell will not increase their amount for 2012. Al made a motion to continue with Blue Bell with the same existing contract for 2012. Peter seconded the motion and it passed by unanimous voice vote.

Approve mailing of 2012 Proposed Budget to owners: Hattie reported that for the last two years there has not been an increase. This year the pipes are breaking and flooding more and more. The landings have been inspected and there are a lot of repairs that will need to be done. The insurance has increased. Drywall repairs have increased. The board has proposed a new budget and the bottom line of the 2012 budget is an increase to $310 per unit. Lynn reminded the owners present that this meeting is for the board to approve the proposed budget for 2012 to mail out to the owners and there will be another meeting to discuss the budget before final decision is made by the board. Kathie reported that for the last two years the reserves have been fully funded. Peter stated that the buildings are old and are going to require a maintenance issues with product replacement, materials, and labor. Peter motioned to approve the mailing of the 2012 budget to owners. Al seconded the motion and it passed by unanimous voice vote.

Owner Input: 

  • An owner asked if a tree will be removed behind the 300 building.  This line item will be separated from what was in the past. Lynn reported that the trees are looking to be removed in January or February.
  • An owner asked about the street light that belongs to the city is not working. Can this be repaired? Management said that they have tried to contact the City to get these replaced. 
  • An owner asked about the tree next to unit 201 to be removed. Peter replied that this tree should be removed and the City Inspector stated that it should go and there would be no charge for the permit. 
  • Asked about the lights in the racquetball courts, Peter suggested that a locking mechanism (box) over the light, keyed to the amenity key, the board would approve this. 
Next Board Meeting:
The next Board/Budget Meeting is set for Wednesday, November 30th, 2011 at 7:00 pm at the clubhouse at Garrett’s Run. 
There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 8:25 pm by Kathie Heisey
Respectfully Submitted,
Lynn Hiott, CAM #35322 
Reconcilable Differences, Inc.