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Garrett’s Run Condominium Association 
Minutes of the Board of Directors’ Meeting 
Tuesday, December 16, 2014 
Call to Order/Establish Quorum of Directors: President Kathie Heisey called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm in the clubhouse at 7900 Greenboro Drive. Board Members present were: President Kathie Heisey and Assistant Treasurer Hattie Martin. In attendance by speakerphone were: Vice President Peter Engel, Treasurer Al Fassler, Secretary Angelo Laviano, and Director Traci Niederriter. Director David Tarantelli was absent. A quorum was established.  Lynn Hiott with Reconcilable Differences was present. Unit owners in attendance were: Cathy Griffith, Doug Davidson, Rodney Savickis, Stephen Laurence, Rita Valentino, Paul and Nancy Pelletier, and Jane Hamilton. 

Collections: Lynn reported that Unit 104 has asked for a settlement offer and a payment plan. AS a good faith gesture, they are paying their current monthly fees. They were 16 payments behind from August 2013 to present with 16 late fees, one NSF fee and legal fees. They are asking for a settlement of $5,500 with a payment plan. Sprinkler replacement costs in that unit will have to be factored in and added onto the back end of the payment plan. Peter asked for a stipulation to be placed into the payment plan that if a payment is missed, then settlement would be cancelled and all fees would be due and payable immediately. Management will ask the Association attorney to write up this payment plan. Payment plan is put forward as 6 months, with association waiving the late fees and interest. The payment plan would have to still include the monthly payment on top of the payment plan. The 2015 special assessment will have to be included as well. The Board would like to review the payoff letter prior to complete approval. Traci made a motion to move forward with the attorney to write up a payment plan of 6 months and to include all of the expenses included, but with the late fees and interest waived. Angelo seconded this motion, all were in favor. 

Unit 807 asked for a payment plan for the 2014 special assessment of $550 paying an additional $100 per month along with the monthly assessment. Peter made the motion to approve the payment plan as stated and said the unit owner’s request must be received in writing. Angelo seconded, and all were in favor. 

Units 510, 902, and 906 are moving forward with the banks foreclosures.  

Financial Report: 
Hattie reported for Al that as of November 30th, the operating account at Sunrise Bank showed a balance of $25,504. This included $8,485 in prepaid owner assessments, so there is actually only about $17,000 in the operating account.  Sunrise Bank reserve balance is $125,139 and FBC (Florida Bank of Commerce) reserve balance is $85,580 for a total reserve fund of $210,720. Accounts Receivables is at $86,514.  We have $45,388 already expensed for bad debts as the accountant recommended last year.  Currently, we are $40,386 over budget to date, due to stairwell repairs and not having all the special assessment money in yet. 


  • Sprinkler Repairs: All Board members received the spreadsheet that management e-mailed out. The sprinklers on the landings were replaced by the association. Lynn explained that when the buildings are inspected by the contractor, he tags the buildings as a “green or red”. If the Fire Marshal sees a Red tag, the association could be eligible for daily fines until the building is brought into compliance and the green tag is placed. In order to come into green tag status, the contractor has to drain each of the buildings’ sprinkler lines, inspect each sprinkler head in the units and if the heads are painted, then these heads no longer function properly. Some of the sprinklers were rusted and not working properly so they had to be replaced. The contractor was able to clean some paint off escutions, and the fee for cleaning was charged to the homeowners at $25 per head. If a sprinkler had to be completely replaced, the charge to the owner is $45. Lynn will send each affected homeowner an invoice for their costs. Lynn will also work with the owners on payment plans if requested. No late fees will be charged until April 1st. Some owners will not receive an invoice due to their units passing the inspections with no needed repairs or replacements. The total amount owed to the association is $13,690 and this was divided amongst the owners as individual charges of $25 for cleaning (a total of 106 cleaned) and $45 per replacement (a total of 207 replaced). Traci made the motion to approve charging the homeowners the agreed cost as stated above and invoices will be sent to those owners. Peter seconded this motion, and all were in favor. 
  • Gym AC Lines and Ceiling Repairs-Ratify Lynn reported that the gym’s AC lines were found to be leaking due to the damage to the roof before the repairs were done. The AC lines were significantly damaged and crushed before the roof was replaced. These lines were sweating and in turn this was dripping from the ceilings and causing mold and mildew. Lynn reported that All Air & Heat came in and removed all of the AC lines (ducts) and replaced them with new ones. They removed the mold and mildew with this cleanup. The total cost for this was $2,750 after a $250 credit given due to some unnecessary damage done by his employees. To repair the drywall from these new AC lines being installed, is an additional $1,000. There was Board discussion about getting an air quality test, but manager reported that the contractor removed all old drywall and debris and all new piping and vents were installed. Al made the motion to ratify the expense of $3,750 to be paid from the Pool/Amenities Reserve line item. Angelo seconded, all were in favor.
  • Handicap Ramps-Ratify-Lynn reported that an owner fell in front of the 500 building where there was a crumbling handicap ramp due to tree roots growing through it. Mike’s Masonry was called out for an emergency repair and completed the repair the next day at a cost of $300. While he was here, he had the materials and the time, so he completed the ramp to the pool at the new gate to make the area “ADA” accessible, as required by the fire marshal. Angelo made the motion to ratify repairing and adding handicap ramps at a cost of $680. Al seconded, and all were in favor.
  • Management “Scope of Work” RFP Discussion- Kathie reported that RDI has given their 30-day notice of termination and so the Board needs to put together an RFP to seek new management companies. Kathie will email to all Board members the RFP that was put together by the consultant 3 years ago, and the Board can email Kathie any changes they would like to see made to that RFP. All Board members should send in their changes to Kathie by January 12th, so that she can prepare the changes for discussion at the next Board meeting. The Officers of the Board will conduct the interviews with the RFP when the time comes. Once Peter is here in Florida, he will collate the changes and move forward with the search. Traci asked if there was a committee, Peter explained that the Board collectively will have input into the changes or suggestions for this RFP. 
Manager’s Report: Lynn reported that the office would be closed December 24th and 31st and that the maintenance man would be on vacation from December 24th through January 5th. These notices will be posted on the office door and bulletin boards. Management is on call 24/7 with maintenance issues. This was approved. 

Owner Input: Jane Hamilton said some units have signs in the windows, and this is not allowed per the governing documents. Lynn explained that these are foreclosure units and she is trying to contact the right divisions of the banks to have them removed. 
Another owner said extension cords are coming out of a front door to have Christmas lights around a unit and he felt the crushed cord was a fire hazard. Manager said a notice was put on the bulletin board stating this is not allowed. 

Cathy Griffith stated that the management is very knowledgeable and a great asset to the community and thanked Reconcilable Differences for the great job they were doing. The manager is doing more work that her contract calls for and she commended Lynn on her knowledge. 

The front entrance and the clubhouse were decorated for Christmas and all this work was completed by Lynn and Vance. Rita volunteered to help, and decorated the Christmas tree in the clubhouse.

Set Next Meeting: The next Board Meeting is scheduled for January 28th at 6:30 PM. 

Adjournment: There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 7:45 pm by Kathie Heisey. 
Respectfully Submitted,   
Lynn Hiott, CAM #35322
Reconcilable Differences, Inc. .