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January 18, 2018

Call to order: The meeting was called to order by Manager Michelle Davis at 4:00 pm. Approximately 30 residents attended. Michelle certified the proof of mailing and posting the notice of the meeting 14 days prior to the meeting.

Certification of Proxies: Manager stated that we received 11 proxies and had 29 units represented in person, for a total of 40 units in attendance. We needed 53 units for a quorum, so this was not established. This would be an informational meeting only.

Approval of Minutes from Previous Annual Meetings and Memberís Meeting: Marcia Burba moved that the minutes be approved as posted, Mike Platt seconded, all in favor.

Officerís Reports:
Brenda Dowd gave her final Presidentís message. She thanked everyone for attending and for their support. Brenda thanked Betty for being her backup when she was not on-site, which allowed for her to continue with personal activities. She thanked Al Flotre for his help and projects he has taken on. She then thanked Michelle, Gabrielle, Ted and Sarah of Reconcilable Differences, the management company, for the good job they are doing for the association. She thanked Michelle for the wonderful job in handling the associationís finances which resulted in another year without an increase in the monthly fees. The activities for the year included the solar heating of the pool which was installed, but unfortunately had to be dismantled, but with no expense to the association. There was damage to 3 of the roofs during the hurricane and we are working with insurance on repairs or replacement. Work is currently underway to repair the broken parking lot areas and sidewalks that are hazardous, and repairs are being made to the retaining walls north of 1695 and 1715, as well as the pool pump gate repairs.

Director Al Flotre stated he was greatly impressed by the job Brenda has done over the past few years. She has kept everyoneís interests in mind while making the important decisions of the association.

Secretary/Treasurer Betty Conant stated that Brenda has been an excellent president and thanked Michelle and her crew for being a stellar management company.

Financial Report: Michelle stated that through December, 2017, the Association has $87,170 in the operating account, and $409,237 in reserves. There are 2 units in arrears (#122 & #150), but both are now making payments towards their balances due, a total of $1,550 at yearís end. The property ended the year $501.22 under budget.

Results of Metal Roof Vote: Al Flotre has been researching the metal roofs and reported there are 3 roofs scheduled to be replaced within the next year. Hurricane Irma has caused the costs of shingle roofs to increase drastically. The association has been able to make repairs, so did not have to replace any roof immediately. He said that he has found that the cost of metal roofs has come down, the life span of metal is 50-60 years where shingle roof life spans are 16 years. The metal is more durable, will have the same look as the shingles, and can help lower a/c and maintenance costs. Metal roofs are rated to 155 mph winds where shingles are only to 120 mph. A disadvantage of metal roofs is being able to hear a heavy rain, but if the metal is installed on top of the current shingles, that should take care of the noise. At the current time, roofers are booked out 12 months and it is hard to find contractors who will come out to look at the job and submit a quote. If there is an interest for the metal roof option, bids will be obtained for both and then the owners will be given the details to make a final determination. The vote today is just a straw vote to see if there is interest. The results are about 50% for and 50% against. The new board will do further research and will give the information to the owners. Donna Tidwell said that she had been told that if metal was installed over the shingles that the insurance would rate the roof based on the life of the shingles not the new metal one. This will be presented to the associationís insurance agent for clarification. Owners presented other questions concerning the metal roof but further questions had to be tabled until further research is done.

Open Forum-Comments and Discussion by Homeowners: An owner said there was a discussion at the last board meeting about the timing of the board meetings. She obtained 20 signatures wanting night meetings. Michelle reminded the owner that the board determines the time of their meetings, not the owners, and the new board can discuss this further.
Other owners made comments about the metal roof, but these need to be tabled until further research is conducted.
An owner asked if it would be possible to get more or bigger recycling bins. The ones on site fill up quickly. Management will contact the city of Titusville to see if more bins can be added. Donna Tidwell asked if lights could be installed over the mailboxes. The new board will discuss the details of this at a future meeting.

Presentation of the New Board: Michelle thanked Brenda for all her time and effort in the past few years. The new board members were introduced: Betty Conant, Al Flotre, Dennis Filler, Dennis Lee, Felecia Cardone, and Bernie Franczyk, and Donna Tidwell who has been on the phone throughout the meeting.

Adjournment: There being no further business, Debra Maust moved to adjourn the meeting, Don McCollum seconded, all in favor of adjournment at 4:25 pm.


Gabrielle Porter, CAM #47345 and Michelle Davis, CAM #17226


VILLAGE SQUARE BOARD Organizational Meeting

The meeting began at 4:38 pm on January 18, 2018.

Change In Number of Directors: Dennis Filler moved to change the size of the board from 3 members to 7 members as allowed in the governing documents. Al Flotre seconded. Six directors approved this motion, with Felecia Cardone opposed.

Election of Officers: Dennis Filler nominated Betty Conant for President, Dennis Lee seconded. Six directors approved this motion, with Felecia Cardone opposed. Betty Conant nominated Dennis Filler for Vice President, Al Flotre seconded. Six directors approved this motion, with Felecia Cardone opposed.

Betty Conant nominated Donna Tidwell for Secretary, and Al Flotre seconded, all in favor. Betty Conant nominated Al Flotre for Treasurer, and Dennis Filler seconded. Six directors approved this motion, with Felecia Cardone opposed.

The remaining members, Felecia Cardone, Bernie Franczyk and Dennis Lee, will serve as Directors at Large.

Current Business: Metal Roofs: Al Flotre will head up the research and Dennis Filler will assist.

Flood Lights: The previous board had approved the installation of 2 flood lights and had signed a contract. Brenda approached owners for access into their attic spaces and she was yelled at by an owner in 1795 so she left this for the new board to pursue. The contractor is willing to wait. The option of not using the inside installation would be expensive by requiring conduit to be run around the outside of the buildings. Management will ask contractor for cost for outside installation.

New Roofs: The cost of replacement roofs has risen greatly and there is not enough in reserves to pay for 3 new roofs. Two years ago, the cost was $19,000 and current bids are around $33,000 for each roof. Insurance is saying that the 3 roofs that were damaged by the hurricane can just be repaired and donít have to be replaced. A roofing contractor who came out said that 8 roofs need to be replaced and he will show the insurance company the proof. Hopefully if we wait, the prices for the new roofs will come back down. Total Roofing came out and did some repair work after the hurricane. The owner of unit 235 would not let anyone enter his unit after the hurricane until he returned a month later, and he sustained water damage in his unit. The Association will cover the cost of drywall installation by Dennis.

The reserve savings for next year will need to be changed to address the additional cost of replacement roofs and the hurricane deductible for future replacements. The board will ask Dennis if he can make some minor roof repairs if someone is available to assist him.

Other New Business:
Dennis Lee asked about changing the time of the meetings, and having them at night. A member said this had been tried in the past and no owners attended. The board decided to schedule the next meeting in April and to have it at 5:00 PM. When Felecia asked why there is not a meeting until April, Betty explained that there only has to be one meeting a year but if something comes up, an additional meeting can be called as needed, with the requisite 48 notice being posted.

Pressure Washing: Felecia felt that the pressure washer had done a bad job. The board had hired a well-known and previously used contractor for the job. He did what was asked, the dark mold on the sidewalks is gone, there is no longer a slip hazard, and his price was inexpensive for the scope of the work that was performed.

Maintenance: Felecia asked who Dennis Lessard worked for. Michelle said he works for the association, is paid through RDI and he reports to Ted who is the Maintenance Oversight Director for the property. The protocol that is in place to make a maintenance request is to complete an online Attention Form on the website or to complete one of the paper forms on-site in the clubhouse. When requests are made through RDI, they are trackable. Dennis received the forms, performs the work if it is an Association issue, and completes the form with the date done and the work he has performed.

Executive Committee: Felecia asked about forming an executive committee to handle issues between meetings. The rest of the board said issues can be handled in our bi-weekly meetings with management and issues can also be discussed by email.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:58.


Gabrielle Porter, CAM #47345 and Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, CAM #17226
Community Association Managers