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January 22, 2016

Call to order: The meeting was called to order by Manager Lynn Hiott at 12:05 pm. Present were President Brenda Dowd and Vice President/Secretary Betty Conant.  Treasurer Dennis Filler was absent. Lynn Hiott and Michelle Davis with Reconcilable Differences were also in attendance. Approximately 20 residents attended.

Certification of Proxies: Manager stated that we received 27 proxies and had 20 units represented in person, for a total of 47 units in attendance. We needed 53 units for a quorum, so this was not established. 

Approval of Minutes from Previous Annual Meetings and Member’s Meeting: No quorum was met, therefore the minutes could not be approved from previous year. 

Guest Speaker: John Sillis with Innovative Surveillance spoke about adding a surveillance system around the clubhouse. He explained that he would recommend a DVR up to 16 channels for future expanding capabilities, a 2000 Gb DVR hard drive to provide 30 days of video storage, power over Ethernet switch to provide power to the cameras and deliver video data to the recorder, a 24” LED monitor so that one could review footage and 4 cameras that were outdoor vandal-resistant dome cameras with installation of all components for $1,750. He further explained that two cameras would be installed to monitor the pool area, one camera to monitor bathroom hallway and one camera to monitor the front of the clubhouse. He explained that this would allow enough coverage in and around the clubhouse to prosecute anyone who broke in and used the facilities illegally. He stated that he would even come to the property to find the footage and record it for the police for prosecution if needed. John said he was asked about adding more cameras and he stated that he could install an additional 3 cameras around the property to monitor northern, southern, and eastern views along main driveway, however these would need to be wireless and the Association would have to provide duplex AC outlets near cameras/radio locations. The additional 3 cameras would cost $1496 more, with labor included. The total price for a 7 camera system is $3,246. Brenda asked the audience if they supported the purchase and installation of the cameras and overwhelmingly they all supported this and felt it would make the community safer. The Board thanked John for coming and speaking with the owners.

Officer’s Reports: President’s message was given by Brenda: Thank you all for coming today! We appreciate that you have taken the time to attend and we appreciate you all for your help in keeping our property neat, clean and safe! For 2016, we are planning to do the following: We purchased two pet stations and will install those soon, with bags included for picking up pet waste. We will remove the dead pine tree near 1775 and 1785 buildings. We will replace some of the shrubs that have died or outlived their life span and aren’t thriving anymore. We will paint parking lot space lines and yellow fire lines, and will add security lights between buildings 1705 and 1735. The 1775 building will have the light repaired soon. As we discussed today, we may possibly add security cameras that can be recorded so that if a vandal is seen, the police can have the video footage to catch and prosecute the culprit. We might possibly re-roof one building (none are scheduled for 2016, but if we have a leak in a roof that is 16 years old, we will re-roof instead of trying to repair.) We have $86,000 in the roof reserve and each building costs approximately $18,500 to re-roof). We also may possibly paint building 1705 and 1745. These were both last painted in 2009, so if we see chalking or if we find a leak or waterproof issue, we will re-paint near the end of 2016. We thank you again for attending and if you have any suggestions for improvements or concerns, we ask that you write up an “Attention Form”, found on the back wall in the hanging folder. You can also complete this form online on the website too. We look forward to a safe and well maintained community in 2016. 

Vice President/Secretary report was given from Betty Conant: Good afternoon, I would like to take a couple of minutes to share what has been addressed and completed this past year: New sod was added where it was needed; mulch was replaced by our grounds maintenance company, Precision. They did not charge to install it, only the cost of the mulch. A new security light was installed at building 1765 and many bulbs were replaced last year with LED bulbs. Dennis Lessard, our maintenance man, has done a good job maintaining our property and taking care of daily issues, Thank you Dennis! I also want to thank Joe Biggi for taking such good care of our pool and clubhouse. Also, thank you to Terry and Joe Biggi for decorating the clubhouse for Christmas and hosting our potluck dinners. It has been so nice to have our community get together over food and great conversation. 
As many of you know, many other condo associations are not as well managed as ours. Their fees increase or they are charged special assessments for maintenance items that weren’t planned and saved for. I feel that we are very fortunate to have Reconcilable Differences-Michelle Davis, Lynn Hiott, and Sarah Davis in their office to keep us properly funded and in super financials shape! Thank you! 

Financial Report: Michelle stated that as of Dec 31, 2015, the Association ended the year with $64,000 in the operating account and $289,917 in Reserves. Three slow paying units are the reason for the $1,000 accounts receivable, but the association is very healthy. We ended the year $15,846 under budget. 

Unfinished Business:

  • Security Cameras: Discussed above
  • Addition of Safety Lights: Discussed above
Open Forum-Comments and Discussion by Homeowners: An owner questioned who is responsible for the porches that are screened in and not enclosed, and also said there is spalling of the concrete on her balcony. Management will inspect her unit, 1755 unit 227, and then discuss the findings with the board.  Brenda stated that someone had asked about the association painting the metal part of the enclosures on the back porches. She said these aluminum areas will start being painted as part of the overall building painting, starting with the next one painted. If owners choose to do this on their own and not wait, then they just have to be sure to use the “bronze” paint to match the windows and other enclosures. Another owner asked who is responsible for windows and sliders. Owners are responsible for their own. Betty agreed to be in charge of obtaining a good deal with a contractor if more people are interested in replacing them. Please let Betty know if you want to replace your windows this year. 

Introduction of New Board:
Lynn reported that there were 3 volunteers who submitted their candidate forms for the 2016 Board, but Pam Kellogg had to rescind her offer to serve, so there are only two members to serve on the Board of Directors for 2016; Brenda Dowd and Betty Conant. Brenda stated that Dennis Filler has agreed to serve again in 2016 so they will appoint him at the organizational meeting. 

Adjournment: There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 12:35 pm.

Lynn Hiott, LCAM #35322 and Michelle Davis, LCAM #17226

VILLAGE SQUARE BOARD Organizational Meeting

The meeting started at 12:40 pm on January 22, 2016.

Due to only having 2 volunteers for the 2016 Board, Brenda made a motion to appoint Dennis Filler to the Board. Betty seconded. 

Brenda agreed to continue being President. Betty agreed to be Treasurer and Secretary, and Dennis agreed to serve as VP. All were in favor of these positions. 

Security Cameras: Brenda motioned to approve the purchase and installation of security cameras with Innovative Surveillance for the seven cameras around the clubhouse and driveways for a total not to exceed $3,500. Betty was in agreement.  Funds will be paid from the operating account. Before signing the contract to move forward, another meeting was requested with John to verify placement of cameras and make sure the placements are sufficient for the coverage needed. 

Addition of Safety Lights: Brenda motioned to approve the addition of the safety lights between buildings 1705 and 1735. Betty was in agreement. Funds to be paid from operating account. 

Brenda made a motion to use half of last year’s income from 2015, in the amount of $7500, to fund the security camera and light installations in 2016. Betty seconded. 

Brenda made a motion to approve not to exceed $7,000 from wood reserves to repair building 1795 first floor ceiling and exterior once reports have been received regarding possible water intrusion damages. Betty seconded. 

Brenda asked management to research who is responsible for front door replacements, since one unit owner has a rusted door. If it is found that the association is responsible, the association will need to set up a reserve account for these in the future. 

The next meeting date was undetermined at this time. 

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 12:50 pm


Lynn Hiott, LCAM #35322 and Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, LCAM #17226
Community Association Managers