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January 23, 2015

Call to order: The meeting was called to order by Manager Lynn Hiott at 12:00 pm. Present were President Brenda Dowd, Vice President Evelyn Bourke, Secretary Betty Conant, Treasurer Dennis Filler, and Director at Large, David Marks. Lynn Hiott and Michelle Davis with Reconcilable Differences were also in attendance. Approximately 24 residents attended.

Certification of Proxies: Manager stated that we received 43 proxies and had 24 units represented in person, for a total of 67 units in attendance. We needed 53 units for a quorum, so that was established.  

Approval of Minutes from Previous Annual Meetings and Member’s Meeting: Betty made a motion to approve the minutes as written and posted on the website for January 31, 2014, February 28, 2014 Annual Meetings and August 29, 2014 Member’s Meeting. Dennis seconded this motion, and all were in favor. 

Officer’s Reports: President’s message was given by Brenda: I appreciate the opportunity to serve our community. I am continuing to learn so much about Condo Associations and all that it takes to run one. Thank you. A BIG THANK you goes to Evelyn, Betty, Dennis and David who allowed us to have a successful 2014. Thanks also to our great management team, Michelle and Lynn with Reconcilable Differences, who keep us straight and answer many questions throughout the days while helping us maintain our $200 per month Condo fees. I personally want to thank them for their help and all their patience. Thank you to Joe Biggi for his continued work taking care of the pool and clubhouse and to our newest edition Dennis Lessard in Maintenance who keeps very busy with the numerous repairs required in this community. 

In 2014, we have continued to repair leaks and rotten wood as needed, replaced plants, replaced 4 roofs (on buildings 1695, 1725, 1785, and 1795), and painted 3 buildings (1695, 1715, and 1725). Several electrical boxes were fixed or updated and water meters were repaired and leveled with the ground. 

In 2015, we plan to replace sod and mulch in the Spring as well as replace the roofs of buildings 1705 and 1745 and paint these buildings too. Should anyone have any suggestions, please note them on the “Attention Forms” and place under the office door or in the mail slot at the east side of the clubhouse. The Board will read them and consider all of them. Again, thank you! 

Financial Report: Michelle stated that as of Dec 31, 2014, the Association ended the year with $47,600 in the operating account and $207,657 in Reserves. Accounts Receivable are at $32,403, from units 226, 249, 155, and 255. All of these units should be short sold by the banks this year. Once sold we will have to write off a lot of uncollectible fees, but the association has $30,000 in bad debt reserves to cover most if not all of the expected uncollectible debts. The Association used $50,000 from reserves in 2014, for roof replacements, building painting and leak repairs, and ended the year under budget by $3,555.  Dennis reported that another year has ended and clearly the association is healthy and the dues did not go up, which everyone should be happy about. Dennis reported that Joe Biggi has done a lot for our community. Some may know and some may not, but Joe is a cancer survivor having lost a kidney in 2000, but he now has stage 4 cancer in the same area, which will require additional bouts of chemotherapy. Joe work’s part time in our community and his wife, Terry was diagnosed with Parkinson Disease and her work as a Pre-Kindergarten teacher at the Good Shepard Early Learning Center will soon have to come to an end. So Joe and his wife are enduring major medical issues at this time and with his approval, Dennis reached out to a dear friend of his, Marty Winkel who has run many marathons all over the US and has agreed to put on a fund raiser for Joe and his family. The 5K walk/run is called “Suck it up Buttercup”, and will be held on March 28th at the Chain of Lakes, Truman Scarborough Way in Titusville. There are business opportunities to sponsor the race and Dennis has forms if anyone is interested. The signup forms to participate will be available in the clubhouse, and he asked management to make them available on the website as well. Dennis asked that the Village Square community help give back to Joe and his family and have fun too. You can run, walk, skip, but just come out and help make this a success. 

Maintenance Report: Betty reported that Dennis Lessard has been doing a wonderful job as the Association’s maintenance man, and he seems to be very knowledgeable. He is quick to complete the tasks that are assigned to him. Several owners spoke as well about how happy and content they are with his work. 

Open Forum-Comments and Discussion by Homeowners: An owner questioned if the upstairs windows could be cleaned on an annual basis. It is very hard for homeowners to wash them from the outside. Another homeowner asked about cleaning the lines on the outside of the buildings (AC condenser lines-drains) once a year. A homeowner stated that many owners have redone their drain lines so they do not share a pipe with another unit.

Introduction of New Board:
Lynn reported that there were only 3 volunteers for the 2015 Board of Directors who submitted their candidate forms, so Brenda Dowd, Betty Conant, and Dennis Filler will serve as the 2015 Board of Directors. 

Adjournment: There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 12:20 pm.


Lynn Hiott, LCAM #35322 and Michelle Davis, LCAM #17226

Organizational Meeting
The meeting started at 12:30 pm.

Due to only having 3 volunteers for the 2015 Board, Dennis made a motion to only have 3 owners serve on the Board for 2015. Brenda seconded this motion, all were in favor. 

Brenda agreed to continue being President. Betty agreed to be Vice President and Secretary, and Dennis agreed to continue as Treasurer. All were in favor of these positions.  

The next meeting date was undetermined at this time. 

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 12:40 pm


Lynn Hiott, LCAM #35322 and Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, LCAM #17226
Community Association Managers