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January 30, 2013

Call to order: The meeting was called to order by President Evelyn Bourke at 6:30 pm. 
Approximately 22 residents were in attendance.

Speaker: Safety Officer from the Titusville Police Dept:  Lieutenant Kane could not attend, but the officer said car thefts and break-ins are city wide, and although home break-ins are more rare, they happen, and did happen at Village Square in early January. He went into a number of ways to be cognizant of your surroundings. Pay attention, talk to strangers, park in different places, look around when you are walking, not down at your phones; keep your lights on at night, trim hedges low and trees high, always walk with a buddy. Use peepholes in your door, call 911if you hear a noise, but stay inside and do not open your door. Use timer lights inside and motion detecting lights outside. On your cell phone, hold the “9”, and it will dial 911. He said random crime is extremely rare, and the more you do to arm yourself with lights, sight and things like pepper spray , a flashlight or a baton, the safer you will be. He said you can buy pepper spray at gun stores, and also said to call the police. You can always call back to cancel the visit if you find you know the person you were worried about. They would rather have that then come after the fact. He spoke for 45 minutes, was thanked for his time and left.

Speaker: Adrian Ellis from Security  Company: Adrian walked the property before attending the meeting and said the best safety measures would be cameras throughout the property. They can be hooked to a DVR so recordings could be saved for a certain length of time, and police could obtain time stamped copies to help in finding any vandals. There are also monitored cameras with two-way speakers, so if people are milling around or at the pool after hours, a voice will tell them to leave and call the police. There is also the option of armed guards patrolling, but since these are random acts, that might not be the most cost-effective use of security money, although a random schedule of 4 to 5 days per week, always rotated as to days and times was often helpful elsewhere. He recommended wireless cameras and having one exclusive entrance and exit.  He also noted that “No Solicitation” signs are helpful, because unwanted salespeople cannot “case the property” as they try and sell things.
Adrian said he would bring his technician out to properly bid the job, and said infra-red is vital for night vision cameras. He also noted that you can purchase a stun gun that looks like a pink cell phone. It deactivates if taken away from you so a perpetrator cannot hurt you with your own weapon. He said an ink pen stabbed into a hand is also effective. He will have a cost to us by the end of next week.

Certification of Proxies: Manager stated that we received 22 proxies and had 18 units represented in person, for a total of 40 units in attendance. We needed 53 units to certify the meeting, so this meeting was just an informational meeting, not a certified Annual Members’ Meeting. 

Approval of Minutes from Previous Annual Meeting: Since the meeting was informational, no minutes could be approved, so were not read.

Financial Report: Manager Michelle Davis reported that as of December 31, 2012, the Association has $24K in the Operating accounts after deducting the prepaid fees. The Reserve Accounts total $191,205. 
We have Accounts Receivable of $59,482, but are working diligently on all collection accounts. We just took back unit #155 in an Association foreclosure action, removed the deadbeat owner and after removing all the junk he left and cleaning it up, we are now renting it and collecting $300 per month until the bank forecloses on us.  Unit #133 was finally foreclosed by FNMA on December 18th. They owe all fees going forward, and we are still negotiating the balance of over $16K that hasn’t been paid on that account in many years.  We may have to write off some of it, but are fighting for all of it since they took an excessively long time to foreclose. 
Units #249 and #252 are going to court on February 4th for Final Judgment Awards. If all goes as planned, this means the Association would take title to those units within 3 months. We would then remove the deadbeat residents and rent 
Units #116 and #213 had bankruptcy slow down the bank foreclosures, so we do not know when, but the banks are in the process of foreclosing, Unit #255 is also in foreclosure by a small company, and #226 has been liened and the Association is starting foreclosure against this unit as well, for non payment.
We have $23,416 in savings to offset any bad debts we cannot collect, and we ended the year $6,128 under budget.

Michelle said we are still having problems with dogs being walked and not cleaned up after, and Dog DNA testing has now become affordable, so the new Board will be discussing that option. Initial swap tests of all pets will cost $30, and if excrement is found, it costs $60 to get it tested. Once the culprit is found, the owner will pay that $60 cost of testing. 

Introduction of New Board:
Michelle thanked the outgoing board for all their hard work in 2012. President Evelyn Bourke gave almost full time hours to helping the community. She was the person people called in emergencies, for water leaks, she oversaw the carpet removal and concrete repairs, she helped purchase the new pool equipment, and worked closely with maintenance man John Bussey, approving all purchases.  Vern Groe also helped with many maintenance issues. He oversaw the header repairs and new door installations, among other things. Gerri Polk was a hands-on treasurer, always willing to come and help when asked. Carolyn Rigerman and David Mark were not in town much, but we thank them for serving.
Only two owners offered to serve within the time frame allowed by Florida Statute 718. Therefore, Betty Conant and Sarah Fraser were welcomed as the new Board for2013. They will be appointing other members as available.

Adjournment: There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at  7:40 pm.

Organizational Meeting

The meeting started at 7:45 pm.

Betty agreed to be President and Sarah agreed to be Secretary. 

Based on paperwork received that showed his interest in serving, Betty motioned to appoint Dennis Filler to the Board and to appoint him as Treasurer. Sarah seconded, all in favor. Dennis accepted with the caveat, “As long as it is fun”.

Based on input from outgoing president Evelyn Bourke and the fact that the past board in a majority has agreed to have this work done, Dennis motioned to use concrete reserves for the balcony repairs and replacements after the carpet was removed, and for the crack repairs at the pool. That cost was $3,885.00 Betty seconded, all in favor.

Dennis then motioned, due to past Board approval, to ratify $1,335 for Van Buskirk Painting to paint the areas where there had previously been carpet, once the concrete dried. Betty seconded, all in favor.

Orange Plumbing had to be called out for a slab leak repair at #102 early this year. The total cost was $1,270 to find the leak, open the foundation in two spots, repair the pipes, fill the holes with concrete but level them so the owner could more easily re-tile an carpet, and basic clean up. Dennis motioned to ratify this emergency repair from plumbing reserves. Betty seconded, all in favor.

Based on past Board action, Dennis motioned to approve the clean-out of unit #155, the addition of carpet in 2 rooms and a screen door repair to make the home livable. He then ratified renting the unit to another owner in the community for $300 per month, and this tenant will paint and continue the clean-up, with the knowledge that there is no a/c in the unit. Betty seconded, all in favor.

Betty then made the motion to hire maintenance man John Bussey full time. There is a lot to do, some of the supplies can be taken from reserves and we can save money on contractors by having him do many repairs that would otherwise be bid out. Dennis seconded, all in favor.

Betty asked that future meetings begin at 5:30 instead of 6:30, and Thursdays seem to work for all.
It was agreed that John would change the locks on the office door and make keys for Board and manager.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:35 pm


Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, LCAM #17226
Community Association Manager