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February 15, 2012

Call to order: The first try, on January 15, 2012 did not have a quorum and the ballot counting had resulted in a 4-way tie for three positions, so another meeting was set, all official paperwork, ballots and envelopes had been mailed to all owners, and this meeting was called to order by President Evelyn Bourke called this second Annual Meeting to order at 6:30 pm.

Appointment of Impartial Committee to Count Ballots: Linda Beckwith, Mike Platt, and Terry Biggie offered to count the votes, and RDI bookkeeper Sarah Davis also helped. At the first scheduled Annual Meeting, the count resulted in Evelyn Bourke and David Mark receiving the highest number of votes, so they will be Board members. This count was to obtain the other 3 members 

Collection of Ballots not yet cast: All were submitted, so the volunteers started the procedure of opening and counting the secret ballots.
Certification of Proxies: Manager stated that we had received 40 proxies and had 16 units represented in person, for a total of 56 unit. We needed 53 units to certify the meeting and that was met.

Approval of Minutes from Previous Annual Meeting: Secretary Betty Conant read the minutes of the January 11, 2011 meeting aloud. Vern Groe motioned to approve them, Gerri seconded, all in favor.

Old Business:
Evelyn stated that Massey Pest Control had been hired to handle the interior and exterior for any needed interior spraying. Otherwise, they spray the perimeters of the buildings. 
Mike’s Masonry has been hired to repair the concrete cracks and dips. He will be starting soon.
Siding for clubhouse: This issue is on hold waiting for FPL to come and oversee the electrician take the meter off the side of the building. It is scheduled for February 16th at 8:30 am. The electrician from Brevard Electric meets him, turns off power, removed the meter,  then the carpenter replaces the siding , then the electrician comes back to re-connect the meter, then FPL has to come out and approve it, and then power is restored.
Header of 219: All Wright Construction has been hired, at $3,250, to repair this leaking problem. There is a problem with the permit and notice of commencement process, because the city now requires another form. All should be handled and the work started soon.

Recycling: This process has started. If you have any problems, let us know, but it seems to be working well.

Request for Pool Parties: In past, this was not allowed. Evelyn spoke to Karen at the board of health, and she said that food and drink must be a minimum of 4 feet from the pool, and a BBQ grill is ok if it is at least 12 feet from the pool. On top of that rule, the fire marshal says a flame must be at least 10 feet from the clubhouse or overhang, so if people bar-b-que at the back of the pool near the fence, there is no problem. RDI is making a new form for reserving the pool area, and it will be placed on the website,, soon. A deposit is required, because if clean up isn’t done, there is no maid service, so the deposit would be kept for cleaning costs. Otherwise, this should work well. There is a maximum of 30 people allowed inside the clubhouse and 20 in the pool

Some residents worried that a BBQ could cause the Association to be sued things like burns or falling down on the patio. Manager said insurance will not prohibit parties, but if a claim arises, then they would come out and make suggestions for safety in the future. Evelyn asked if anyone was interested in donating a grill. The Board is in the early stages of working on this right now.

Financial Report: Gerri Polk stated that as of Jan 31, 2012, the Regions Operating Account has $8,213.21 and the Sunrise Bank Operating account has $18,651.71 for a total of $26,864.92. The Reserve Account at Sunrise has $65,409.55 and the CD’s and account at Regions bank have $25,783.34 and $80,109.83 for a Total in Reserves of $171,302.72.
We have Accounts Receivable of over $56,000, but are working diligently with the attorney to get those paid or foreclosed. 

We have a Prepaid Contract with Massey’s for $4,886.03, and the expenses for the month are 
Building Repairs: $2,645.60, Grounds: $1,678.53, Pool Expenses: $934.22, Administrative Expenses: $ 2,003.67
Reserve Expenses (Savings): $16,796.01 per month

Owner Input:
A resident said the notices that are being placed on doors are informative, but those placed on empty units are being left up far too long. This will be addressed.

Results of Ballot Count: Almost unbelievably, three of the four nominees AGAIN had the exact amount of votes, so this would have resulted in a third meeting and mail out, but Paulette G graciously stepped down, to save the cost of a third mail out.

Adjournment: There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at  7:02 pm.

Organizational Meeting

The meeting started at 7:10 pm, and it was agreed to use a “Secret Ballot” method of appointing officers. Therefore, based on highest number of votes:

Evelyn Bourke is president
Vern Groe is vice president
Carolyn Rigerman is treasurer
Gerri Polk is secretary
David Mark is assistant Secretary

Vern noted that he will be gone from June to October this year, but is available by phone and is willing to fly down if needed.
David said he will be teaching, so the best way to reach him is by email. He will be gone from June to the middle of December.
All agreed that the meeting time is still good for everyone: The third Wed of the month (March 21st will be the next).

The Association is looking for a new maintenance man. Ads have been placed and interviews done by Evelyn and Vern.

Michelle stated that the Nutter/Crabtree account will be sending a check in full, of around $4800, due to our attorney sending the Notice of Intent to Lien paperwork last month.

The attorney just sent notice that the Unit #249 bank foreclosure has stopped since the owners are upside down and the unit is not in good shape. The Attorney says the options are to start the Association foreclose and in about 6-8 month we can obtain the deed and kick the non-paying residents out, or the Association could request a deed in lieu from the owner, take over the deed to the home, but we would then be unable to go after them personally for the balance of the debt. The bank would eventually foreclose on the Association, but until that time, the Association could rent it out and lower the balance owed before the banks takes it back.  Gerri is willing to speak with the owner because she has a good relationship with them. All agreed that they would have to pay a minimum of $575 to $700 per month on any payment plan to allow them to realistically stay in the unit without legal action.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:55 pm

Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, LCAM #17226
Community Association Manager