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Special Board Meeting of Village Square
February 28, 2012,  6:30 pm

President Bourke called the meeting to order.  Roll call was done with all members present:  President Evelyn Bourke, Vice President Vern Groe, Secretary Geraldine Polk, Treasurer Carolyn Rigerman, Assistant Secretary David Mark.  A quorum was established.

Agenda Items

1. Hiring of a maintenance man

  • We had 7 or 8 responses to the ad
  • Both had good references and both appeared to be in good physical condition
a. Both willing to do ladder work up onto roofs, carpentry skills, some light landscaping work

b. John Bussey lives on Cheney Hwy and Dennis Lessard lives in Port St John so both are fairly local
· Schedule would be M-W-F three 4 hour days per week and will work more if needed

  • Pay agreed upon was $12 per hour (taxes will be paid separately by Village Square to Reconcilable Differences so the total will be approximately $17 or 18 hour. This person will be an employee of Reconcilable Differences and managed by Village Square.
  • Discussion by the board followed.  David Mark motioned to select John and Carolyn Rigerman seconded; motion carried unanimously
2. Buildings 1785 and 1795 problems
  • East and west ends have been cleaned and repainted
  • Stairwells need cleaning
  • Unit # 116 has rotten wood on back porch and needs attention
  • Stucco repairs were done on those buildings a few years ago (possibly 2006)
  • Former maintenance man replaced some of the rotting lower wood trim with hardi board
  • Building 1745 was completely repaired in 2006 (including stairwells) and still looks good
  • David Mark motioned that we get bids for this work and Carolyn Rigerman Seconded; motion carried unanimously
  • Will get bids for stucco and pressure cleaning and painting from Barton Construction and Wright Construction 

3. Geraldine  Polk commented that we might keep a maintenance notebook to have a record of all projects completed.  All agreed and Evelyn stated we have a file of all projects from this last year that could easily be placed into a notebook.

4. Vernon Groe commented on outdoor lights;  1745 and 1765 are too dark.  There was a break-in attempt; police called and the suspect was arrested.  Later a second mugging incident when a victim was accosted by 2 people from the bushes; police called but suspect escaped.

  • Brevard Electric has suggested to delete the amber light (1745) and replace with a bright white light and adjust the direction. Plus a new light on the east end of 1765.  It has been estimated to cost approximately $700.
  • David Mark motioned to get bids for this and Carolyn Rigerman seconded; motion carried unanimously.
Owner Input General Discussion

Rental Screening:  Suggestion that owners to be fined if non compliant with proper paper work and $50 administrative fee. The rule is a maximum of 3 rentals/year and for a minimum of 1 month at a time.  Owners are to notify BOD if anyone else occupies their unit (even family)

Documents Cycle:  We are reaching our 30 year cycle on documents and may need to be adjusted to be current with state regulations.  This is on the agenda to be discussed at the March 23 BOD certification conference.

BOD Officer Terms:  Question raised about officers serving more than one year terms.  A membership vote would be required to change

Children in Drive Areas:  Watch out for young children including the east driveway.  Speed limit in the community is 15 mph

Water:  One resident states his water tastes bad.  Advised to call the water department and request testing of water.

Parties: Invitations have been placed on doors and windows and in each case a few residents complained

Adjournment:  at 7:30 pm

Transcribed by Joan Groe

Approved by_____________________________
Geraldine Polk, Secretary